A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 20



I managed two weeks without facing my mate.

I stayed away from the cafeteria or the locker and when she did have classes with me I clutched Tanya in a death grip and inhaled her scent to keep me distracted from my mate’s alluring scent.

Though I wanted to mate Tanya and end this badly, I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Tanya was not all bad if you could see past her bitchiness and tantrums, she is bearable.

Nicholas had also informed me that Tanya constantly picked on my mate and bullied her whenever possible.

I couldn’t care much, she is weak and it’s her fate. I really did not even look at my mate’s face after the first day.

We were in the last class and I was irritated that she was here again.

Today they will be choosing project partners, who will remain your partner for the next six months. You must work together on the projects and do presentations in front of the class.

The sad part is we don’t get to choose our partners. During my first year, I had Saxon and Nicholas as my partners. That’s how we became closer. The second year, it was two human boys. We did not get along that much, they were mostly silent and we managed to finish the projects.

We waited patiently as Professor Harrison picked names from the bowl next to him.

When my name was called along with someone named Anna, I looked around to see who that is and my anger flared when I saw it was my mate.

Such a beautiful name, that bastard known as my wolf sighed dreamily as I tried to rein in my anger.

When the class got over, I approached Professor Harrison requesting him to change my partner.

He just looked up at his glasses and smirked. “You can change your partner after six months,” he replied smugly and left the class as if I was not standing there.

“Whoa, that was uncalled for,” Nicholas comments earning a glare from me and he raises his hands in surrendering motion.

Saxon and Nicholas had their time whispering and making fun of me behind my back while I sulked for the rest of the day, already loathing the upcoming projects.


My first-class next day was again with my mate and with her being my new project partner we were forced to sit next to each other.

I inhaled sharply as I tried not to see her face. Her being so close was not helping in any way.

She kept quiet during the entire class, occasionally taking notes and did not try to speak to me or acknowledge me much to my relief.

I did not know how I would react if she did speak to me. We have been given out the first project together at the end of the class and again she left without a word which irritated me further.

A part of me was glad that she stayed away, the dominant part of me was angry that she disrespected me in such a way.

I waited for next two days for her to come and speak to me while she kept on avoiding me like a plague. I was angered beyond my limits on the third day, we had less than a week to finish the project and our grades were dependent on this.

“Anna,” my voice came out harsher than I intended it to be.

She stopped and met my eyes, still not speaking. I felt my anger rise within me as she glared at me.

“About our project,” I started through my clenched teeth as she raised her hand stopping me in the mid-sentence.

She pulled out a set of papers from her bag thrusting it in my hands. I looked down at the papers confusingly as she said, “I finished it already.” When I looked up she was already gone.

Again, one part of me was glad she finished it and we did not have to speak while the dominant part was angry for such disrespect for the second time. She did not even acknowledge me, she continued as if I am some normal guy.

On the other hand, Tanya was making her life a hell.

The entire class laughed at Anna one day when she came in with her face and clothes painted in bright pink. Another day, I found her struggling to clean the eggs from her blonde hair which was stuck to her head.

Nicholas said Tanya is doing it purposefully to get back on her and she has not confronted Tanya for any of it.

Today we were in the cafeteria when Tanya dumped a plate of spaghetti on Anna and pretended as if she tripped. Anna’s friend tried to pounce at Tanya, but Anna stopped her and left to clean herself.

This only increased my hatred towards her, I saw this as a sign of weakness and I hated weakness.

The conversation with my mate was minimal, every two weeks she finished our project in advance and gave it to me so I can read through and prepare for the presentation.

It has been almost three months that I met her. Another three months, I get to be free from her partnership and one more year to be out of this university.

We were under four-year programs now, maybe I should have taken the two-year undergraduate program so I wouldn’t have met her.

However, a time soon came which forced me to change my views about her.

It was a Saturday night, we managed to ditch Tanya during our weekend out and it was around eight in the evening when we decided to visit Pastini Pastaria, a Local Italian bistro chain which specialized in classic & contemporary pasta, with gluten-free options.

We all loved pasta and their Pasta were the best. We made a habit of eating her at least once in two weeks, but with all that happened in past couple of weeks and me mostly sulking in the corner of my dorm room, we did not visit this place for three months.

Occupying our favorite seat, I was browsing through the menu when the addicting floral scent wafted through my nose.

I whipped around and came face to face with my mate, who stood there with a polite smile. This is the first time she gazed at me with a smile and my heart fluttered.

She was beautiful, her smooth blonde locks were pulled up into a ponytail and her brown eyes seemed to look past my defenses.

This is the first time I am looking properly at her, usually, when her floral scent hinted me of her nearby I averted my gaze and concentrated on anything and everything except her.

When she spoke to me, I never met her eyes to see what color it is, though it was very tempting. I always looked at the papers she uses to thrust me and just nod my head for whatever she says.

