A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 30


She rejected us; my heart felt like it was split into two. An unbearable pain shot through my heart making me and my wolf whimper.

My mom stood stunned behind me as she took it all in. She did not say anything as I knelt on the floor sobbing. I felt vulnerable and it is not in the history of Alphas to show such weakness in front of other Alphas, but I did not care.

All that ever mattered to me was my mate and a son whom I did not even know existed until a few weeks ago,

I deserved it, I half expected her to forgive me. My wolf howled in sadness, I sobbed and looked at the closed door expecting her to come out. Will she ever give me a chance to prove myself?

I should have confronted her when I first met her, I put it off thinking I was only helping her by not bringing up her past, in my defense she cheated. All the evidence stated that she cheated on me.

There is no point in crying now, I should have trusted her. I did not even give her a benefit of doubt and easily slammed the claims on her.

Her once flawless skin was now marred with scars, the scars she received because she chose to be with me. It was my entire mistake, I felt ashamed. I didn’t protect her or our son when she needed us the most.

It was a miracle she survived that night or the nights which followed. She had always been living with a danger that lurked around.

Her sobs shook my entire being as I stood helplessly at the end of the stairs watching. There is no point in going inside. Being a werewolf, I heard everything she said and it broke my heart to know how much she had suffered due to my negligence.

Whoever did that to her, I will find them and when I do they I will make them regret, I thought as a new-found determination and rage coursed through my body. I will prove to Anna that I can protect her and I will wait for her to accept me again, no matter how long it takes.

“Where is Tanya?” My mom asked before I could open my mouth. I looked at her to see she had the same determination on her face.

“Locked in our dungeons,” Gabriel replied.

“Take us to her; we have a job to do. They dare try to kill my grandson, they will pay for it,” her eyes glint with rage as she growled the last part.

Leaving Saxon and Nicholas to stay there, we headed towards Gabriel’s home. Two guards who accompanied mom stood outside Wendy’s.


Finally, I had a lead on Barbara again. I followed her from the mansion she stayed and got irritated as she always moved through the crowd, there is not a single chance in abducting her now.

She entered the railway station and with me following close behind. I scented few other wolves at the entrance and mingled with the crowd to avoid them.

When I saw her again she was holding the hands of Clara and crying. I knew it, I do a mental fist pump as I saw them together.

Soon they were surrounded by two more wolves and they left the railway station. They arrived at Wendy’s house and I watched from distance, being a werewolf had its perks. Though it was barely audible from the distance I was in, I could hear it all well.

Every puzzle piece fell perfectly into place as the story unfolded, now I knew why the bossy bitch couldn’t do everything herself. She cannot afford to get caught.

The three Alpha wolves have left the home; the home was guarded only by four male wolves. Taking them down and abducting Barbara won’t be tough. Again, there were two Alphas inside. One was Gabriel and other the little boy who looked more dangerous for his size.

Retreating slowly from my hiding spot, I dialed the bitch.

“Hello Grace,” I smirk as her annoyed tone came online.

“You dare say my name boy? I am an Alpha…” She shrieks and I laugh maniacally.

“Well, you won’t be for long if what I think is going to happen,” I continue to laugh irking her more.

“Quiet boy, if needed I will finish you without another thought,” She threatens with a growl and I was not bothered for a bit.

“Hmm… Like Anna, you say,” I smirk again as she gasped.

“Where is Barbara?” She enquires urgently.

“Safe with Aiden, I guess. Oh! Did I ever tell you that Aiden has your precious Tanya in his custody?” I spat and disconnected the call as I whistled the rest of the way towards my building.

I did not know who Tanya was, but by the looks of it, she must have been her accomplice and someone very important at that.

With what she heard, she would be here soon and I will have her where I wanted for once. No one disrespects me and gets away with that, time to get even Grace I thought as I dialed the next number.


When we reached the basement, Tanya was laying on the cot. Her bloodied face was a mess and Nick smirked on seeing her.

