A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 17


“Sometimes memories are better forgotten. Sometimes they’re not, but over time you seem to lose them. But sometimes, even though some memories are too hard to even bear, you want to hold on to the BAD and the GOOD memories. Because in the end, you realize there was a reason for all that misery that it resulted in happiness. “

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Making sure that Daniela has left the room, I open the bag to see some clothes of mine and Ben, our passport sat underneath.

I will have to go back home to pick up some important documents before leaving. Ben’s school stuff is still in Gabriel’s home and I don’t think I will be able to retrieve it.

I will have to plan this carefully and soon.

I know that bitch who kissed Aiden from my memory she must have been his ex and she had poisoned Aiden. Aiden’s mother does not sound good either.

And there is no way I am having Ben around them. The urge to know more about my past is stronger, but for that, I will have to confront Aiden.

I don’t think it is a good idea now. I half hoped that Aiden may be able to keep us safe when I had my first flash of memory about him.

Then my logical brain says that he didn’t save me all those years ago. If I felt safe with him, then why did I try to get away in the first place?

What if Aiden’s ex-was the one who plotted my kill? But in my memory, I saw someone else’s face and sadly I couldn’t put a name on it.

I lay there staring at the ceiling as I plot my escape.

When I got tired of staring aimlessly, I got up and went to the bathroom and pulled my phone out, I leave a message to Wendy and delete it, just to be safe.

I decide to take a bath, while I waited for her response.

Stripping down, for the first time in years I look myself in the mirror and I trace the bullet scars; one is right on my left breast and the other near my left rib cage.

I flinch as a memory of the bullet piercing through my flesh and a pain filled scream shake my entire being.

I watch my reflection in the mirror as more tears flowed down freely. No matter what, I am getting out of here. Ben’s safety is all that mattered to me.

Opening the door, I peak to see if Ben is there and sigh in relief when I see his sleepy form. My phone beeped indicating that I have a message; I pat myself dry and quickly read the message which was from Wendy.

I always had an emergency bag in Wendy’s home, expecting dire situations like this. I change into Daniela’s clothes and wake Ben.

“We are leaving. Don’t ask me anything until I say we are safe, do you understand?” I tell Ben, who nods sleepily at me.

I exit the room with my overnight bag and Ben, luckily for us, Daniela and Saxon are nowhere in sight.

Taking a deep breath, I put on a casual face and smile friendly at the staff, as I took Ben outside.

I reached the nearby bus stop and got on the next bus without bothering to look at the destination. I didn’t want to take a taxi, it’s a risk. The driver might tell them where he dropped me off.

After half an hour I reach Wendy’s home. She lived in a silent community and I happen to like this place.

“Oh! Dear come in,” Wendy gives us a warm welcome.

“I occupy one of the kitchen stools with Ben as Wendy places a hot cocoa in front of us.” I thank her and take a sip which tastes divine and I smile as I felt the chocolate lifting my sore spirit.

Now Saxon and Daniela would have realized that we are gone. We don’t have any time to waste; I will have to leave early. I had switched off my phone when I got on the bus and there is no way they can reach us through my phone.

Jones comes inside placing my emergency bag and two tickets to Ontario on the kitchen counter.

I will be going somewhere else after going there, but all I need now is enough time to make a clean escape.

With Jones being our guardian, getting Ben’s transfer documents from the school is easy. Jones promised to mail it to me once I reach his son’s place.

Once done I leave their home bidding tearful goodbyes. If it was not for them, I wouldn’t be alive and over these years they became my family.

I cry on my way towards the railway station, I didn’t get to say goodbye to Gigi or Abigail my two dear friends.

I can’t risk calling them both, especially Abigail. I don’t want Nicholas to find out that we are leaving.

Withdrawing enough cash from my account, I continue my trip with a heavy heart.


I stare at Nicholas in shock as he finishes the story of Clara or should I say, Anna.

Another emotion overpowers the shock as I feel pure rage coursing through my body.

“Clara will never do something like that,” I hiss angrily at Nicholas.

“I know, I believe Anna and even Aiden believe her now,” he tells me but it does nothing to reduce the anger that I felt.

“You know what, Aiden is the reason Clara or Anna went through what she went through,” I shout at him making him flinch.

“Do you know how much trouble she went through? Do you have any idea, how much she use to cry when everyone accuses her of having Ben as a result of a one night stand,” I push Nicholas away when he tries to comfort me?

“What do you know? Ben didn’t know a father’s love all his childhood, now she is being stalked and that bitchy ex-luna of yours is back,” I push him further.

“Baby, please I promise. I will do anything to keep Anna and Ben safe. I will stand up against Aiden if I need to,” he tells me sincerely as I try to rein my emotions in.

His phone goes off and he picks it up. I hear Saxon’s worried voice on the other end, “Anna is gone.”

“What the hell do you mean, Anna is gone?” Nicholas let out an angry growl, his eyes changing to the dark black of his wolf.

“We went to get some clothes and food for them; they were sleeping when we left. When we came back they were gone,” I heard Saxon’s worried voice say and Nicholas rub his face tiredly.

“Her overnight bag is missing and her mobile is switched off. The hotel staff has seen her leaving with Ben, they thought she is going for a walk.” He continues to explain and I could feel his frustration.

“Meet me at her home,” Nicholas finishes the call and motions me to follow him.

We get in one of Gabriel’s car and drive off, Nicholas informs Gabriel on the way, while I think where she would go?

