A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 25



Anna was listening carefully to our story and when I told her about the incident in that forest, she looked distant and thoughtful. It made me worry for a bit, she lost her memory and I was not sure how she was taking it all in at once.

“Are you okay?” I asked her, she nodded once “Yes, continue please.”

I sighed and I continued to tell her the rest of our story, the worst is yet to come and I didn’t know how she would react.


We left the forest together and took them to their small apartment. It was almost midnight and to our luck, no one was out now.

Us being werewolves, we always kept a pair of clothes and a first aid kit in the car which came in handy. We had stopped the bleeding in Anna’s leg and Barbara is shaken. I carried Anna, while Nicholas brought Barbara. Saxon went to get some antibiotics, pain medication and food.

Their apartment is very small, with only two beds a couch, an open kitchen and a small bathroom. I placed Anna gently on the bed looking at the bite wound. It was only a flesh wound, though it will make a scar it’s nothing serious.

Nicholas wandered off to their kitchen as I cleaned Anna’s leg once again with a rag and bandaged it using gauze. Nicholas has returned with two mugs of hot chocolate, “Here, take it. It will calm down your nerves,” he says giving a cup to Anna and Barbara.

Anna looked weary and I could see she is in pain, but Barbara was the worse. She almost got raped today and what she witnessed did not help either. Nicholas tried to comfort Barbara while I tended to Anna. Saxon soon returned with food and medicines.

We decided to stay with them for the night and we could hear Barbara’s hiccup the entire night, the poor thing did not sleep for a second that night.

Next morning was not better either; Barbara has fallen asleep sometime during the early hours of the morning. They both worked in different places and we called their bosses to let them know they were sick.

We took care of them the entire day; they did not have TV or music. So, we spend the rest of the day just talking to them about everything. Anna had asked me so many questions and I answered patiently.

Our relationship has gotten better after that and one lucky day I asked her out to which she said yes. That was the best day of my life.

The more I got to know her, the more I was falling for her. Tanya did not return to the university after that incident and my mom grudgingly informed me that she got transferred to the university of Portland.

Though I already forgive my mom, she has not returned to her old self. And I did not care about it as I had Anna, who kept me busy. Apart from the pack, we did run a business in Portland. After graduation, I have decided to employ Anna and Barbara thereby releasing my mom from all the tension and give her the much-needed rest.

Maybe she could visit her old friends or go to places she wanted to. No matter what she did, I couldn’t blame my mom for it. I loved her and admired her courage. Though I did not agree with her, I always wanted the best for her and did not want to hurt her in any way.

Getting her blessing to mate with Anna will be a trouble. However, once she gets to know Anna she will accept her as my mate.

Who could resist Anna anyway?

It was time for our graduation and I was excited. I have visited Portland in between and have informed the pack about my mating with Anna.

At first, mom opposed and when I said the council approves, she kept her mouth shut. I have also banned Tanya from being anywhere near my home.

Though the pack did not agree with my mating did not oppose it. It will take some for them to adjust and I hoped they would warm up to Anna soon. Anna did not know everything about the pack politics and I did not want to frighten her by telling it all.

Our relationship is going steady and strong. We sneaked few kisses here and there, but I did not push her for more as I wanted it to be special for both of us.

After our graduation day, we bid our goodbyes to Saxon and headed home to start a new life. Both Anna and Barbara were excited at the new opportunity. The ride towards home was fun. However, I was getting anxious at the thought of our pack’s reaction towards her.

When we reached home, we were given a warm welcome by Grace. Grace is Tanya’s mother and is mated to our head warrior. Grace is a kind woman with blonde hair and pale blue eyes. They stayed near our home and Grace visited us often. She also assisted mom in pack management and business.

I wondered how Tanya has never got any of the qualities this woman possessed. It was Nicholas’s mother, who was supposed to assist my mom, but her being an Omega mom dislikes her and Leila loved being a homemaker.

My father’s third in command Lance was killed along with him. He was not mated and therefore did not have any children.

With Nicholas around, I did not find any need for a third in command. However, formally it is expected of an Alpha to have a third in command, so we have decided to hold a competition for all warrior males and the winner will be chosen as my third in command.

My mother was nowhere to be seen and I let it slide for that moment. Grace led the girls inside and shown them to their separate rooms. She has allotted the room next to mine for Anna and I was secretly glad for that.

Once the girls were settled, I went to meet my mom who as I have expected was in the office.

“Why have you not come to meet my mate?” I ask tiredly and I seriously did not want to pick a fight with her over this.

“Well, as you can see I am working,” she replied without looking up from the computer.

“You do work a lot of mom. Don’t worry, I will soon change that,” I tell her and left the office without waiting for her reply.

