A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 18


We made it to the railway station without being noticed.

The railway station was very busy and was filled with people as usual. We came early and I sat with Ben waiting for our train.

I was thankful for the crowd and was sure no one will be able to find me here. The only one I am worried about is Abigail, over the years we had gotten close and she knew exactly how I think.

I prayed that we board the train soon and get away from here. My heart ached at the thought of getting away from Aiden. Again, it’s all worth it.

Benjamin meant a lot to me, though I felt something for Aiden it is nothing when compared to the bond I had with Ben.

Maybe I would have felt more for him before I lost my memory, but I don’t remember any of it.

Ben will understand one day and hopefully forgive me for keeping him away from his father.

When I realized that Aiden is none other than the father of Ben, I was confused as to why he did not confront me about it?

It was I who lost the memory, but he behaved as if we were meeting for the first time and in two weeks he did not even hint me about his whereabouts.

What is he hiding from me? I thought with a frown.

If it was just Aiden, I would have stayed back and confronted him about it. I am not ready to deal with my past yet, especially not knowing or remembering the faces of my ‘would be killers’ put me and Ben at higher risk.

They would be right under my nose plotting my death and I wouldn’t know it.

All I could remember is one devilish face and there could be others too, sure a woman who went for a kill like that wouldn’t act alone.

Ben tense beside me looking frantically around the crowd.

“Mommy, it is Aunt Abigail and Uncle Nicholas,” he says and that had me dragging Ben towards the opposite direction.

“We cannot run from them, Mommy. They will find us,” I frown at Ben as we ran quickly.

“Why? I don’t understand,” I say panting and getting into a shop.

“Because they are like me, they can smell us and they will follow us here,” Ben suggest as a matter of fact while I tried to catch my breath.

I looked at him dumbfounded. Sure, I expected they were like Ben. Hayley had hinted about it earlier during one of our talks, but I didn’t think of it this way.

“Shit….” I curse myself as I thought about what to do next. I thanked my lucky stars when I saw the perfume rack adjacent to us.

Quickly pulling out the tester, I sprayed the perfume on my person and Ben. I remembered Ben, once saying that the perfume messed with his senses.

Ben scrunched his nose in distaste, but said nothing.

We left the shop and weaved through the crowd, getting closer to the train lane. I had picked up Ben, so he is watching my behind as I kept glancing on the front and sides for any trace of Nicholas or Abigail.

Glancing at the clock, I still had one hour for my train and I couldn’t risk being found.

The speaker announced the arrival of the next train and I hurried towards the platform in hopes of getting into it.

I almost boarded the train when I felt a hand stopped me.

Taking a deep breath, I composed myself to face the inevitable and turning around I was met with a pair of honey colored eyes which was filled with unshed tears.

The woman in front of me looked at me like she has known me for a long time. Her tears were rolling down without any restrictions as the woman stood there holding my hands.

I took in her appearance as I tried to remember who she is.

Her short brown curls ended just above her shoulder, she had a straight nose and full lips. Her expressive hazel eyes held a lot of love.

I sifted through my memories and still nothing.

“Anna,” the woman whispered and my eyes widened like saucers. She is someone from my past; the thought had me frozen for a moment.

“She is there,” the shout of a familiar voice brought me to reality as I glanced at Nicholas with rage.

“Clara,” Abigail ran towards me but stopped just a few feet me when she met with my angry glare.

She was shocked at my reaction, I could tell.

Nicholas seemingly froze at the sight of the new woman. “Barbara,” he whispered with wide eyes.

Looking back at Barbara, I noticed her tense for a moment before her posture changed and she ran towards Nicholas engulfing him in a bone-crushing hug.

Nicholas hugged her back while she sobbed into his chest.

Abigail and I stood dumbfounded as the pair embraced. I could see the anger rising in Abigail, but her emotion changed to a happy one as if something hit a button.

“Barbara,” she repeated, “as in Barbara Haldane,” Abigail exclaimed much to my confusion.

I was supposed to board the train and get away from these freaks, but here I am standing rooted to the platform watching the fools cuddling with each other as if it is a big family reunion.

I am pissed off beyond limits.

