A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 16


“The most painful tears are not the ones that fall from your eyes and cover your face, It’s the ones that fall from your heart and cover your soul.”



We waited for Gabriel in the basement. They have converted the well-lit basement into a training area, so there were a lot of wolves down there practicing. The walls were painted in yellow and red; it didn’t look sinister as I expected.

I ogled shamelessly at the hot bodies moving graciously as they trained. They were all ripped, their muscles flexed with the movement and with all the sweat they looked so delectable. I could feel the temperature rising inside the room with all the hotness. I heard a low growl and composed myself immediately.

I turn to look at a very angry Nicholas, his eyes so dark.

God… Why didn’t I think of this before? I facepalmed mentally as I tried to give him an innocent look.

“What? I was imagining how you would look shirtless with all that sweat,” I shrug only to be pulled flush against his body.

“Don’t look at other men like that again,” he growls capturing my lips in a possessive kiss.

“Possessive much,” I smirk when we broke apart. I like this side of Nicholas.

If he can’t stand me looking at other men, then he won’t look at other women either.

“You love birds ready,” we hear Gabriel behind us and we nod releasing each other.

He takes us through few corridors, which is again well-lit. We reached a door where two men stand guarding and they had actual guns. They bowed at Gabriel as they opened the door for us to enter.

Again, I am surprised to see the neat prison in front of me. It looked so similar to the human prison. It had plain walls with heavy iron bars securing each cell.

Each cell had a steel cot with no mattress and only a few had inmates who looked and smelled so dirty.

“They are rogues. The wolves who lost control of their human self and they don’t belong to any pack,” Nicholas explains.

Gabriel stops before the cell which is on the far end. I see inside to see the red-haired bitch sitting on the cot as if she has not done anything wrong.

She smirks as she looks up meeting my eye.

Gabriel walks in and she bows her head showing her neck in submission.

“Where did you get the drug and why did you try to kill Aiden?” Gabriel’s angry voice echo across the walls and her body shakes in fear.

Nicholas doesn’t seem to be fazed.

“I-I didn’t try to kill him,” she stutters still not looking up.

“Continue,” he orders.

“I love Aiden and I just wanted to get close to him that’s all,” she squeaks and I bet she would have peed on her pants by now.

“Where did you get the drug?” Nicholas asks this time.

“Black Market, the guy said that the drug will only cause hallucination and shut off his wolf sense momentarily so I can have my way with Aiden,” she blurts out, “Please, let me go. I didn’t do anything else.”

I look at Nicholas with a questioning glance not understanding what a Black Market is.

“Black Market is an underground place where the supernatural sell illegal stuff. The drug he sold her is banned as it is very lethal to the werewolves,” Gabriel explains as if sensing my question.

“I gave you permission to enter the pack grounds, only because you are a high ranking female in your pack and you claimed that you had an urgent matter that required your Alpha’s attention.” Gabriel continues in his strong masculine voice as she cowers on the floor.

“What you did is unacceptable and you will be punished severely for trying to kill your own Alpha,” Gabriel declares and turns to leave the cell.

Nicholas turns to follow him, but I pull his hands stopping him for a moment.

“Hello bitch,” I smirk and pounce on her.

She falls backward not expecting my sudden attack and all hell broke loose.

Nicholas didn’t try to pull me off her as I punched her face continuously screaming all sorts of profanities at her.

She tries to guard her face and fight me back, but the first few punches had her dazed, therefore making her attempts futile. I pull back once I am satisfied with the amount of damage I manage to make on her pretty little face.

I kick her ribs one last time before leaving the cell with Nicholas.

“I wanted to do that from the moment I saw her kissing Aiden and she had the guts to smirk at me,” I pant and we met the amused Gabriel who is waiting for us near the door.

“I didn’t know half amount of those words existed before,” he comments as we exit the dungeons and go up.

Guess what? We came face to face with the devil herself when we came out.

“I want to meet her,” she commands, but Gabriel just shrugs it off.

“Hello, Caroline. Do not worry please, it’s been taken care of,” he says earning a glare from her.

“Are you challenging me, Mrs. James?” Gabriel asks in an amused tone and Caroline averts her gaze to Nicholas.

“You... You should have informed me of going down there. I am your Luna,” she booms, but Nicholas was not bothered in the least.

“I am sorry, but I don’t answer to you anymore,” he turns to leave, she pounces on him with her claws out.

Pure rage contorted her features and she looked devilish.

Nicholas ducked her attack and caught her claws before she could do any damage.

“You dare disrespect me, Beta?” She hiss and I watch in wonder as Nicholas just smirk at her.

