A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 19


“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

— Lao Tzu


Reliving the past was painful.

Anna looked at me expectantly as I composed myself to tell her our past.

This is getting tougher than I thought. I rubbed my neck nervously as I started telling her our story.



The fresh morning air was cold against my skin as I jogged down the familiar path inside the woods. Cold mornings in January are one of my favorites, the snow crunched against my shoe-clad feet and I couldn’t wait to get home have a cup of hot coffee.

My nose twitched as a ball of reddish brown fur whisked past me. I laughed as I raced the wolf towards home in my human form.

“You will never win this race Nico,” I shouted earning a growl from him at the nickname. Nicholas hated being called Nico, though he was fine with being called Nic.

Nicholas and I were born months apart and have been together since then. His father used to be the beta of our pack until he took over.

Nicholas pushed his legs faster with all his might gaining on me, but I was always the fastest when compared to him.

Reaching the home first, I laughed heartily as Nicholas plopped on the ground in his wolf form trying to catch his breath.

An overgrown wolf panting like that is not a sight you get to see every day and he looked funny.

“Aiden...” I heard my mother call.

“Coming mom,” I hurried inside taking the coffee from her. My mom made killer coffees in the morning. I sipped the coffee as I watched Nicholas fighting with other pack members who had balls enough to tease him.

The pack scout Leo was currently being pinned to the ground by Nic’s wolf whose tail was twitching. I laughed as Bobby and Ryan pounced at him, Nicholas evaded their attack and subdued them within minutes.

Nicholas was the second strongest member of the pack, but that did not stop the teenage scouts from picking fights with him. They even trained harder every day in hopes of winning the fight with Nicholas one day.

“You are getting late for your trip,” my mother reminds me and snorts at the scene in front of us.

For some reason, my mother disliked Nicholas from childhood and mostly he was not welcomed to enter their home unless it is a pack gathering.

Finishing the coffee I went to take the mandatory shower and got ready for the day. Putting on a white button-down shirt and navy blue denim jeans after a quick shower, I picked up my luggage and stopped by the kitchen to chow down some food.

Nicholas joined me shortly helping himself to a plate, shrugging his shoulders nonchalantly when mom growled at him threateningly. He loved to irk my mom and was never once afraid of what she could do.

We went to Oregon State University in Corvallis which was an approximately two-hour drive from Portland.

The classes were due to start tomorrow and we did not have to be there so early, but being here meant a lot of pack work and we decided to leave early just to escape the responsibility.

We enjoyed the drive as we sang loudly along with songs.

When we reached our Dorm room a little past noon, we were invited by our best friend and Alpha of Morning Raven Pack, Saxon.

We were not normal humans, we are more. We are werewolves, humans with the ability to shift into large wolves. There were several packs around the world and usually we were all friendly to each other.

There were rogues, who do not belong to any packs. They are pretty much like human criminals who do not obey the laws of the nation. Rumours say that few rogues even worked as supernatural assassins for money.

There are other supernaturals in the world who live among the humans and we hardly met others. Once upon a time the werewolf packs fought between each other for power and to capture more land.

When other supernaturals tried to erase their race taking advantage in their indifference, the werewolves formed a council and united to stand together against other forces.

Now, in the modern era, they are most advanced and do not believe in fights. Many even mingled in the society working along with human beings.

However, no matter how much modernized our world might be, our kind tends to think humans as an inferior race as we are stronger than them.

Mating with a human is frowned upon and in our pack, human mating has not happened so far.

Our werewolf kind does have fated mates. Usually, a werewolf can identify his mate once he or she hit puberty around thirteen years old. It is not necessary that they should mate right away; they dated and got married more like humans.

The only difference between human and werewolf mating is that when werewolves’ mate for life, the mates cannot cheat on each other and surely there was no divorce.

The mate bond usually brought them closer and the marking they gave each other helped them feel each other’s emotions very well. So, if a mate did cheat the other one can feel it and there are ways to sever the bonds which are done with a help of witches, though it was very rare.

I haven’t found my mate yet and my mother was forcing me to choose a mate less woman from our pack as my mate. A werewolf who lost his or her mate is known as mate less when a mate dies the other go through a lot of pain when the bond severs.

Apparently, I have zoned out as usual at the thought of a mate and Nicholas was literally shaking me to bring me out to reality.

Like me, Nicholas or Saxon also haven’t found their mates yet.

We spent the rest of the day talking and goofing around the dorm pranking newbies. We were known as the bad boys, a rumor spread by some human and most of them stayed away from us.

Yeah, we did have that effect on others, with our tall frame and dominant attitude.

Next morning when we reached the university it was busy with students.

“You know what? We have two transfer students and they are females,” Nicholas chirped excitedly as he bumped into my shoulder.

Saxon snorted but did not comment.