“Clara, it is Barbara Haldane. Your best friend,” Abigail informs me with same enthusiasm leaving me confused.

Barbara straightens as she wipes her tears. “We need to leave, I am being followed.” She declares in an urgent voice.

This angers me further more.

“What the hell is going on here? I am not leaving anywhere.” I yell making the few passengers passing by stop and glance at us.

“Clara, don’t be stupid. We are here to help you.” Abigail held my hand as she tries to reason earning a glare from me.

I release myself from her grasp and turned to leave.

“Aiden won’t survive this time, Anna,” Nicholas tells me and I stop on my track.

“He almost died last time, if you run away again he won’t be able to go through it all.” Nicholas insists and my anger vanishes into a puff of smoke at the mention of Aiden’s name.

“He is fighting for his life as we speak, I don’t think he has anymore willpower to keep on going if you left him again,” his voice more calm as he comes to stand beside me.

“Anna, you are not safe out here. They are hunting us down,” Barbara’s tell us again urging us to move from the spot.

“Who is hunting us down?” I ask her too stubborn to move.

“The same one who tried to kill you all those years ago,” She replies and I felt my blood freeze.

Whoever she is, she knew about my past and she knew who tried to kill me.

“Let’s leave,” I walk past them towards the entrance as Nicholas release a relieved sigh.

Once inside the car, Nicholas called others to inform that he has found me.

“Drive to Wendy’s, I am not going back to Gabriel’s or the hotel,” I say in a harsh tone making them flinch. I have not released Ben from my hold as I sat in the back-seat fuming.

Barbara holds my hand and rubs it soothingly as if she had done it so many times in the past.

That simple action sends a trigger to my brain. I see a younger carefree Barbara wearing a red sweater rubbing my hand with her thump.

No one speaks again as we drive towards Wendy’s. On the way, Nicholas receives a phone call and he replies by asking the person to come to Wendy’s giving them the location.

I don’t give a thought as to who was on the line as I lean back to the seat adjusting Ben in my lap.

Closing my eyes, I tried to prepare myself for whatever shock that is going to follow.

I mumble a quick apology to Wendy as we enter.

She gives me her signature smile as she invites others inside and led us towards the living room.

I was shocked to find Aiden on the couch and my other side felt pure joy seeing him alive.

He looked sick and tired, when he saw us he ran towards us engulfing me and Ben into a hug. The hug comforts are instant as I relax at once at his touch.

He picks Ben from me kissing him repeatedly making my heart melt again. How could I hate someone like him?

“Hello Aiden,” I hear Barbara calling from behind me and Aiden stiffens at the sight of her.

“Barbara,” he whispers, as he looked at her from head to toe.

“Yep, it’s me,” Barbara answers as she shifted uncomfortably on her feet.

“You were together all these time. Why didn’t we meet earlier?” Aiden questions again glancing at her suspiciously.

“Ah! No, we were not together. I just met Anna at the railway station,” she replies with a shrug.

The air around us is thick with tension as everyone glanced at each other as if they had something to say, but they don’t want to at the same time.

Saxon, Daniela, Gabriel, Hayley and the kids arrive shortly as we sat drinking the soft drink Wendy brought us.

She made her special hot cocoa with a pinch of love as she always called it to me as if she knew I would need the chocolate heaven to get me through whatever I am going to face.

I could see Harley and Daniela visibly relax at the sight of me and I couldn’t help but smile at them politely.

“Where is my mother?” Aiden asks Gabriel and it was obvious that he is irritated.

“She is at my house, relaxing. She was upset that you left abruptly and doubted something was off. I convinced her saying that your outburst could be a side effect of the poison and you will be back to her after your much-needed run.” Gabriel explains as Aiden let out a groan.

“Start,” I point my finger at Aiden impatiently, “I want to know everything,” I spat bitterly. The anger I felt earlier is still there, he should have told me everything when he first met me.

We had spent enough time together for him to tell the truth and I want an explanation for everything he did. I deserved that much in the least.

When I know about my past probably, the answer to my question who tried to kill me will be obvious.

Aiden let out a sigh as he composed himself and I prepared myself to face my past; the one I ran from, for past six years and half years.

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