A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 24


“There are two primary choices in life To accept conditions as they exist or accept the responsibility for changing them”


I was fed up with the summer camp and decided to leave early to college. At least that way I will be around Anna.

The Alphas who came for the summer camp also left early as none of them found their mates and did not want to waste their time on other expectant she-wolves.

They all wished me good luck and informed me that they will support our mating. We packed and left Portland shortly. My mom did not speak to me or face me after our last confrontation and I did not try to speak to her either.

She must get herself together and it won’t do her any good if she keeps on this attitude. It is not my mistake that fate gave me a human mate, who is amazing in every way possible.

My mind was on Anna and the ride together towards the university was silent for most of the part. Once we reached we called Barbara and as usual, they were working today as well. We informed her that we would pick them after their shift and decided to stay in the dorm until then.

I wanted to meet Anna soon and couldn’t contain the anticipation. Their shift will be over by eight and we got ready to pick them up. We planned to take them for pizzas and movie tonight.

At first, when we started hanging around, they were hesitant to come out with us. Later, it became a habit for us to pick them after their shifts on weekends and go out somewhere.

I whistle happily as I drove towards the restaurant, Anna has started speaking more to me and I wish she will be able to see past my mistakes and accept me for what I am.

When we reached the restaurant parking lot, they were not there. Nicholas tried calling Barbara but she did not answer.

It was eight past thirty and I was getting anxious, my instincts telling me something wrong as I got out of my car and went towards the restaurant.

When I reached halfway towards the entrance I got a whiff of what smelt like wolves and my body turned towards that direction as it was in auto-pilot mode.

The scent got deeper and it lingered near the staff entrance of the restaurant. Warning bells went off in my head as I imagined the worst possibility of what could have happened. The scent disappeared from the parking lot and I searched frantically for any clue, only to come up empty-handed.

We spoke to the restaurant and they have informed us that they have left the restaurant after their shift on usual time. This only confirmed my suspicion. The area we were in belonged to the humans and there was no wolf pack in the proximity, so the possibility of pack wolves taking her is zero.

It must be the rogues, either they are working for someone or they just kidnapped them for their own amusement. The rogues did get involved in rapes, assault, and murder.

Rushing back to the car, we started driving around the city looking for any clue. We cannot even go to the police as it was only an assumption. There was no CCTV’s in the parking lot, so it’s a no go on that part as well.

We noticed a lane that leads to the forest and decided to follow the trail. It is only a possibility and we are willing to take it.

The rogues could be anywhere in the forest or inside the city. We did not pick up any scent on the way, yet I continue to drive down the uneven path.

My instincts screamed that I was going on the right path. Saxon’s nose has partially transformed to that of his wolf as he sniffed the air outside for any clue.

After driving for a while, I noticed his body tense and I sniff the air immediately. Her scent was very light but it was there. I growl loudly as I step on the accelerator increasing my speed, I drove blindly avoiding the tree trunks barely by few inches to get closer to my mate.

Her scent got stronger and it was mixed with fear. My wolf got anxious at the thought of his mate in fear, I stopped the car abruptly. I could not take it any longer, getting out I shifted into my wolf form without any care for my clothes and sniffing the air once I took off towards my mate.

It is way faster than the care and this way my senses are more tuned. The moon shined brightly illuminating the dark forest and the vegetation was not thicker. I heard the eight more paws hitting the ground behind me. A scream split through the night had us pumping our legs harder towards the direction.

It was Barbara, my mate’s scent was getting stronger with each step we took forwards and a second later we heard another scream which belonged to Anna. After that all I could see was red, within minutes we reached them and I pounced on the half-naked male who was crouched in front of a naked Barbara.

Biting his neck, I kill him without any remorse. Looking up I see Saxon and Nicholas fighting others who have now shifted to their wolf forms. I frantically look for Anna, who had her back plastered at the tree trunk and in front of her was a rogue in his wolf form. Her clothes were torn and I could smell her blood.

She must have fought them, I thought as I ran towards the wolf head first making him fall to the side.

I pin him down with my front paw and looked towards Anna to make sure she was fine. I felt furious at the sight of blood from her leg, it was a bite wound and I bit down the wolf beneath me and held on to him until I felt his life source leaving his body.

I have not killed any rogues or wolves before. It is the wolf to hunt when we go for a run and usually it is a rabbit or small deer to satisfy our thrill. Sadly, I did not feel any remorse as I killed the rogues without any second thought. They tried to hurt my mate and her friend.

There were six rogues in total and we managed to kill them all. Six against two alphas and a beta is not an equal match after all.

The rogues were in wolf form when they died, so we will not have any trouble with the cops. They will think that they fought among themselves. We must inform the council about this.

I had moved towards to where my mate was earlier and kept my back towards her as I stood protectively in front of her. Nicholas picked up a discarded shirt from the forest giving to Barbara who was now sitting on the ground trying to cover herself with her hands.

Though she was afraid of us, she caught the shirt and wore it immediately but did not try to move from her spot.