She scrambled backward cowering in one corner of the small cell.

“Tanya,” my mother sneered. Though I couldn’t understand this sudden change in her, I was glad for her support.

“First you tried to kill my son by poisoning him, now I learn about something which was plotted right under my nose,” she drawls dangerously.

“Tell me who planned all this? I know you are not capable of planning it alone. Who tried to kill Anna?” She asked in calm yet dangerous tone.

“I don’t know what you are talking about Aunt Caroline; I will never do such a thing.” Tanya whimpered her voice hoarse.

“Why would I believe you? After all, you tried to poison my son,” my mother asks as she took a step towards her.

“Please trust me; I did not know it will poison him. I wanted Aiden desperately. When I heard about the black market, I visited the place and a guy sold me this drug told me that it will create a hallucination. I injected the drug and tried to seduce Aiden, I tried to get him mark me so he would forget Anna and will be with me forever,” Tanya blurted quickly and hung her head low as she cried.

“She is telling the truth,” Nicholas whispered.

“Do you know or heard anything else Tanya? If you help me find this person, I might think about getting you out of here,” my mom laid out a proposal for her.

“Will you do that?” Tanya asked with wide eyes and my mother nodded.

“I don’t know full details. I just know that the wolf who planted the evidence was on Alpha command,” Tanya says in a low voice.

“Alpha Command?!!” I asked surprised, there is only one Alpha in our pack apart from me and that was my mom.

My mom, on the other hand, looked surprised. “Are you sure?” She asked Tanya again.

“Yes,” Tanya nodded.

“Grace,” my mom whispered as she frowned.

“Grace!” Mom but she is mated to the head warrior, how could she be an Alpha.

“Aiden, Grace is the first-born daughter of an Alpha who was mated to our head warrior. She had fit perfectly with our pack and it was hard to tell if she is one as she had a perfect control over her wolf. I felt her dominance sometimes and when confronted her one day about it she told me about her parentage,” My mom explained.

“That was the reason; I wanted you to choose Tanya as your mate. That way our bloodline will be stronger. If some can command our pack wolf, then it must be her. Being mated to the head warrior she has power over the low-rank wolves, it won’t work on us as her wolf had accepted us as her Alpha,” she added and I understood what she said.

“Mom, she was so sweet and caring. She loved Anna,” I whispered unable to believe it was her all this time.

“That’s why it is called betrayal, isn’t it?” My mom smiled as she patted my back.

“Wait, where are you going? You said you will get me out of her...” Tanya shouted behind us as we closed the door.

“I told that, didn’t I?” My mom grinned wickedly. “I will get you out when I leave this place. But you are going straight back to my dungeons. I think this place is more of a comfort to you,” she sneered leaving a hysterical Tanya behind.

We were on the way back to Wendy’s, Gabriel drove the car and I sat with mom in the back seat.

My mind was in turmoil, the ache I felt in my heart only grew with every passing moment. I couldn’t let Ben hate me, my own flesh and blood.

Though it was only a short time I had with him, I loved him to the core and would do anything for him. And as for Anna, I did the most unforgiving offense against her.

As a mate, I should have trusted her more. One mistake one minute of not being in control, my once happy life took a nose dive to the downhill.

Our relationship should have been stronger being a werewolf, but I behaved worse than a human. I rubbed the skin over my heart to sooth the ache.

When I couldn’t forgive myself for what I did, how can I expect Anna to do the same? She was on the receiving end all this time and now it is my turn.

Because of my mistake, Benjamin had grown up without a father and Anna struggled on the streets barely living. While I had all the luxury, Anna took odd jobs eating whatever she got and surviving to birth our son.

My son was hungry when I was eating a gourmet food. How can I forgive myself for knowing all this?

Though I searched for her, it was only to have my revenge and all that time she was running from an unknown enemy to keep our son alive.

My mom squeezed my hand feeling my pain. “Don’t beat yourself on this Aiden, we are all guilty in this,” she said softly.

