A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 21


“There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature. “

— Jane Austen

Saxon and Nicholas were praising Anna openly which further boosted my ego. My wolf purred as he thought about his mate.

My view towards her has changed. I still cannot accept her as my mate. Our pack will never accept her and she won’t be able to give me an heir our pups would be weak.

If I did choose to mate with her, then it means giving up my position as an Alpha and leaving the pack life.

And not to mention, what the council will say when they find about our mating. We cannot risk being exposed to the world.

Sunday went normal and very slow as I eagerly waited for Monday. We had our first class together on Mondays.

I may not be able to mate with her; we still can be friends if you understood what I mean. My wolf and I knew it was a lie for the attraction I felt towards her has only deepened.

First things first, I broke up with Tanya in the morning. My wolf was going crazy with her antics and I am glad I did not rip her throat already.

When Anna came to the class I did not avert my gaze, instead, I stared at her shamelessly.

During the lunch break, I went to meet her in the library. She was with her human friend, whose name I learned as Barbara.

“Anna,” I called hesitantly and she looked up with no interest.

“What?” Her harsh tone made me cringe internally; I have been an asshole to her before.

“I ah… I was wondering if you could help me with my subjects?” I stammered slightly as she just quirked her brows in response.

She leaned back in her chair as Barbara studied me with a new-found interest.

“Why now?” Anna asks after a moment.

“Well, um… the projects you did were great and I have some good grades now. Thanks to you. Will you help me to keep up the grades?” I blurt out quickly. “Look, I’m sorry. I have been nothing but rude to you. Well, I haven’t treated you with any disrespect, have I?” I continue before she could respond.

“I wish we could start again, with being more civil to each other,” I finish looking at the book she was currently reading.

“Okay,” she replies and I looked at her confused.

“Okay?” I repeat and she just shrugs in response before going back to her book. Barbara smiles warmly before mouthing ‘Leave’ at me.

“Yeah, okay. Good.” I stutter again as I turned and left the library with a goofy smile. I am still confused. I gave her a speech and she dismissed me with an okay.

Headstrong,” I murmur to myself as I wandered off to find Nicholas and Saxon.


There was not much improvement between me and Anna. She did help with my subjects during the lunch break, but that is as far as our conversation goes.

She opens her mouth only to talk about the subject. Not even an acknowledging me with a Hi or Bye. Her friend Barbara, on the other hand, was friendly. Though she did not speak much like Anna she did acknowledge me with one of her friendly smiles.

Nicholas and Saxon started to join our little group once I told them about my combine study with Anna, they reasoned that they wanted good grades too and I know for sure that was not the reason.

They enjoyed watching me squirm in front of Anna’s scrutinizing gaze. They made fun of me every day in the dorm room. Nicholas managed to crack Anna’s walls as he had gotten close to her friend circle.

He had more classes with her and Anna had warmed up to him and Saxon, except me. I wondered how Nicholas and Saxon managed to do that. They were with me all the time yet gotten so close to Anna.

We even started going out together. I stuck out like a sore thumb when they got along so well, jealousy ate my insides as I watch Anna laughing at something Saxon said.

Logan was back to school after two weeks and rumors have it that he is a changed man and mostly stayed away from the girls.

I had a habit of snuggling under my sheets in the mornings even after waking up. I sighed contently at the comfort when my phone decided to go off irritating me.

‘Mom!’ She never calls me at this time of the morning if it is not something urgent.

“Mom,” I answer the call, my instincts telling me that whatever it is it cannot be good.

“Who is your mate?” Her angry voice made me flinch. How did she find out?

Nicholas and Saxon tensed beside me as they heard her voice.

“Mom,” I start only to be cut off by her.

“Who is your mate? Aiden, I asked you a question first,” Nicholas looked sorry and Saxon shrugged at her stern voice.

“It’s Anna Carter, Mom.” I sighed, there is no point in hiding the truth.

“And you did not mind telling me because?” She continues in her Alpha tone, which she used only when was extremely angry.

My mother was the firstborn of an Alpha, so she is stronger than any female in our pack. She is sweet unless someone got on her bad side. Nicholas is always on her bad side for that matter.

“There is no point in telling you, Mom. I cannot mate with her and was going to choose a mate less female from our pack once I am home,” I lie fluently through my clenched teeth.

It was true before. However, the closer I got to Anna the more I got to know about her and I was falling for her very slowly. These days I have been thinking about loopholes which allow our mating.

I have decided to take this to the council and check if there was any human mating before.

“Wise decision,” I could tell she has cooled off a bit. “What’s wrong with Tanya?” Ah, did I tell you that Tanya is her pet?

“Mom, I tried okay. Tanya only irritates me. She may be a Luna material, but definitely not the one for me,” I hiss unable to hold my anger at the thought of her.

“Alright, if you don’t mate with the mere reason of that human, I am okay with anyone you mate.” She disconnects the call without waiting for my reply and I release my breath which I did not realize I was holding in.

“Dude, that was rude,” Saxon comments as he went back to lie on his bed.

“Define rude? She can be much worse,” Nicholas exclaims.

“Gosh, I had this wonderful dream about my mate and I was about to kiss her when your Mom decided to intrude.” Nicholas continues his banter and I tune him out.

“Aiden, I don’t think your mom will ever approve of Anna as your mate,” Saxon tells me as a matter of fact.

“Saxon, answer me honestly. What would you do, if you were in my shoes?” I look at him expectantly, he is an Alpha and I needed his insight very badly at this moment.

One side my mate is giving me cold shoulder and my mother is another nightmare.

“Aiden… if I were you, I would have already contacted the council. If they oppose, I will gladly hand over the pack to my brother and will choose my mate.” He replied sincerely and I believed him.

“I am so confused,” I admit, there is no point in hiding it from them.

“Well, if you ask my opinion I suggest you go ahead and mate with her. Fate does not link our future with someone for no reason and we are given only one chance in life to have a mate,” Saxon says sitting straight.

“Anna may be a human, but she is strong for her own good. It’s your job to make your pack accept and no matter what happens to stand by her side,” he finishes and I nod understandingly.

“Aiden, Saxon is right. I like Anna and if anyone who could face your mom it’s her,” Nicholas’ states earning a smile from me.

I took the day off as I contacted the council and waited for their response. When they did call, I was overjoyed at the news.

The information was, the council did accept werewolf and human matings. Usually, it has happened only at the lower level and recently one of the Alphas had informed them about finding his human mate, making me the second Alpha.

The werewolves had not marked their human mates as the human did not heal like us and no one knew what the werewolf marking will result in.

Whatever it is I felt like the happiest man in the entire universe, only if I could get to the good side of Anna.

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