She is very brilliant. I must give her that.

The projects were so good that our pair managed to get in the top ten of the best pairs in our class for past two months and I finally had some good grades by the end of winter term.

“You are staring,” Nicholas’ laughed through my mind link and I quickly averted my gaze.

We all ordered and I blamed my actions on stupid mate pull. No matter, how much I resented my mate for being human I couldn’t bring myself to mark another.

Well, I must blame my wolf partially for that. First, my fangs wouldn’t even extent and I cannot mark with my human teeth. Trust me I tried to mark Tanya several times in the past week while we made out.

Secondly, I didn’t get hard. When I tried to get intimate with Tanya, my member was as good as a dead snake.

Hell, she even tried to rouse it by very effective means but nothing and I were ashamed at the end. All I got was a dirty glare from Tanya and my wolf smirking at me in my mind.

Now you know why I hate my mate with a passion, I am perfectly capable of pleasuring a female in every way. I get my morning hard on and I did have the habit of jerking myself off under the cold showers.

Well, you cannot blame a twenty-one-year-old for doing that when you go so long without any company. Nicholas, on the other hand, lost his virginity at seventeen during a school party, but hated himself for that and steered clear of a woman.

Saxon almost killed the first girl he was with as his wolf lost control, just because the girl under him was not his mate. At least they got to do that, as for me my wolf made me look like an imbecile in front of the girls.

Anna brought our orders and parted with another polite smile. I focused on my favorite Linguini with Chicken Piccata trying to take my mind off her.

Saxon nudged me and pointed towards the direction where Logan Cooper, the famous male whore of our college was shamelessly flirting with my mate.

My wolf clawed my insides to break free and I saw red when he pinched her butt cheek. I expected her to slap him or shout at him, but she just smiled at him and asked him to meet her at the car park after her shift.

Her seductive voice sending shivers to my spine and my rage blinded me as those words were said to another man and not me.

Saxon’s voice boomed in my head to stop and get my shit together as I tried to gain control. Alphas of another pack can converse with us using mind link but they use it only during an emergency.

“You can’t lose it here Aiden, we are amongst humans,” Saxon warns me.

Nicholas asks me to wait until Logan gets out to the parking lot. “You can tear his limbs once we are out, but not here,” he tried to reason with me and I kept quiet.

I dismembered my dish for the rest of the night as I waited patiently for Logan to get out and for some reason, that bastard sat rooted to the chair until Anna was finished with her shift.

We paid for the food and patiently waited for Logan to show up in the parking lot. I couldn’t justify my actions towards their encounter. I sure did not want her and she is free to have anyone she wants, anyone but him.

“You don’t want her as a mate. It shouldn’t be your concern whom she chooses to be with,” Saxon says once we are out of the restaurant.

“Yes, I hate her. That does not mean I wish ill for her. I want her to live happily with someone she deserves not this whore bag who fuck anything with a hole,” I hiss at him in anger.

That is the truth. I did not love her and don’t want her as my mate. However, I did care for her though it is not much.

She might be weak in my eyes, but she was good in every way. She was calm, polite and good at her studies. I don’t even see her going out with any boys at our college. She is either in the library or with that human friend of hers.

They left the restaurant together as Saxon held my hands tighter to stop me from pouncing at the bastard.

The parking lot was mostly empty with only a few cars which mostly belonged to the staff as most of the customers have left.

Nicholas held me back, “Wait and let her leave first. I don’t think she is going to jump into his car,” I nod and pray for better control in case if they did decide to get somewhat intimate.

I watched as they reached his car, Anna looked around to see if anyone was watching them and her smile dropped as her demeanor morphed into something very serious.

She narrowed her eyes as she caught Logan’s wandering hands and twisted it behind him.

“Did I tell you, that I hate people when they touch me without my consent?” She sneered at him adding more pressure and his face twisted in agony.

“And never pinch a girl’s butt cheek if she is not your girl,” she twisted his hand further and I heard a bone popping.

My wolf rejoiced at the sight as a smile crept across my face. She is not weak as I thought.

“Don’t dare tell people that I did this to you, you do have a reputation to hold. Don’t you?” She taunted him as she continued to beat the shit out of him in that parking lot.

“Remind me, never to get on her bad side,” Nicholas whispers and Saxon chuckles beside me. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything as I stared at her with my jaw wide open.

She straightens and loaded him into his car once she was done. We followed her curiously as she drove off with him.

She dropped him off at a local hospital saying he tripped down while climbing the stairs and walked towards the bus station as if nothing happened.

Saxon held his stomach as he laughed harder. We were currently in our dorm room. I was stunned and still couldn’t digest what I have just visited.

Anna, my mate, the one I resented for being a weak human had proved me wrong. The one who kept her polite façade whenever she was pranked had gone all badass at a man who touched her without her consent.

My view towards her has changed after today’s incident and I smiled proudly for the first time thinking about her.

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