Every time a new student arrived Nicholas got excited, he believed one will be his mate. If we didn’t find our mate within two years, then we must choose a mate-less she-wolf.

Every year the wolf packs in the USA held a huge party apart from the summer camps held by the local werewolf packs. It is where all unmated male and female wolves around the USA participated in hopes of finding their mate.

We participate every year and it feels bad that we are twenty-one and you still haven’t found a mate. Most of the Alpha’s we know have already mated and few had children on the way.

“Aiden…” I cringed at the high-pitched squeal and I didn’t have to look back to know who it is.

It’s Tanya, the queen bee of our college and pack. She is from my pack and daughter of the head warrior.

She did find her mate when she was fifteen, but he died shortly in an accident and she is on my mother’s top list to be chosen as my mate.

We are dating for a few months now as I have given up the hopes of finding a mate after all this time.

My wolf growled in displeasure at the sight of her, he hated her with a passion.

The morning classes were boring as usual and it was finally lunch break.

Tanya had tackled me near the locker, placing a wet kiss on my lips. My wolf growled warningly as I responded to her kiss.

“Argh! Get a room,” an annoyed hiss had my stomach drop unpleasantly.

“That’s none of your business bitches,” Tanya sneered at the new girl while I stood there like a fool rooted to the floor, unmoving.

Her floral scent wafted through my nose making my knees go weak. “Mate,” my wolf howled in pleasure as he ran in circles in my imaginary world.

“Well, that’s my locker and I want you to move,” the girl did not back of as she stood her ground against Tanya.

My wolf watched in amusement at her display, she must be angry because she saw her mate kissing another girl, his wolf brain reasoned which further added to his joy.

“Tanya! Back off,” Tanya was about to pounce on the new girl when Saxon intervened.

Tanya was furious but she couldn’t stand against Saxon’s alpha command as she turned and left the place dragging me behind her.

“I am going to be a Luna one day and I will make Saxon pay,” She grumbled as we walked towards the cafeteria.

“I heard that,” Saxon yelled as I tried to contain a chuckle that bubbled in my throat.

Nicholas joined us at our table shortly and he looked sad. He always did when the newbies did not turn out to be his mate.

“Hey it’s okay,” I tried to cheer him up as he shook his head sadly.

“They are humans,” he whispers in a low voice only for us to hear and I freeze on the spot.

Did he say human? Is my mate a human? My eyes widen at the realization. With all the drama went between Tanya and her, I did not even realize she was a human.

Nicholas read my emotions as his eyes widened like saucers. “Is she your mate?” his voice boomed in my mind.

I nod yes without replying as I felt the world around me crumbled down. My mate is a human.

A mating which will never be accepted, a mating which is impossible.

I felt ashamed, why would the fate hook me up with a mere human. I am an Alpha, the most dominant wolf on my pack. I deserved better, now I had no option but to reject the bond and mate with Tanya or any other she-wolf.

I left the table abruptly and left the college grounds running to the forest which is only fifteen minutes away from the university.

This forest is called McDonald-Dunn Research Forest is mostly used for the university instruction and research. Though the area was huge I did not risk a shift, I just wanted to get away from there to think.

My wolf was silent and confused. I can never mate with a human, EVER. I howled letting out all the anger I felt.

When I reached the dorm in the evening, no one questioned me where I went. The look on Saxon’s face told me that he knew about my mate.

I was not in a mood to speak to anyone as I did my evening routine on autopilot and crawled under the sheets, shutting out the world.

My anger did not lessen the next morning. In fact, it was now fully turned on her.

A weakling can never be a Luna. Hell, disclosing our identity to the human world itself is considered a treason.

Why it had to be her? Why it is not any low-rank she-wolf.

To my dismay, I met her again in my first class. I tried not to breathe, her scent did things to me and I hated it.

It made me want her, to be around her and I hated her for it. Instead of falling in head over heels for my mate, a deep hate started growing inside me.

My wolf did not oppose me this time as he hated weakness. We were brought up that way and being a wolf meant we were attracted to strength and power.

We were respected for our strength and dominance, in a wolf world, you are nothing without strength. We may be socialized and have adopted a life around humans, but that does not change who we are.

I gripped Tanya’s wrist and brought it close to my nose inhaling her scent. I should mark her soon so that I can be free of that weakling forever.

I stayed back until she had left the class before going out for my next lesson and to my luck we did not meet for the rest of the day. I did not go anywhere near the locker and avoided the cafeteria so I could be away with her.

I wished I could reject her with just a few words, but sadly the bond is not broken that way. Either of us must die or I must claim someone as my mate to break the bond.

However, the wolves who claimed the mate fewer wolves had said that the bond never dies. It will always be there; though it is dormant they could feel it in there subconscious sometimes.

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