“As I said, you are not my Luna. I respect you, but it is not necessary for me to obey each and every command of you.” Nicholas responds pushing her away.

“Don’t,” he warn as she tried to come at him again.

“I am not Aiden. My loyalties lie only with my Alpha and his Luna, not you,” he says calmly making me wonder what they were talking about and who the hell is a Luna.

“And who might that be?” she sneers.

“Anna,” Nicholas replies and met her glare, his stance tense as he was expecting her to attack any moment.

“Anna is gone,” she shouts making me flinch. All I could see is pure hatred on hearing that name.

“I don’t care and I don’t believe your claims. Anna is and will always be my Luna,” Nicholas respond and drag me with him towards the stairs.

I could feel that he is pissed off.

Who the hell is this Anna?

If Anna is Aiden’s Luna then what is his connection with Clara?

My head is filled with so many unanswered questions and I also didn’t understand why Saxon left with Clara so fast.

The more I think, only one thing makes sense.

Whatever is it? All these events have a connection with Clara’s past. And I need answers to my questions then I need to find more about her.

I sigh with determination as I follow Nicholas to our room.


I was too tired mentally and physically to question Saxon when he dragged us out of Gabriel’s home.

Daniela was already in the driver seat waving at us to hurry up.

I didn’t question as I got into the back seat with Ben and Daniela had the vehicle moving in no time.

“Clara, lie down and don’t ask anything now,” her voice urgent and I obey wordlessly.

As we drove, I heard another vehicle whirring past us and Daniela let out a sigh of relief.

Why do they want to hide me and Ben from Aiden’s mom? I frown at the thought.

“Not yet,” she warns us and once we are in the road, she asks us to sit straight comfortably.

Saxon glance back at us with a warm smile, “Let’s say Aiden’s mother is not human-friendly,” he answers as if sensing the confusion in my mind.

I nod and focused on Ben who is now lying down on my lap.

My poor baby, how I can be so selfish and not think of him. I could only imagine how much he would have suffered when I was unconscious.

When I woke up to find Ben sobbing beside me, my heart ached.

It is my entire fault, if I had not encouraged Aiden’s advances and just stayed like how we used to, none of this would have happened.

As for the stalker, I was already planning to leave this part of town so I hoped I would have missed him too. At this point, I didn’t care if Aiden had done something wrong or not. Whatever I witnessed, sure hurt me like hell.

I cannot afford to risk anything like that in the future. It’s not just me getting affected by the outcome. I now have Ben to worry about.

Daniela pulls up on the driveway of a hotel and we follow them behind as they checked us in.

“So, how is Aiden doing now?” I ask no one in particular as I knew one of them would answer anyway.

“He is out of danger but recovering. He is still unconscious.” Saxon responds with a concerned look.

I nod relieved, at least I know he is safe, I go to lie down on the bed with Ben, pretending to be so tired as I resigned and withdrew inside my mind.

I keep a steady face as I plan my escape inside my mind. I can’t let them know what my plan was.

I left Oregon for a reason and that reason has found me.

When I saw Aiden with that bimbo, it’s not just shocking I felt. It’s a fragment of my old memory.

I always had a hunch that Aiden felt so familiar, the love I felt for him was so familiar. Hell, everything about him was so familiar.

The day we kissed was the day I had my first trigger. The kiss felt so familiar and his mesmerizing blue eyes are something I felt like I can never forget.

My feelings about knowing Aiden only grew when I saw him communicating with Ben. I saw the longing in Aiden’s eyes and the more I get close to him the more triggers I got.

Whenever I had a trigger it was always a flash of me staring into those beautiful eyes or the kiss. But never a full memory, I tried to kiss him few times in hopes of getting that triggers again, but I had no luck after the first few times.

When I saw her kissing Aiden, I had a trigger and it was not a flash as usual. A full blown memory of him kissing her against a locker, his startled look when he met my gaze is a memory from my past.

As I walked out of his room, another face flashed through my memory; the face of the devil with an evil smile and a 9mm pistol in hand.

A shot fired through my already aching torso, that’s when I lost it.

Now, I know one thing for sure. Aiden’s is Ben’s biological father and whoever tried to put me in the early grave is someone related to us.

Staying with Aiden is not safe for me or Ben. My heart hurt at the thought of leaving Aiden again, but I had no option.

I woke up in the middle of the dark woods in Oregon all those years ago. I didn’t know how I manage to drag myself out of those woods or don’t remember the kind face who rescued me that night.

