A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 32


We did not sleep that night, instead discussed the situation and sat in the living room watching TV.

It was around three am when I received a call from an unknown number.

The man who spoke said that he knew who tried to kill Anna and who is hunting down Barbara, he requested us to meet us on the outskirts of the town shortly.

I woke up Mom and after discussing the call I, Mom and Gabriel decided to meet this man who spoke to us while Saxon and Nicholas stayed home.

Gabriel’s warriors followed us in a safe distance as we proceeded to meet this anonymous guy.

When we reached the forest tree line, we noticed a man stood there waiting for us. He was six feet tall and wore a long coat. His thick blonder hair was combed neatly and his green eyes narrowed as he looked at us.

“You came,” he drawled as we walk near. “Whoa, three Alphas in one place to meet me, I am not that much popular,” he whistled lowly.

“What is the matter wolf?” I could tell he does not belong to a pack. He is a rogue.

“I have information that you need, Aiden James.” He said quirking his eyebrows.

“Who are you?” I growled.

“My name is Liam, I am known as a Serphant in the supernatural world.” A loud growl tore through the night as Gabriel took a protective stance.

“A Serphant,” I whispered. I knew that name, he was a skilled assassin and most of the supernaturals feared him.

“You were the one who was stalking Anna and you were trying to hunt Barbara,” I yelled as I pinned him against the tree trunk. He did not even flinch at the impact if he was hurt he did not show.

“And I am the one who has the information you needed. You must drop me now and speak more civilly don’t you think?” He countered and I dropped him slowly without breaking my eye contact with him.

“Looking at your reaction, I think you must have figured out who was behind all these,” he said pacing the forest floor in a casual manner.

“When I received an offer from Grace six years ago, I accepted it immediately as the deal was easier. Capture the human and do whatever I want with her, one million for a puny human is a huge some, isn’t it?” He asked as we looked at each other in understanding.

Why is he telling us all this? What is he planning this time? I scanned the area carefully for any threat not letting my guard down.

“Barbara was cleverer than I thought, few times I came this close to her and she always gave me a slip. Living in the most crowded area and always moving through the human crowd she always evaded me, which only thrilled me more.”

“I was following Barbara when I stumbled on your mate and to say the truth I was stunned. I wanted her and tried to woo her, she wouldn’t relent. I liked the challenge she presented, I was too much distracted with Clara that I did not concentrate on my task in hand,” he smirked and I felt a wave of anger washed over me at the mention of my mate’s name.

Then again, I was confused; he did not smell like the wolf that ruined her room. Even Ben said that he did not recognize the scent.

“No, I was not the one who ruined your mate’s room. I don’t force my females. I pursue them, persuade them, once my hunger is sufficed I bid them goodbye. It was the useless creep that I had as my sidekick and he stepped over the boundaries by doing it,” he explained as if he was reading my mind.

“I have him bound for you to have your revenge. I planted him to watch Clara as I was suspicious about Barbara being in the place constantly and when you started visiting her it only increased my suspicion,” he added.

“Grace confronted me last week and you can say that the meeting did not go well. You see I might be an assassin, but I don’t like being treated like a dog. I wanted to take revenge on her after my last encounter. Then I wanted Barbara because she was the only one who gave me a slip when I saw her with Clara in the railway station I followed them and you can say that I heard everything.”

He grinned widely making me angrier. I wanted to punch that smirk out of his face.

“And?” I questioned impatiently.

“Well, I did have a mate once. She was killed in front of me and I became an assassin after her death. When I learned that Clara is your mate and what she had to go through I felt bad. I might be bad, but I have no grudge against you. You still have a chance of with your mate unlike me,” he had unshed tears when he spoke about his dead mate and I believed him now.

“My mate would have wanted me to do this if she was alive,” he sighed. “I have already called Grace, she will be here soon and she is very angry.”

“Why do you think we need our help in getting Grace?” I questioned him.

“Well, all this time she was plotting right under your nose and you doubted your innocent mate, didn’t you?” He asked and I felt ashamed of the fact.

“I know where you are coming from Liam, we need to find out if there is anyone else hiding behind Grace,” my mom said and I nodded.

She has more experience when compared to me. We all listened carefully to Liam’s plan and decided to keep in touch with him before heading to Wendy’s.

It was five in the morning when we came back.

We were hungry and mom volunteered to cook something for us.

We explained everything to Saxon and Nicholas while mom cooked. The delicious smell of Bacon and scrambled eggs filled my senses and my stomach rumbled loudly.

I heard my mom giggle from the kitchen and we all followed the mouth-watering aroma to the kitchen.

My mom has already made a decent amount of Bacons and scrambled eggs. On the other hand, she was whisking some batter for pancakes. She had also heated up some leftovers from the previous night.

We helped ourselves to a plate and sat down to eat when Ben came in, “I smelled Bacon and eggs,” he said and my heart swelled in his cuteness.

“Hey Ben, come here join us,” I called him and patted an empty seat beside me.

He narrowed his eyes at me for a moment before occupying the seat. He was angry at me, I could tell that much.

“Here you take this,” I pushed my plate towards him and he takes it without saying anything.

Mom placed another plate in front of me and I ate watching Ben.