We stood there contemplating on what to do next, we cannot leave the girls there and we cannot shift in front of them either.

I whipped around when I heard my mate’s whimper and she ended up clutching me to avoid falling into the ground. She released me once she realized she was holding a wolf and fell hitting her butt painfully.

I sighed and maybe that’s when I took the most foolish decision of my life. I shifted to my human form and stood there as my mate’s expression turned from fear to horror.

She opened and closed her mouth repeatedly as she tried to comprehend the scene that was going on before her.

“Aiden!” She squeaked when she identified me to the moonlight.

She did not move or speak as she continued to watch me with a shocked expression.

“Anna,” I whispered. I wanted to get closer to her, comfort her. I fisted my hand to control myself from going over. Unable to think of anything, I shifted back to my wolf form and turned to walk away when I felt two hands clutch my neck as a soft sob erupted from the source.

Anna had thrown her arms around my neck as she continued to sob and I stood there like a fool, I still couldn’t believe that she is hugging me. She was terrorized when she saw me at first, I did not expect this from her the least. I thought she would never speak to me again after today.

I sat down on the ground and put my front paw around her to calm her down. Turning around slightly, I watched Barbara crying against Nicholas’s wolf as Saxon stood there alone watching us.

One thing I am glad about this attack, I did not have to go through all that explaining to tell her who I am and what we are. Secondly, she accepted the fact that I am different and is hugging me.

If wolves could smile, I am smiling right now showing all my teeth. “Don’t scare the poor thing anymore,” Saxon comments playfully in my mind and I shut my mouth thereby covering my teeth effectively.

Present day...


I have been listening to Aiden for past hour and to be honest, nothing made sense. I did not remember a single incident he was talking about.

Sometimes, I wondered if it was even me who stood up against Tanya or beat up someone like that, I didn’t think there is a mean bone in my body.

However, if something did threaten Ben, I would fight anyone or anything to save him. He said they are werewolves, so is that what Ben is? Will he turn into a big wolf-like Aiden said? Though nothing Aiden said made sense, there was a trigger when he talked about the wolves.

It was a memory of me in a forest surrounded by wolves.

I could see another woman on the ground, naked and cower in fear. There were few humans, though I did not remember how I went there, I felt the danger of that situation.

They hit both of us throwing against the ground, it hurt and we screamed. A maniacal laugh could be heard from behind and I watched in horror as the man turns into a wolf, I screamed as he cornered me into a tree.

Another man who hit the woman tore her clothes as she screamed, he was hitting her again. I felt helpless, they were stronger than us.

I silently prayed to wake myself from this nightmare, yet nothing happened. The wolf bit down my leg and I screamed in agony.

It was not a nightmare, it was happening for real. Nightmares don’t cause physical pain.

Or I must be going crazy; I was a man changing into a wolf. This cannot be happening.

The wolf came to me again and I prepared myself for the worst when howls tore through the night and the wolf beside me tensed as he stopped in his tracks. Within few seconds a large grey wolf jumped out of nowhere taking down the man who was on top of the woman killing him.

Two more wolves jumped from behind him attacking others, my fear only increasing as the other men around us changed into big wolves and attacked them.

The new wolves easily subdued the others and the big grey one stalked the wolf next to me, attacking it and killing it in a second. Just when I thought he is going to kill me too, he turned his back and stood in front of me as if he is trying to protect me.

It confused me further but the pain in my leg is making it more uncomfortable for me to stand. I let out a whimper as a new pain shoot through my leg and I caught on something warm and furry to steady myself.

When I realized it was that wolf, I quickly release him falling on my butt. He did not try to attack me, still, I was scared. It is not every day you get to see someone shifting into a big scary wolf.

I watched him carefully contemplating between running and staying there, I have learned that running only make the animals more interested in you. I have witnessed dogs chasing their owners playfully in the park when they run. Must wolves be almost same right?

The wolf before me tilted its head looking at me as if it knows what I am thinking of.

I tried to scramble back and it took one step forward proving my theory. Maybe I should play dead, but how would I do that? Will they be foolish enough to take me for dead?

What if they are like the other wolves that can turn into humans?

There is no harm in trying though, I was getting ready to play dead when the wolf started to shed its fur and its skin started changing.

Shit... another wolfman, I thought as I watched him with so much fear.

At first, I couldn’t see his face. He turned slightly and when the moonlight illuminated his face, I couldn’t fathom the emotion I felt.

Firstly, it was shocking but then a wave of relief filled me as I saw Aiden’s face. “Aiden!” I whispered still reeling from all that happened. Though I was filled with several emotions, only one emotion topped everything. It is the relief I felt, I thought I would never live to see another day.

It was Aiden who saved me from those wolves and I can go home. He shifted back to his wolf form and turned back to go where I didn’t know. I launched myself to him as I cried into his fur, his warmth comforting me. I felt safe.

I was lost in my memory when someone cleared his throat.

“Are you okay?” Aiden asked with concern etching his voice.

“Yes, continue to please,” I nod once and got ready to listen to the rest of the story.

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