When I woke up in the hospital, I had no memory of my past. The only thing I remembered was the pain and darkness.

When I found out my pregnancy, it became the sole reason for my survival. I learned that I was three months along and was in the comatose state for two months.

The kind doctor, who picked me up from the middle of the road that night, realized the danger I was in and had kept my survival a secret.

The doctor had a contact in the local police department, who confirmed that they did not receive any complaint about a missing girl.

After few days, when some weird looking men started enquiring about me with my photo, his suspicions were confirmed and he guarded me even after knowing he was risking it all.

The doctor told me that I reminded him so much of his daughter, who was killed in a car crash when she was pregnant.

The backpack I had with me had few clothes, some cash, my passports and all my educational documents. I was not fully recovered, so they made me stay at the hospital for one more month and that gave me enough time to think about my next plan.

I might have lost my memory, but I still got my brain. I had checked my backpack again and it mostly looked like an emergency pack.

Closing my eyes I thought deep, if I had packed all these stuff then surely I was getting away from something or someone.

As per my reports, a bullet has been shot from behind, missing my heart only by mere inches. If it was shot from behind, then my best guess is that I must be running.

When I thought about the baby, I knew somehow he is not an accident. My unborn baby became my only priority. When I got discharged, I left my once home Portland, Oregon. The doctor had bought me tickets to Vancouver, Canada.

He offered me enough money to take care of myself until I start somewhere. He saved my life and paid my hospital bills, now he bought me tickets and I couldn’t bring myself to accept the cash he is giving me.

Nonetheless, he forced me to take the cash and said I should at least take it for the sake of my baby.

When I reached Vancouver, I knew I had to keep moving. I traveled using my original passport and anyone searching for me could easily find me. So I took the bus, sometimes train and never stayed in the same city for more than a month.

I did not contact the doctor again as I didn’t want to risk myself being caught or put him at risk. It is better this way for both of us. I lived on streets, bathed in public toilets and took any job which kept me fed.

I had spent some of the cash in traveling and used the rest for hospital check-ups and medicines.

After six months I delivered Ben. It was the happiest day of my life. He was the only reason I breathed and fought to live every day.

I was again left on the streets to find myself and the baby. Few took notice of my situation and helped with food or money. But no one was ready to provide me with a job. However, I kept on moving.

Ben was two weeks old when I reached Dawson Creek. I roamed the streets for two days searching for a job. Whatever reserve I had before coming here was over now and I didn’t have any source or strength to go anywhere else.

My feet were sore from all the walking I did and I hurt all over my body. Ben won’t stop crying as he was hungry and I had no milk to give him.

The climate has started changing and it was very cold at nights. I used my body heat to keep my son warm. One day a kind woman gave me some warm milk for the baby and allowed me to sleep on her porch at night when it rained.

However, I had to leave the place next morning, as I could hear her rude husband shouting at her at night when he saw me on his porch.

Silent tears rolled down my cheeks as I felt so helpless. I had no memory of my family or friends whom I could trust.

I cried silently the entire night as I stared at my son. Maybe I should just leave him at the door of an orphanage, at least that way he will get food and stay alive.

I didn’t come this far to have my baby starve to death. I cried my heart out as I decided what I wanted for my son, whom I loved more than my life.

Next day, I started my journey in search of an orphanage. But it was too far and I had to walk there.

Ben was hungry again and wouldn’t stop crying. I felt my vision blur as I sway on my feet, I saw a red sign which said Wendy’s restaurant. I collapse on my knees as I drag myself to their door. I was a mess by when I was picked by an old couple, who took me inside.

The woman went running inside and fed Ben, while the male placed some soup and bread at the table urging me to eat. I chow down the food hungrily until I feel full and look up at the man with a thankful smile.

I watched Ben sleeping peacefully as he was now fed and cleaned to an extent. The couple took us home that night. We were fed, bathed and rested for next two days.

I didn’t hold anything back as I told them everything about me and my son. They employed me at their restaurant and even helped me change my name officially.

That’s how Anna Carter became Clara Miller. They kind of adopted me and allowed me to take their last name, Miller.

Wendy and Jones Miller are not only my employers, they were also my guardians. They helped me in every way they could until I started earning enough to take care of myself.

They had two children Bob and Joey who lived in Ontario and visited their parents every now and then.

Daniela gently shook me awake and I realize I am crying now.

Thinking about all that I went through made me break down sometimes. But, all these struggles only made me strong and I feel it is all worth it when I see my son.

I shake my head smiling at concerned Daniela, saying it’s just the stress.

She nods understandingly leaving me alone with Ben.

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