A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 22


“Anyone who falls in love is searching for the missing pieces of themselves. So, anyone who’s in love gets sad when they think of their lover. It’s like stepping back inside a room you have fond memories of, one you haven’t seen in a long time.” — Haruki Murakami

Saxon and Nicholas were happy for me. Now, our next mission is to get Anna to speak with me.

Anna is stubborn and hot-headed than we thought earlier. Though she is civil with me, I was still in her bad books.

So, my first mission is to become her friend, the rest is the fate.

We were doing well in our academics and studying with Anna has really helped us all. Tanya had now and then showcased her displeasure with me.

Anna and Barbara were getting close to our gang and have to start eating with us during lunch. It was during one such lunch Tanya stormed into the cafeteria drenched in skunk spray. We had to close our sensitive noses to stop gagging, it was too much.

“YOU! You did this.” She yelled pointing at Anna, who just shrugged her shoulders innocently. The entire cafeteria cracked up with laughter at Tanya’s display.

“I know it’s you, I could smell you all over my car.” Tanya hissed lowly only for us to hear.

My eyes widened at her slip, Anna and Barbara are human. They were not supposed to know about us.

“Tanya!” I shouted through our mind link, “Mind your words, we are amongst humans.”

Her posture changed as she realized her mistake.

“Girl, you are the one who stinks. You may want to clean before everyone here pukes their guts out,” Anna’s comments earning a glare from Tanya.

“You will pay for this,” Tanya warns before stomping off.

Anna did not grasp what Tanya was implying and we all felt relieved. Anna may know about us someday if she accepted to be my mate.

We watched in amusement as we noticed the secret smile on Anna and Barbara’s face.

“What did you do this time?” Nicholas asked in amusement.

“We may or may not have put a skunk inside her car,” Anna says and put a hand on her mouth muffling the laughter.

She and Barbara laughed so hard that they were in tears.

“It worked,” Barbara gushed to Anna who had a full blown smile on her face, which made my heart falter.

“The look on her face,” Anna cracked up even more as they high fived each other.

I have not seen this side of Anna or Barbara and I stared at them with disbelief in my eyes, while Nicholas and Saxon joined them.

“Why did you keep quiet all those times she pranked you? Why act now?” I blurt out curiously.

“Well, we should continue this conversation elsewhere,” Anna says finishing her lunch.

This is the first time she replied to me on something which is not related to academics. I did try to have a normal conversation with her few times, she never answered.

“Well,” I look at her expectantly as we took our usual seats in the library.

“Tanya confronted me yesterday. She accused me being the reason for your break up,” Anna replies as she meets my gaze.

“Well, that’s not all. She said you cannot get hard for a girl and warned me that having you in my life will be a curse for me,” she speaks as I watched her in horror.

Tanya had the guts to speak such thing. When I get home, I will make her pay for it, anger bubbled inside me at the thought.

“I thought it’s high time I taught her a lesson for everything she has done to me,” Anna shrugs it off like it doesn’t matter.

Our conversation ended there, yet I was so happy. She stood up for me, well in a way.

Though she said she wanted to get even with Tanya for everything she did to her, she was pissed off after Tanya confronting her about our break up.

I learned that Anna and Barbara were together from their childhood; both lost their parents at such a young age.

After bouncing back and forth between foster homes they moved out at eighteen. Doing odd jobs, they worked hard to get into the university and it is their dream to land a good job.

I admired their willpower, they lived alone. There was no one to take care of them, yet they never once gave up.

They attended college in the morning and worked after college. They did not even rest on weekends.

My respect for both Anna and Barbara was only growing every day. I felt ashamed for thinking so low about them earlier.

It was wrong for me to judge someone even before knowing them.

Time doesn’t stop for anyone and it is already June marking the end of spring term.

We were heading towards Portland for a week before the start of our summer term.

My partnership with Anna has ended and now I will have a new partner for next six months, which did not make me happy as I expected it would be.

Our pack has offered to host the summer camp for unmated wolves this year. Saxon has also joined us in a hope of finding his mate.

My mother did not confront me after that morning and I was glad for that, yet I know it is always calm before the storm.

She will expect me to choose a mate in this camp and I don’t want to think how she would react if I do not choose someone by the end of the camp.

My mom had a short temper which even my wolf was afraid of.

Saxon and Nicholas were excited, while I already regretted what is to come. I couldn’t decide anything on Anna; I sure liked her and had her best interests at heart.

She is a breath of fresh air and being with her is all I could dream of, yet I am struggling to take an action on my feelings towards her. I still couldn’t point a finger and say, this is what I want.

Several things had me worried, the council has given their consent but then there is my mom, the biggest hurdle of all.

Even if I did manage to convince my mom, there is my pack. The wolves are naturally driven towards strength and power. Without that, they wouldn’t respect you.

They will never accept Anna as my mate or their Luna. And even if I did make her my Luna, they would never respect her the way she deserves.

Knowing what to expect, I couldn’t stomach the thought of putting her through all of it. She deserved to live a normal life without any of this drama and I longed to have it with her.


We were given a warm welcome by our pack.

The unmated she-wolves trying to woo the new Alpha male, Saxon was enjoying all the attention he got, I could tell. Yet, he maintained a distance from them.

My mom narrowed her eyes at me which meant we are going to have a serious talk later.

Regretting my decision to come here again, I followed her silently to our office room.

“Do you want to tell me, what was your business with that human when you were supposed to stay away from her?” My mom questions me in one breath.

Tanya, that bitch… Of course, she is mama’s pet and she would pass on the information she gained while she spied on us.

“Mom, Anna was my project partner and we were supposed to work together,” I reply tiredly as I sat down on my chair.

“No, we are not allowed to change the partner and I tried,” I cut her off before she could ask further.

Giving her a chance to speak or time to think is dangerous. She would easily figure out what I am up to.

“I still wish that you choose Tanya as your mate, she is the only wolf who is entirely capable of being this pack’s new Luna,” my mom insists as I roll internally at her words.

A replica of my mom as my chosen mate, NEVER!

“Forget about Tanya mom, if anything she deserves to be punished and to be put in her place,” I growl, letting her know that I was not pleased by her suggestion.

“Punish her!” She exclaims as her face turns red with anger.

“What has gotten into you? She is such a nice girl!” My mom yells dramatically which only further infuriated my wolf.

“Well, calling her alpha an impotent is an offense mother. Especially, when I am perfectly capable of pleasing any woman for that matter, it’s not my mistake that Tanya couldn’t please my wolf,” I sneer as I met her eyes and stood my ground.

She averted her gaze as I stared down challengingly. I addressed her as a mother only when I am extremely angry and even though she is an Alpha female, I was stronger than her. I had the blood of two alphas running in my body.

It’s not that I would attack her, it’s just showing her that I would not take the shit she is throwing at me just because she is my mother and I love her.

Sometimes she had to be reminded that I am not a normal wolf who submitted to her every will, that I am an Alpha and does not accept command from anyone even if it is my mother.

She wanted to tell me something, but composed herself and left the office without a further word.

She could be scary at times, but my wolf was edgy and this is the first time I ever lashed out at her like that.

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