A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 23


“Though no one can go back and make a brand-new start anyone can start from now and Make a brand-new ending”


The summer camp was in full swing, the pack ground was filled with unmated wolves and the patrol was working around the clock to ensure utmost security.

Unmated Alphas from different packs has arrived and the unmated she-wolves flocked them everywhere they go.

Neither Saxon nor Nicholas found their mates and were sulking with me inside the room.

I despised the camp more than anything and mostly stayed inside the room for my own good. I could not even step out of the room without risking the unmated she-wolves fawning all over me.

My mom stayed away from me and was giving me a cold shoulder after our confrontation in the office room.

Tanya lurked somewhere around and I did not care where she was.

The sooner I get this over with the better. It’s only the second day of the camp and there are three more days to end this torture.

Why would mom even agree to host it here this time? I thought frustratingly as I raked a hand through my hair.

Few of my pack members have found their mates and I am glad for them.

It was on the third day, I decided to go on my much-needed run. I left early in the morning with Nicholas and Saxon, so we don’t have to run into any horny she-wolf.

Saxon’s grey wolf was much like that of mine but with black spots here and there, whereas Nicholas reddish-brown wolf was a few inches smaller than us.

We did have forests near our University, but we did not risk running in our wolf forms there.

It is always safe to run within our pack grounds, letting our wolves out was a huge relief and we enjoyed our run so much that we did not even realize the sun is already up and the camp has commenced for the day.

We resigned to our fate as we headed towards home.

As we expected she wolves were already outside flaunting their bodies in skimpy dresses and shorts. At the sight of our wolves, few females sauntered towards us and the air reeked of their desire.

Nicholas and Saxon growled loudly warning them off, while no she-wolves tried to come near me and I was glad they stayed away.

Nicholas pushed me playfully and as my fur brushed the she-wolf nearby she shrieked and got away from me.

At first, I thought it was because of fear, yet I was confused at the way they were glancing at me with so much distaste and few narrowed their eyes at me earning a growl.

“Stay away from me you impotent mutt,” she screamed again rubbing her skin as if I had infected her.

How dare they treat me with such disrespect? I growled as rage filled my entire being.

How dare she call me impotent? My wolf wanted a go at her; rip through her show her who is the boss.

Saxon and Nicholas flanked my sides as they got ready to attack anyone who came against us.

“Aiden! Stop. You will not touch the female,” My mom’s voice boomed across the field, which only increased my fury.

I looked at the she-wolf as I stalked her like a prey, other Alphas who were present did not move. They knew very well about treating an Alpha with disrespect.

We may live in the modern world, but old habits die hard. It is always about pride and the girl will pay for it dearly.

My wolf pounced and pinned the shrieking girl against the ground, he bit down her arms, all the while without taking my eyes off my mom.

She dares try to order me around as if I am a normal wolf. My wolf watched in satisfaction as my mom’s expression changed from shock to fury.

The girl’s cries for help go unheard as I slash across her abdomen with my claws.

Saxon and Nicholas growl as my mom tried to step closer, I leave the girl satisfied with the damage I made. She will scar and it will be a painful reminder for her not to mess with an Alpha.

I motion one of my pack warriors to remove the girl from my presence and shifted to my human form. Few she-wolves blushed as they averted their gaze at my nudity, while others openly gawked.

Nudity is common for wolves like us and it never bothered me before. I stood tall facing my pack and our guests without taking my eyes of my mom who is now shaking with fury.

“Stand down Mother!” I command and watched as she fought against it.

“Stand down now or I won’t give a shit if you are my mother or not,” I warn again as she finally relents and shows her neck in submission.

“Tanya! Come out right now,” the fury has not subsided yet. The female’s blood did nothing to quench my thirst for blood and I exactly knew who is behind these rumors.

My body was shaking with rage as my wolf wanted to come out again.

“Aiden, it’s not me,” Tanya’s tried to reason and looked at my mother for any support. Her body was shaking with fear as she looked at anywhere but me.

“I warned you, Tanya, this is the second time you run your dirty mouth like this and you almost exposed our secret to the human kind.” I spat angrily.

“Lock her in the dungeons without food or water for a week,” I order my pack warriors and watched without remorse as they dragged the girl to her destiny.