Clara is calm, composed and very clever. I heard about the doctor speak about her medical reports and the injuries she sustained which led her to lose her memory.

She would never go to her home or contact anyone in her close circle if she did plan to leave. Still, there is one place she would go. As for her knowledge, there is only one who could help her here.

“Nic, turn the car. We are going to Wendy’s home,” I say urgently.

Nicholas looks surprised, but he follows my direction and informs Saxon on the way. Wendy and Jones act surprised at the news, but claimed that Clara didn’t go there at all. Nicholas growls angrily as he didn’t believe them and barge in searching the rooms.

He comes out after some time with an angry scowl, “She was here not so long ago, she must have left half an hour back. Her scent is still fresh.” Nicholas says raking a hand through his hair.

We discuss for a moment and come up with our next step. Saxon is to go the airport; Gabriel is heading to the bus station, while I and Nicholas will be going to the railway station.

Oh God, please let us find her before she leaves, I pray as Nicholas drove fast towards our destination.


She seemed cleverer than I gave her credit for.

She whisked past my traps and evaded me at every turn. I had her so close in Toronto, but she slipped past my hand.

I will never forgive myself for letting that happen. My phone went off twice and I didn’t bother to look at the caller ID to know who is calling.

It is that bossy bitch.

I regretted taking the payment from her in advance. Being one of the best supernatural assassins in the market, I thought it’s a piece of cake and underestimated my prey.

Big Mistake from my side and I’m paying for it.

I am feared and referred by the supernaturals as ‘The Serphant.’ My victims never know what hit them when I am done with them and I never leave clues, hence the name.

There is a huge bounty on my head, but it’s been there for years for all I could care.

I was following a lead, when I got distracted on the way by Clara’s alluring scent and I have gone overboard with my need to claim her, the challenge she offered was too addicting that I almost forgot my target.

When I heard the distant knock, I was lost in my own world. I couldn’t stop the filth I had as my sidekick from opening it without a second thought.

Within seconds he flew across the room hitting the far wall, which knocked him out effectively.

Before I could take another breath, she had me pinned against the wall. It was the she-devil herself and her furious glare burning holes on my head.

“One mission…. Doggie, I had a very simple mission for you and you failed me.” She hissed.

A strong punch to my ribs caught me off guard and knocked the breath out of my lungs. I hunch over in pain struggling to catch my breath.

The bitch was a lot stronger than I thought, Second Big Mistake.

I may be a werewolf but I am no Alpha or of any high rank. Nevertheless, I am a well-trained and a very deadly assassin, my skills with weapons and hand to hand combat overpowers any supernatural out there.

The first lesson I learned while training is not to underestimate your enemies. Being a nightmare to the supernaturals had boasted my ego and I became drunk by my continuous victories.

Now that I committed the same mistake not once but twice, I felt ashamed of myself. I could still end her here, at this moment and be free of all responsibilities. But, that was not my nature.

The female presented a challenge, a challenge my wolf or I couldn’t deny. Losing my mate brutally during an attack at such a young age changed me a lot.

My soul was dead along with her that day, I didn’t follow her suit like others, I used my sadness to fuel my anger.

I trained harder every day and when I avenged her death, the feeling was too addictive to stop. My victim’s painful screams were pleasant to my ears and with each kill I hungered for more.

My mate would never approve of me for the man I have become, but she is dead and long gone. Any feeling I felt for her is buried deep with her.

Now, I lived to kill and the challenges that fed my desires.

My thought train broke as I received more punches and kicks. I didn’t make a sound after the first one, it did hurt like hell and I clenched my fist trying to control the anger bubbling inside me.

“How did you find me?” I asked her through my clenched teeth. I didn’t expect her to find me here in the least, the shock of seeing her here clear on my face.

“I have my ways boy,” she smirks making me want to tear that smirk from that little face of hers.

“I will return your money, all of it in one cheque.” I cough taking a shaky breath.

“I don’t want the money boy, I want Barbara Walters; alive or dead. That is the mission for you. Either you finish it or I will be more than happy to finish you.” She spat venomously making me shrink.

“I will give you one week. If I don’t have her by then, be ready to kiss your shitty life goodbye when I meet you again.” Her voice echoed through the empty halls as she turned and exited the room leaving me and the unconscious filth on the floor.

I fall and roll on to my back, staying there while my wolf strength healed my injuries.

“What have I gotten myself in to?” I thought to myself.

This is the first time I am being played by a mere wench. A human played me and made them look like a clown.

Barbara, you are so dead… when I get my hands on you…Oh! I am going to enjoy it a lot, I howled in rage.

It was during one the search for Barbara, I stumbled upon Clara. However, one thing had me puzzled; if Barbara knew I am behind her, why does she still stay here?

She could have left the country long back and be gone.

All the times the trail of Barbara led me to Clara. Whenever I got a hint that Barbara was in that area, it was always near Clara.

Is that a coincidence or she was there to meet someone?

There could be others other than Clara, but she and Barbara had one connection. They both knew about wolves. Hell, Clara’s son is a wolf.

This brought Clara more close to the circle.

However, Barbara never tried to contact Clara in any way so far. Which made me doubt my own claim, anyway I am going to find her and when I do she will suffer for what she had put me through.

I grind my jaws in anger as I thought about a plan to trap Barbara.

Another thought had me wonder if the bossy bitch claims herself to be so powerful and resourceful; why she hasn’t found her herself?

I shake the thoughts as I head out of the building not caring for the filth who is still unconscious, I need to hunt tonight.

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