“I should have tried to understand and behaved more matured. Instead, I believed what I saw and did not bother to look deep,” she said.

“I hated her for being a human and there is no forgiving for what I did,” she said with tears and my heart ached more.

The last time I saw her in tears was when my father fought the rogues and while he laid there taking his last breath. She never cried after that. I did not know how to console her; I myself did not know how to solve this situation.

“We all do mistakes,” Gabriel who was silently listening to our conversation piped in. “We all tend to hurt the ones who are close to our hearts,” he said as if he had experienced it in the first place.

“Accepting your mistakes is the hardest task, now that you have done it. You should wait patiently for Anna to come around,” he added and I nodded in reply.

“Anna has gone through a lot and her scars are deep. Don’t give up Aiden, I am sure one day she will be able to see past your mistakes and love you back. Though you must work hard to earn her trust,” he said and I couldn’t disagree with that.

“Thank you. I really needed that, I will go to any extent to win her trust back,” I say with a new hope.

It might even take years to do that, but I won’t give up on you Anna. I will be always there for you and our son, I thought with a determination.

We were quiet until we reached Wendy’s. Anna was still in the room with Ben and the girls. Wendy and Jones had already retired to bed.

Nicholas lay on the sofa and Saxon sat on the other end watching TV. You never get to see a beta so relaxed in front of an Alpha, only in our pack. I smiled seeing them; Nicholas waved at me and got up looking at me expectantly.

They were shocked when I informed them what happened. “Grace,” Nicholas whispered as his neutral expression turned into rage.

“All this time, she pretended as if she was kind and caring. I can’t believe she did that. Dang it,” he said kicking the sofa.

“Calm down Nicholas and that is not our sofa, to begin with,” I sigh tiredly and plopped on it.

“Yeah, you are right,” he said plopping next to me. Saxon was equally angry and looked like he was thinking deeply.

“Nicholas,” mom called softly and Nicholas watched her with wide eyes. I was shocked too, mom never spoke to him kindly.

“Ah…umm…. Yes, Luna Caroline,” he stood up giving her a courteous bow.

“I am sorry,” she whispered. Nicholas looked like he will have a heart attack as he looked at me and mom with an unbelievable expression.

Something has changed inside mom after meeting Ben and Anna. Though I felt it I couldn’t exactly say what it was.

“All this time I was angry and treated you so badly,” she continued and stopped Nicholas when he tried to speak something.

“Your father was supposed to die that day and my mate intervened. I had to watch helplessly as he got torn into pieces. Though your father killed the rogue after that, my anger turned towards him. I felt he was responsible for my mate’s death,” she said in a low voice.

Mom never talked about dad’s death and I felt as if she was trying to get it out of her system.

“I went crazy and a part of me died that day, waking up and not feeling your mate bond was difficult. It drove me crazy and I blamed everyone for it. I mistreated you and Leila. I realize it now and wanted you to know that I am sorry for what I did,” her tears rolled out freely and I never expected her to be this vulnerable on the inside.

She was always strong and ruthless.

“Luna Caroline, please. It hurts to see you cry. You don’t have to apologize for anything,” Nicholas said helplessly as he tried to console her. He was visibly moved and did not expect my mom to apologize in the least.

“It’s Aunt Caroline for you boy, now come here,” she said hugging him. Nicholas who had tears in his eyes hugged her back.

“I do not expect you to forgive me suddenly Nic, but I want you to know that I am sorry for being rude,” she said releasing him from her embrace.

“I was never angry with you or hated you for that matter, Aunt Caroline. I still remember your smile when you catch me stealing your cookie dough and bake those chocolate brownies for me every weekend,” He replied softly and my mom nodded with a small smile before climbing the stairs to Anna’s room.

I clapped Nic’s shoulders in a friendly manner who stood watching the stairs even after she was gone, he was so emotional and I could feel it.

Gabriel and Saxon had wide grins as they sat on the sofa watching us.

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