Mom was already at the dinner table when I brought Anna and Barbara for dinner. She glanced up at both the girls with distaste but did not say anything as she ate her food quietly.

“Mom, this is Anna my mate and that one is Barbara,” I said through my clenched jaw, I did not like my mom’s behavior in the least.

She did not look up to acknowledge the girls again and Anna fidgeted nervously beside me.

“Anna honey, there you are...” A cheerful voice broke the tension in the air. It was Grace.

“Sit down please, I have made spaghetti and meatballs for you all,” she chirped as she placed the dishes on the table. I nod and we sat down to eat our dinner.

Grace served the food and talked to the girls about their education and background excitedly. She did not question me about banning Tanya from my home or did not even behave as if she is shocked.


With my mate being so close, I and my wolf were excited. Though mom did not approve our mating, she will come around in time. We have arranged for a pack meeting on Sunday to introduce Anna and after that, I will announce my mom’s retirement.

She is always working and maybe it is the stress that had changed her into a cold woman she was now.

I remembered my childhood very well. My mom used to laugh a lot and she used to be carefree. We play and does everything together, all of it changes after my father’s death and I felt her slipping away from me very slowly.

Deep down inside she loves me dearly, but she wanted everyone to follow her orders without fail. Anna liked being here and first few days were mostly me showing her and Barbara around. I took them shopping and bought Anna few new pairs of clothings. I offered to pay for Barbara too, but she denied politely.

The arrangements for pack meeting were going on and Nicholas worked around the clock to make sure everything is perfect. Grace has volunteered to take care of the catering and I am glad she did.

My mom said nothing about the pack meeting as she mostly sulked in the office. It’s been four days and still, she had not said a single word to Anna.

Soon it was Sunday and we got ready for the day. Anna wore a maroon color formal dress with a high neckline which beautifully contrasted against her smooth skin. Her hair was combed and left in its natural waves and her brown eyes shone with joy.

I am officially introducing her as my mate which is more like a human engagement. I have already bought a ring and can’t wait to propose her. Only Nicholas and I knew about this.

Nicholas accompanied Barbara who wore a black slack with a button-down shirt which gave her an executive look. The pack has gathered together in the backyard, Anna took my hand as I led her towards our back porch.

The crowd quieted upon our arrival and Anna clutched my hand tighter at the sight of so many people together. My pack had over five hundred members and most of them were present here.

Few worked away from Portland did not attend the gathering, instead, have sent their wishes via mail. I stood there overlooking the crowd and Nicholas stood close beside me.

“A very Good Evening to you all,” I clear my throat as I started speaking in my Alpha voice.

“As you know very well, we are gathered here to meet your new Luna and my mate Anna Carter,” I introduce her and to my great surprise, loud cheers broke through the crowd as they clapped loudly, welcoming their new Luna.

“Thank you,” I reply cheerfully. I was really worried about their reaction to Anna as she was a human.

“My mother and your former Luna has done so much to this pack and sacrificed everything for the welfare of us. Thank you, Mom.” I tell her and she nods.

“I have decided to take over the family and pack business from now on. Anna and her Barbara are very skilled and they will assist me with the rest,” I finished to another round of applause.

The after party was in full swing and we spoke with almost all of them who wanted to congratulate us personally. My mother has retired earlier and I did not bother much. At least she behaved well in front of the pack.

Grace was cheerful as usual as she danced with her mate Caleb. “It is ready, bring her in.” Nicholas’ voice interrupted my thinking and I smiled warmly looking at Anna.

“Anna, I think we should head back inside. You know getting out from all this chaos,” I tell her and she readily agrees, I could tell she was relieved to be inside. We went inside and I led her towards the roof.

“Where are, you taking me Aiden?” She asks tiredly.

“Well it is a full moon today and I just want to spend some time with you,” I reply and she keeps quiet.

I take a deep breath as I opened the door and she gasped as she took in the setting. The entire roof was decorated with flowers and scented candles.

The moonlight illuminated the entire setting making it more beautiful.

“Nicholas now,” I whispered through our mind link and Anna watched wide-eyed as the sky was lit up with fireworks and then came the balloons which held the words, “Marry Me.”

She caught one of the balloons reading it in the candlelight.

I got down to one knee and waited patiently for her to turn. When she did turn, her eyes held unshed tears and so much love.

“Anna, I know I have been a complete jerk to you in the beginning. I am glad you even gave me a chance to be your boyfriend. Now, will you honor me by becoming my wife?” I asked and looked at her expectantly.

Her silence had me worried. What if she said no?

I was getting tensed when a wide grin lit her face and she whispered, “Yes.”

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