“This is delicious, Grandma. I love Bacon and eggs.” Ben says and my mom smile warmly kissing him on the forehead.

Finishing up his breakfast he took his plate to the sink while I watched him in awe, he was very well behaved and had good manners.

“Grandma,” he tugged at mom’s hand and she kneeled so she is at his eye level.

“Sorry, I was angry at you earlier. Will you forgive me?” he asked softly and she kissed him repeatedly with fresh tears rolling down her cheeks.

“You did not do anything wrong, Ben. And calling me Grandma is more than enough,” she said emotionally.

He nodded with a smile, “I am going to bed,” he said and turned to leave the kitchen.

“Ben wait,” he stopped and did not turn back.

“Please don’t hate me,” I pleaded helplessly. He took a deep breath and turned to meet my gaze.

“I don’t hate you. I am just angry at you for making mommy cry. I hate when she cries and when she gets nightmares,” he said softly and I felt a relief flooding me.

“Thank you so much, Ben. It means a lot to me,” I say relieved.

“Then make mommy laugh again, like you did earlier. I won’t talk to you until then,” he replied with a scowl before running back upstairs and I let out a hearty laugh.

I wished Anna would give me another chance. My love for her was deep and I would do anything to win her heart again.


I waited for Grace in my building, my sidekick thrashed around the confines and growled when the thick metal chain cut through his flesh.

“Moving will only make it worse; I had one task for you. One task, just watch her from a distance and report it to me and what you did? You had to go jerk around and almost had an entire pack chasing sniffing my ass in revenge,” I say kick him in the gut.

My plan was simple, get Grace to speak. Know if there is someone else helping her and then deliver a painful death that she deserved.

“You are mine to do as I wish Grace, I am waiting for you.” I smiled in anticipation, my wolf rumbled in appreciation. It was something my wolf and I were on the same page after a long time.

After knowing what she did to Anna and her mater, I couldn’t keep quiet. I must be having that soft spot somewhere in me, I thought.

Sarah would have wanted me to do this. Maybe once I finish with Grace, I would try to live my life in a way Sarah dreamed off.

The house was active again with morning chores; cutleries clanged and women’s chatters could be heard from the kitchen.

I lay on the sofa unconsciously flipping through the channels, unable to sleep. No, I cannot sleep until I made sure Anna and Benjamin are safe.

Hearing soft steps padding towards me I turned my eyes to see Anna and sat straight swiftly.

She was nervous. “I want to come with you,” she states and my eyes widen for a moment. Did she just say she want to come with me?

“You know to meet this Grace,” she continues and I felt my heart shrank. So, she did not mean that she wants to come back to Portland.

“I want to put an end to my nightmares. I will be able to sleep better if I witness this,” she says and I nod in reply.

“Sure,” I cough out. Anna turns back without another word and I stood watching her without enough confidence to speak to her after yesterday’s encounter.

My guilt was eating me alive from the insides and I felt ashamed to talk to her.

Liam called around two in the afternoon.

“Grace is delaying than I thought,” he huffed frustratingly.

“It is not wise for us to call her now. She would definitely doubt it,” I reply. “I will call you back in a while,” I said disconnecting the call.

“Gabriel,” I called. “I don’t think Grace will delay this without a reason. For all we know, she could be here already spying on us. Do you have a source to find out if she is already here?”

“You are right Aiden, I feel the same way. Let me make some calls,” I thought about all the possibilities while I waited. What would she do?

She is the most cunning and deceitful woman I have ever come across, whatever she does she would think it through. She had carefully planned everything against Anna and never got caught until now.

“Gabriel, what if she is gone to your pack house?” I asked as realization set in. She knew very well about Tanya being held captive. Liam had told her.

Leaving Nicholas and Saxon behind, I rushed along with Gabriel and mom to the pack house. The foreboding was gnawing my insides as we reached near.

Gabriel’s phone goes off as in queue. “Hello,” his voice gruff with tension.

“What?” The wheels screeched as he hit the brakes.

“Grace reached early morning today and has gone to the pack house,” was all he said with a tight expression before he started the car and raced towards the pack house.

Leaving a message to Nic, I called Liam to inform about this as Gabriel drove like a madman. He didn’t like when someone messed with his pack, which Alpha would for that matter.

A burly guard rushed towards us with a grim face when we reached. “The pack is safe. It is that girl in jail,” he drawled.

It did not take long for us to reach the basement. The scene in front of us had me gag with disgust.

Tanya was dead, her guts were pulled out and her eyes rolled into her head. Her mouth was open with her face frozen in pain.

She was killed in a most gruesome manner by her own mother. Grace’s scent lingered and I was sure we are facing a psychotic woman with no values for family or morals.

“She had drugged the securities using a drug-infused smoke bombs and flood the scene faster before others could reach. She had two wolves with her, their faces were hidden to the cameras,” Gabriel states with pure rage.

Two of his guards who tried to attack her were severely injured and were in the hospital.

Making sure Anna and the women were safe, I called Liam. When he did not receive the call, we decided to go there directly with Gabriel’s most trained men in tow.

On the way, we gave Liam’s location to Nic, who will be bringing Anna and Saxon. Others were under strict orders to stay behind.

Whatever happens, it ends today. We will make sure of that, Gabriel expression matched mine as he drove towards our destination with a determination.

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