A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 29


“Thick blonde hair, mocking green eyes, tall frame with broad shoulders and he looks like an executive,” I describe his features and Barbara nods confirming it.

Shit… I was in danger long before Aiden reappeared in my life. Why didn’t Liam kill me right away? I frowned at the thought.

“Why didn’t he kill me right away?” I voiced out my thought.

“I am not sure Anna, maybe it is your turn to explain what you remember about that day and how you arrived here,” Barbara says tiredly.

“I have no idea Barbara; I was shot and bleeding in the middle of a dark forest when I woke up.” I narrated what happened when I woke up and how I ended up here. My body shuddered when I thought about that sinister howl of the wolf.

The entire room was silent when I finished, tears were rolling down my cheeks without any control. All I have known and experienced is pain from the moment I wake up in that dark forest. It hurts to this day to just think about it.

“Someone tried to kill you then and now they have followed you here,” Abigail quoted as she paced the room.

“Definitely it is the work of someone from your pack Nicholas. They tried to set her up first and then kill her,” She shouted with angry tears and she was shaking badly.

Everyone was in shock and Aiden’s face paled like that of a ghost.

“This is fucked up than I thought; you were right when you decided to leave Clara,” Abigail stated holding my hands.

“Do you remember anything else? Any trigger, even if it is a small bit?” She asked desperately.

“Just a face Abi, devilish and more sinister, her cruel laugh is still ringing in my ears,” I reply as I thought about that flash of a memory, I traced my bullet wound over my shirt.

“We do know that local cop is involved, though I don’t know his name I can identify him if I see his picture.” Barbara declared, her face beaming with hope.

“No, Barbara. The one you are talking about is William and he is dead,” Aiden spoke after a long pause.

“He is the only cop from our pack. Thinking about it after Anna’s disappearance few wolves disappeared too, the one with her in the photos, the cop, and few others,” Aiden continued.

“We know the cop was dead and we believed that the other wolf ran away with… um… the other wolves requested permission to move out to some other city as they got a job. And as for the wolf that was in the dungeons, he is dead as well.” Aiden says hopelessly.

“When we went back after a day to inquire him again, we found him dead inside the cell,” Nicholas added.

Every clue they got is a dead end. The only woman who doesn’t like me was Aiden’s mother. Is she capable of doing such a thing?

My headache is back as I thought about everything.

Wendy led us all to the dining table for a simple dinner. My head still hurts and I tried to focus on my soup when I heard the screeching tires outside the home.

The guys at the table tensed and Aiden rushed towards the door along with Saxon while others stayed with me.

Arguments could be heard from the other side of the room and it was a woman. I frowned as I followed the noise to the living room.

A woman with raven hair stood in the middle of the room, Aiden was saying something angrily which was not audible to my human ears.

Her nose twitched as she glanced towards my direction angrily.

“I knew it; this is why you came here. You came here for this bitch who betrayed you over and over with other men,” she growled and tried to pounce but Aiden stopped her.

“Mom, mind your words. It is my mate you are talking about,” he boomed but the woman did not even flinch.

So, this is the woman who hated me. I did not recognize her features, nothing about her seemed familiar. No triggers or flashes of memory on seeing her.

“You…” she pointed at me, “You ruined my son’s life. Do you have any idea how he went through because of you?” She sneered at me.

“He did not eat, did not sleep for years, he punched the bags until he passed out of exhaustion for days. Do you even understand how much I was hurt to see my son like this?” She shouted as Aiden tried to comfort her.

Few angry tears escaped her eyes as I stood watching her without showing my emotions.

“First I lost my mate and I almost lost him because of you. Why don’t you get lost in his life and let him live?” She yelled again and pounced on me.

I did not flinch as she charged towards me and before she could even get anywhere near me she was thrown across the room forcefully.

Her back hit the coffee table at the center of the living room as she crashed the ground painfully.

A threating loud snarl tore through the room as I watched Ben standing in front of me, half shifted. His body was half human and half wolf, Fur covered his torso and his trousers were torn showing his toned muscles.

He stood four feet tall with sharp claws extending from his fingers. I have never seen Ben this angry before.

Aiden’s mom watched in horror as Ben stood protectively in front of me. Aiden stood motionless as he gaped at Ben.

“First you stole my son from me and now you unleash this dog who is threatening to kill me,” She states in an unbelievable tone.

“Aiden, you come with me right now. I won’t put up with her for another minute. Decide you need your mother or that bitch who betrayed you,” She yelled and I lost it.

“Take him with you for all I care,” I shout and she turns towards me with a death glare.

“Anna,” Aiden whispers in shock.

“What?” My voice came out harsher than I intended to.

“Getting involved with you is the worst thing I have ever done and I have suffered the consequences,” I continue in the same harsh tone.

Thinking about it, I don’t need Aiden or any other men for that matter to live on. I survived for past six years; Ben is all that mattered to me the most.

“Anna, I love you.” Aiden states desperately and for the first time, I don’t feel any remorse for my actions.

