A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 31

Life is like a hot bath. It feels good while you’re in it, but the longer you stay in, the more wrinkled you get.


I couldn’t sleep a splitting headache I had made it worse. I stopped taking medicines long time ago and now I felt like I need one to sleep.

The girls did not sleep either, they just lay there and was in their own la-la land thinking about God knows what.

I heard a car coming and did not bother to know who it was. If anything, I wanted to escape all this insanity and go somewhere peaceful with Ben. A small cabin facing the beach would be lovely. I loved the ocean and beaches, though I did not get that many chances to be in one in a long time.

The door creaked open informing someone has entered the room; I wished it is not Aiden and did not bother to turn around.

The bed dipped behind me as the person sat and the girls frowned looking at me and sat up. I still did not bother to turn around. I was kind of lost for my own good, I felt numb to feel anything if you ask me.

The numbness I felt all those years was back and I lay there clinging to Ben for sanity.

“Anna,” a soft whisper brought me out of my stupor and I felt soft fingers combing through my hair.

I sighed closing my eyes for a bit, the warmth radiated was like that of Aiden’s. The woman sat quietly for a while as she combed my hair in a comforting manner.

It felt rude not to acknowledge their gesture, I quietly turned around and was shocked to see Aiden’s mom sitting there with tears in her eyes.

Sitting up quickly I watched her curiously, she was so rude earlier and Aiden said she never acknowledged me or talked to me for once.

What is she doing here? And what is with the sudden kindness? I thought as I saw her.

“I met Michael when I was nineteen; it was love at first sight. How could I not love him? He was my mate and we were bound to be together,” her eyes held a distant look as she spoke.

Though confused at first about whom she was talking about, I soon understood that she was talking about Aiden’s father. She looked vulnerable and I felt as if the rudeness and arrogance she always portrayed was just a façade which drove others away from her.

Benjamin stirred in his sleep and moved closer to me. Others girls have silently sat up as well and listened curiously to her story.

“Michael was the most handsome man I have ever met; he had thick light brown and mesmerizing blue eyes. We met in one of the camps for unmated wolves arranged by my father who was an Alpha of Mystic Gloom Pack,” she smiled warmly at the memory.

“He was a kind man and we connected immediately. The day Aiden came into this world was the best day of our life. Aiden was five and I was pregnant for the second time when we were attacked,” her eyes started tearing up.

“We were so surprised by the sudden attack and we lost many before we countered their attack. The rogues managed to infiltrate the pack grounds and was killing men, women and even children they came across,” Caroline sighed and it sends me a shiver just thinking about the scene.

“My mate and his beta rushed outside to fight, Aiden and Nicholas were playing outside. My task is to get them to safety while the men fought them. I just got inside with the children when I felt the agonizing pain in my heart,” Caroline was sobbing and I reached her and held her comfortingly.

“Making sure the children were safe, I ran outside. My mate lay there on the ground, his blood pooled around his body. I was soon knocked down from the side by another rogue and Nic’s father was there on time to save me,” she continued with soft sobs.

“It seemed that the rogues were aiming for Nic’s father and my mate jumped in to rescue him. There were too many and he was attacked from all sides. Though our pack managed to kill the remaining rogues, it was too late for my mate,” her body shook uncontrollably and she hiccupped as she cried harder.

I couldn’t control my tears any longer as I heard her side of the story.

“He lost too much blood; he was almost torn into pieces. He said that I was the best thing that happened to him when he took his last breath. My heart was shredded into pieces as I felt his loss, the bond shattered and all I felt is a pain until I blacked out,” she paused as another wave of sobs raked her body.

“When I woke up in a hospital, I have learned that I have lost my baby too. The trauma was too much and I miscarried. Losing the mate and baby at the same time drove me insane,” her eyes held so much pain that I felt someone was squeezing my heart.

“There was always this void where once I felt him and I desperately tried to reach him again, feel him once more. Sometimes I wake up at night and feel our bond, it was weak but it was there. I feel him calling to me from the other side,” she continued after a while.

