A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 26

“The worst pain in the world goes beyond the physical. Even further beyond any other emotional pain, one can feel. It is the betrayal of a friend”

-Zac Brewer


Anna said ‘yes’, the wolf within me growled with pleasure and joy.

She looked so beautiful today; I learned in capturing her baby soft lips gently. The kiss was gentle in the beginning, I was lost in the feel of her lips and how she good her body felt against mine.

She fits so perfectly, a slight nibble on my lower lip send my wolf on overdrive and pushed me to take it further; giving in I opened my mouth thereby deepening the kiss, a low moan drove my body into the auto pilot mode and I pushed her flush against my body.

Anna broke the kiss first, breathing in few gulps of air as she smiled shyly at me. Her lips were swollen and her deep blush only turned me on more.

Picking her up in bridal style, I carried her towards my bedroom without breaking eye contact. The night was perfect and the light hint of her desire drove me crazy.

Anna blushed more as I dropped her on the bed and turned to close the door. She was nervous, and then her fluttering heart told me she wanted this as much as I did.

Pulling her in for another kiss which she returned immediately, I let my hands roam freely across her body feeling every curve.

She gasped when I squeezed her firm behind, peppering kisses across her jawline I sucked and nibbled her neck where I would love to mark her as mine. I must be more careful, so I don’t mark her accidentally there by putting her life in danger.

Marking a mate involved puncturing the main blood vein in the neck and releasing a hormone into her bloodstream. It would blend with her blood and gives her my scent bonding our souls together.

With Anna being human, I cannot risk marking her today. No one knew what happens when a wolf marked a human. Humans did not heal like werewolves and if she bleeds out, it could be dangerous to her.

“What is it?” Anna asks softly as she sensed the change in my mood.

“It’s just that, I thought about marking you,” I reply and she nods understandingly, we had talked about it earlier.

“It’s okay, I am a human. It doesn’t matter if you mark me or not. This ring is my mark,” she whispers and I beamed at her answer pulling her close.

It was so different and being with her made me feel things which I had never felt with others, it felt like a right thing to do.

Standing up from the bed, I slowly started stripping giving her a view of my sculpted body. The wolf within growled appreciatively as our mate’s eyes wandered across our body greedily.

She blushed and turned away when I stripped off my boxers. A teasing smile found its way to my lips as I inhaled her scent and need.

Tracing her skin with my fingertips, I undid the zipper revealing more of her flawless smooth skin. She did not oppose when I removed her dress leaving her clad only in her inner wears.

She wore plain cotton under-wears and yet looked so sexy. I traced her luscious curves with my lips and her little moans encouraging my inner wolf.

I made love to her for the first time that night and it was the best day of my life I could remember.

Everything felt so perfect, her moans and my name against her lips when she came; the way she threw her head back arching her hip towards me, which was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed.

It was worth the wait and my wolf did the right thing by not allowing me to have it with any other women. Here, the one in front of me is the one for me.

Mine forever.

We were so happy and everything was going smooth. My mom still stayed away from Anna and did not get involved in any of the pack activities.

I have even arranged counseling for my mom, so she could overcome her depression and try to live a normal life like us. Losing a mate is tough and I am glad she was there for me when I needed her the most.

Now it’s time for me to be there for her.

Our business was profiting well, Anna and Barbara were very efficient and they had excellent administrative skills.

One of our new business deals required me to travel to New York. Though I did not want to go, I had no option as this deal was very important for us. With this, we will be able to hire more staff and expand our business domain.

Few of our pack members still struggled without good jobs, though we provided them a monthly fund to take care of their basic requirements it was not enough. Once this deal is signed we will be able to provide most of them with well-paid jobs or could even increase their stipend.

In ancient days, the werewolf packs lived deep in the forests. The Alpha with the help of his well-trained warrior’s hunts and feeds his pack. The werewolf packs tend to attack other packs to expand their domain thereby achieving more space to hunt.

Years passed on and the human population started evolving, though they stayed out of werewolf business, deforestation and other developments drove the werewolves deep into the forest and their prey became scarce forcing them to evolve along with humans.

The packs fought among themselves to secure their food sources which only lead to their downfall. The packs were equally strong and none of them won.

After fighting continuously for a year, few Alphas formed alliances and formed a council to unite all the packs under them. They agreed to share their hunting and had to move often as their prey animals got scarce leaving them without food for weeks.

The women were affected the most and the number of werewolf children born has reduced a lot.

The council decided that the only way they can survive now is to evolve like humans did. They did watch them from far.

Then around three centuries ago, with the help of few humans they were civilized and started living among humans, working and following their lifestyle.

The women mostly stayed home while men took odd jobs. With proper education and knowledge, their ancestors started a family business before a century.

The Alphas did not like the idea of being ordered around by the humans and they decided to start their own business employing their own pack members.

The idea worked well for every pack and now after a century every werewolf pack had their own business; they always employed their own pack members and so on.

With the increase in human population finding a job outside is difficult and if a werewolf member is interested they could pursue their dreams.

Many werewolves worked in the police department, in hospitals as such.

They have got a proposal from a well know company in New York and it is something Aiden did not want to lose, he did not want to leave Anna here but again he had no other option.

Anna had to be in Portland to manage the business. With Nicholas being my business development head, I had to take him with me too. The idea of leaving Anna without any protection did not sit well with me.

Well, the pack warriors were there. However, my wolf did not want to be away from her.

The trip was initially planned for two weeks, later it was extended to another week due to some issue within their company.

Though we spoke every day, my wolf was getting restless being away from her.

Luckily for us, the deal got signed earlier and finally, I get to go home to my mate. We boarded the flight two days before our original schedule and I dreamt throughout my trip how my mate would react to see me earlier.

I smiled internally thinking about her surprised expression, maybe few happy tears.

Only Grace was informed about our arrival earlier, on reaching home I picked the flowers from Grace who pointed me towards my bedroom indicating Anna is inside.

I was grinning like a madman as I climbed the stairs to my bedroom. Opening the room, I came to a halt and my blood froze as I watched a naked butt racing towards the window and jumped out gracefully.

The scent of sex hung thick in the air and a rage I have not known like any other burned my insides. I knew that wolf; he is one of the unwanted wolves in the pack who is also the man-whore of the pack.

Their scents were mixed.

The sound of water hitting the floor could be heard from the bathroom and I watched the crumpled bed sheets which were filled with the fucking wolf’s semen. All I wanted to do was to follow that wolf and rip his head off, and then I had to confront Anna.

Her betrayal hurt deep, I did not expect to see this when I come home after so long. I never thought Anna was even capable of doing things like that.

Was I not good for her? I did make love to her every day, gave her orgasms. She said she loved me then why? Couldn’t she control her sexual urge for few weeks?

Several questions bombarded my brain as my heart ached and my wolf howled sadly within my mind.

I held the roses so tight and did not even mind as the thorn pricked into my skin drawing blood. A stray tear left my eyes and rolled down my cheeks as I waited there for her to come out.

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