“I don’t love you Aiden, if I had before I don’t remember,” I reply.

“See, she said it herself. Now leave the boy. She doesn’t deserve you,” his mom spat as she tried to drag him outside.

“You are right; I do not deserve to be treated how I was treated. And I did not deserve this,” I tore my shirt and displayed my scars, the one which reminded me of that night and told me that I am a survivor.

Everyone around the room gasped, I did not flinch as I stood there clad only in my bra and pants. The women who were silent all this time rushed towards me, they had seen my scars before and only now they knew it was not from an accident.

“I died that night; I am not your mate Aiden. My name is Clara Miller and I am the mother of Ben Miller,” I declare without any emotion.

“What you see now is only a face which resembles your mate who left you,” I turn to leave and Aiden rush to my side taking my hands in his.

“Please Anna doesn’t do this, forgive me for what I did. I cannot imagine a life without you. Please think at least for the sake of our son,” he pleads.

“Ben has me, his mother. There is no use in this Aiden, there never was.” I say prying my hands from him.

A small part of me felt bad on seeing his tears. But Ben’s safety matters the most.

“Someone tried to kill me and my son, just because I was involved with you. I cannot afford to make the same mistake again,” I say pushing him back.

“Please Anna, I will keep you safe. I will protect you both and we will find whoever it is,” he pleads again.

“You failed last time and I don’t trust you enough after what you did to me,” I go upstairs with the women and Ben following me behind.

I heard him sob behind me but I did not turn as I continued to my room.

Pulling on one of Wendy’s loose fitting t-shirt from the closet; I plopped down on the bed tiredly.

My chest clenched tightly making it harder for me to breathe; the pain I felt was too much.

Though I was fine when I took the past events, it all came crashing down one by one.

Aiden entered my life and made me believe I finally had a chance with him; a chance to have a family, a chance for happiness.

I felt like I was played, Ben curled around me holding me close like he always does when my mind is in turmoil. He has seen my scars before, only now he knew the reason behind it.

Abigail, Barbara, Hayley and Daniela sat quietly. I felt a warm hand brushing the strands of hair from my face; I sigh and leaned into the touch as it continued to comb my hair.

“He is not worth it,” I whisper opening my eyes and see the concerned Abigail. Others sat as if they couldn’t decide anything.

“I know,” Abigail whispered.

“Someone is trying to kill me and the baby, the only reason is that I was dating Aiden. I almost died that night, I don’t know how I survived and most of all Aiden is not worth fighting,” I sniffle.

“He should have approached me sooner, that’s what mates do right?” I question no one.

“He had no right to treat me like that and not to mention he forced himself on me. I thought he really missed me for him to behave without controlling me like that,” I say and get stunned as a flash of memory hit me.

“It hurts to know I was being used and I did not know I was being foolish.” I sobbed uncontrollably at the memory.

“Why Abi? Why me? Do I not deserve a decent life?” I cry and Ben tightens his hold on me.

“I am sorry Ben, I cannot forgive your father for what he has done,” I apologize and why I don’t know. Maybe it’s because Ben will never have a father figure in his life.

“I can live without a father Mommy,” his baby voice whisper “I cannot live without you though,” his voice cracks which made me cry harder.

This was enough, I thought. I do not need anyone else in my life. I have Ben and he has me, only if I could find whoever was behind my so-called accident I can be free of my past forever.

“Do you know Hayley, how hard it was for me when Ben cried all the time because he was hungry,” fresh tears started falling freely as I recalled my struggles to live.

“He was barely a month old, he cried all night because I did not have milk. You are a mother of two; tell me how would you feel?” I ask her and she sobs at my question.

“I was there Hayley; I lived through it all. My baby was slowly dying in front of me without milk. It was raining and I couldn’t keep him warm enough,” I hiccupped as I cried harder.

“I decided to leave him in some orphanage so he would live, he would be fed,” I tell them as I combed my son’s hair. Ben was crying harder, he could feel the pain I am in now.

“When I woke up in that forest, I was so scared. I couldn’t remember anything. Think how it feels you wake up from your coma and doctor says that you are pregnant,” I snort.

“Ben means the world to me; he is all I have known. I was sure I wouldn’t have conceived him through a one night stand. I might have lost my memory, but it does not mean I don’t have any morals,” I concluded.

“We won’t judge you for what you did Clara, you did what you did to survive and you are a survivor that is all it matters,” Daniela says softly.

“I don’t want to comment on anything about Aiden or you now. It’s between you and him, but no matter what don’t ever think you are alone in this. You have us now okay,” Hayley sniffles and rub her nose in her sleeves.

“I feel like an outsider now,” Barbara chuckles.

“Anna, you were always strong. I have always been with you and will always be with you,” Barbara says squeezing my hand.

I nod and took in all the comfort I could receive. I may be strong but I do need someone to lean on during hard times and I was glad I had these girls who seem to understand my pain to an extent.

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