“Aiden was my only hope. Again, seeing him reminded me so much of his father and now the pack without his Alpha stood vulnerable to any attacks. I had to harden up for my son and my pack. After mourning for three months, I learned to control my emotions, I felt numb. I did not feel anything except for the love I had for Aiden,” she paused taking a deep breath.

“I never smiled after that, I held everyone responsible for my loss. I became bitter towards everyone and hell, I myself did not know who I was anymore. I couldn’t cope up with the lost,” she let out a bitter laugh.

“When my son brought you home, I despised you. I thought you are not capable of protecting your pack or your future children if the need arises. I did not want my son to go through what I went through because his mate was weak,” she continued with a sigh.

Now I understood why she hated me. I felt bad for her loss and on the other hand, admired her for being so strong. She was broken inside still she put up a tough façade and raised her son. I felt a new respect towards her.

“When I saw, another wolf leaving your bedroom at nights the hate I felt for you doubled up. I believed you were cheating on my son and I couldn’t bring myself to tell him as I knew it would break his heart,” she looked at me.

“I did not bother asking you because I hated you already when you left it destroyed Aiden. Watching him wither in front my eyes, my hate for you grew more and I couldn’t get him to forget you or choose another one. What angered me was he still loved you even after all that you put him through, he was ready to forgive your mistakes and take you back in his life,” she was now pacing the floor.

“Benjamin is the exact replica of Aiden,” she said warmly looking at his sleeping form.

“Seeing your scars proved me wrong. You were stronger than I thought and you kept my grandson safe all this time. Now I know that you were innocent and my own pack member has betrayed us,” she added.

“I have fuelled the hatred that consumed me, I was miserable and I now realize how I treated others around me. Everyone commits mistakes, Anna, I don’t support what Aiden did to you. But I feel responsible for what he did; I could have helped you or him for that matter. I should have been there for both of you, I let the anger and hatred cloud my judgment,” she said holding my hands.

“I don’t want you to do the same mistake, Anna. Unlike me, you still have a whole life in front of you. I won’t ask you to forgive him right away, but please give him a chance. Everyone deserves a second chance, Anna. Forgive me for how I treated you, that’s all I could ask,” she said sincerely and I was touched by her plea.

“I forgive you Caroline; At least you did not stab me from behind.” I laughed bitterly; the woman in front of me did nothing to me. With what others said though she hated me she never once hurt me with her words or actions. She stayed away from me.

“Who betrayed us? Did you find who tried to kill me?” I ask remembering her mention of a pack member betrayal.

She nodded, “It was Tanya’s mother, Grace.”

My eyes widened in shock. Aiden said Grace was kind and nice towards me and Barbara.

“Grace,” Barbara exclaimed loudly. “I cannot believe she would do such a thing,” she whispered softly.

“You would have believed if I said I did it,” Caroline said with a humor that did not reach her eyes.

“Rest for the day Anna, do not fret. I will not let anything harm you or my grandson. I will fight with my claws and fangs to keep you safe,” she said cupping my cheek with one hand and hugged me before leaving the room.

Speaking to her helped to an extent, I lay down again and this time sleep blanketed me and I surrendered myself to its welcoming arms.


We heard everything that was being said inside the room and my eyes teared up hearing my mom’s side of the story.

She never spoke much about my dad’s demise and I never knew what she went through to its full extent.

Knowing what she went through hurt me. Nicholas patted me on the back to comfort me.

I watched as my mom climbed the stairs and her face held a soft expression which I had not seen from my childhood.

“Mom,” I rush to her and engulf her in a tight hug. Words failed me and I just stood there embracing her.

“It’s okay Aiden, I had to do it. And it feels good to let it out my system,” she said pulling me at one arm length and looking at me with so much love.

She was the mom I remembered from my childhood days; the one with the kind smile and so much love.

“I should have listened to that counselor of yours sooner, my bad.” She smiled with a small shrug.

She looked so beautiful when she smiled.

“Good night, Aiden.” She said caressing my cheek before going to find one of the guest rooms to sleep.

I must speak to Anna soon, but not now. I will speak to her once I have Grace and punished her for what she did.

First, I must make sure that Anna and Ben did not have any enemies left.

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