Our dungeons were a basement prison built centuries ago, to lock up war criminals or rogues. It has been empty for so long and Tanya will be the only prisoner down there.

“Stop it Aiden! You cannot punish Tanya like that, after all, she did not say anything that is not true,” I lunged at my mother at this and pinned her against the back wall.

“I said not to order me around Mother.” I gritted through clenched teeth, my wolf was angry that she did not stand up for us and supported Tanya.

My mother has always been kind and supportive and I couldn’t believe she dares say such a thing to me. I wondered what happened to change her into a spiteful woman and I doubted if she is even the same person I knew anymore.

I drop her on the floor as I sneered at her, “I don’t even know if you are the same person I use to know the mother. How dare you accuse me of something like this?”

“Calm down Aiden.” Saxon’s voice floated through my mind.

I closed my eyes taking a deep breath as I tried to rein in my anger. I thought about Anna, my human mate. She was beautiful with her blonde locks and brown eyes. Her smile is like a morning ray of sun, so beautiful and serene.

Her unique floral scent which stood alone from others was always enticing and her soft voice which was like a melody to my ears. She had a lean frame with full breasts, which she always tried to cover with an overcoat or a shawl.

The slight sway of her hips always had me wondering the dirty things I would do with her. A smile graced my lips at the thought of her as I felt my anger lessened and a low whistle brought me back to reality.

I look back at Nicholas who had averted his gaze from me and other Alpha’s around smirked and I realized that I was aroused at the mere thought of my mate and me being naked, the pack got to witness it.

I shrug my shoulders nonchalantly, I was not ashamed for portraying my arousal and after all, it did work in my favor by clearing the rumors.

“Well, it seems only my mate is capable of arousing me,” I smirk.

“Next time someone dares treat me with disrespect, I swear they won’t live to see the daylight.” I bellow and march inside with Nicholas and Saxon following close behind.

“She is a fucking human and I will never allow you to mate with her,” my mom shouts and I could hear the warning growls of Saxon and Nicholas towards others as they followed me.

We were back at our room and I laid on the bed watching some action movie as we munched on the snacks.

“What you did back there was awesome!” Nicholas exclaims as he plopped down on the carpeted floor sitting comfortably.

Saxon snorted as he tried not to laugh. “I don’t want to see your junk so close to my face again,” he murmurs making Nicholas double up with laughter.

There is no way of stopping him now and we watched in amusement as Nicholas laughed harder holding his stomach.

“I am telling you again, your mother is a villain,” Nicholas says in a serious tone after few minutes and I agree with him.

“She was never like this before. She was always kind and supports me in everything.” I reply sadly.

“She was always like that to others, you are witnessing it now because you got to her bad side by not mating that power-hungry wolf that is rotting down in the dungeons,” Nicholas declares and Saxon agrees with him.

To my dismay, I had no perfect comeback for their claim. Again, I couldn’t believe my mom would speak something like that, especially to me.

We heard the door being knocked and Caden entered the room. He is the Alpha of the summer sun pack from Ireland.

“Hey, do you mind if I join you guys?” He asked as he sat down next to Saxon. Caden was younger than us by two years and is searching for his mate.

His black eyes held sadness as he stared the TV screen.

An awkward silence filled the room as we sat there watching the TV.

“Is it true? Your mate is a human?” Caden asked after a moment of silence.

“Yes,” I gritted my teeth as I did not like him talking about my mate.

He nods, “My mate is human too,” he replies and I widen my eyes in shock.

“She went to school with me and I was confused with our mating at first,” he continues and we all listened silently.

“She was so pure like snow and I loved her very much. I didn’t know what to do as my pack would never approve of me with my mating, so I didn’t act on my feelings towards her. I let her go,” he stops and a sob rakes his body.

“What happened?” We ask in unison.

“She was traveling to her college and met with an accident on the way, she was hit by a drunken truck driver.” He finishes with a distant look and the pain on his face twisted my insides.

“I should get going; there is no point in wasting my time in these meaningless camps. I can never accept anyone else as my mate anyway,” he said as he got up from the sofa to leave.

“Don’t let others decide your fate; she is your mate for a reason. I know you love her already, just tell her first and mate with her,” he tells me before leaving and I sat on the bed contemplating my feelings towards Anna.

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