A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 33


The call from Aiden was bad news. I doubted a scheming lady like Grace would have gone for them directly.

Again, if she has gone mad as he stated she would be ready for anything.

I heard footsteps climbing the stairs and composed myself to face the devil herself.

“Hello Grace,” I whispered wickedly as she entered the doorless room with two wolves in tow.

“Where is the girl, boy?” She sneered with a rage that I haven’t seen before. If I thought she looked like a devil before, she was devilish.

“Not here,” I smirked, understanding the danger. If it comes to that, I won’t be helpless. I had fought Alpha’s before and was perfectly ready for this bitch here.

“I know that before I came in. Where is she now?” Her voice boomed echoing through the room.

I did not flinch as I met her glare.

“Don’t waste my time boy. I had given you enough time and you won’t be alive to see another day to see where this goes,” she threatens making me cackle.

I was least bothered by her threats. The reason I let her get a go on me before was that I failed in a mission and I felt responsible for that. Now, it was different.

“Maybe if you told me the truth from the start, you didn’t have to stand here like this,” I taunt her.

“What truth? I don’t have time for your games boy,” she takes a step forward threateningly and my wolf growl at the challenge.

“Truth about Anna, how you tried to kill her…” I drawled making sure I caught her attention.

She growled and I continued, “And… how miserably you failed in killing her,” my smirk widened when her eyes widened in horror.

“Anna is dead,” she yelled.

“If that’s what you want to believe,” I shrug as I sat down on the only chair in the room and cross my legs which was a clear sign of disrespect, especially in front of an Alpha.

Her eyes narrowed in anger as she noticed my disrespect and assessed what I just told her.

“That is not possible,” her voice is a whisper.

“Very much possible, Anna is very much alive and so is her only son. A pure-blooded Alpha,” I taunt her further.

“You are lying,” she sneered again. “She was not breathing when I pushed her off the cliff,” she stated with anger.

“Well, then explain this.” I got up showing her a picture of Anna and Barbara together in the railway station.

Her eyes widened at that, “How?” she whispered.

“Maybe the child within her kept her alive,” the answer came from behind.

Standing behind her was Luna Caroline with pure rage in her face.

“Caroline,” Grace staggered behind for a moment clearly not expecting this twist.

“You missed that little detail, didn’t you Grace.” Caroline punched in her chest sending her flying towards the wall.

Two warrior wolves appeared behind her and tackled the mangy mutts who accompanied Grace.

“A werewolf pregnancy is most complicated and the pups are designed in a way to protect themselves against the hazards. In Anna’s case, her pup healed her from within and kept her heart beating,” Caroline smiled as she spoke about her grandson.

“You did not know about her pregnancy, so you thought she was dead when you shot her. Didn’t you?” Caroline asked and kicked her again.

Grace did not make a sound or flinch as her head hit the floor and blood seeped through the cuts she received in the impact.

She cackled like a mad woman and sat up tilting her head to look at Caroline in a challenging way.

“Why did you do it?” Aiden who was silently watching their encounter asked. His face was burning with anger.

“Why did I do it?” Grace exclaimed loudly as she panted hard.

“I was born an Alpha and I should have been mated to an Alpha. Instead, all I got was a fucking warrior,” Grace spat bitterly.

“Tanya was supposed to be mated to an Alpha or a high-rank wolf, but her mate was that pathetic wolf who was the lowest of the low. I had to dispose him at the young age before he marked her,” Grace adds wickedly as everyone looked at her with disgust.

“When Aiden didn’t find his mate, I thought Tanya finally had a chance to become the Luna. They started dating and everything was fine until that bitch came along,” Grace said with a pure hatred that contorted her features.

“I tried to kill that bitch, but you had to be the knight in shining armor saving her that day,” she states.

“So, you were the one behind men who kidnapped her?” Aiden asks in an unbelievable tone.

Grace chuckled.

“Of course, I was a boy. When you brought her to the pack I was mad. My poor mate was happy and Tanya was not bothered if she got a good lay,” Grace says bitterly.

“I couldn’t let it go that easily. I spoke to Anna, gained her trust all the time stabbing her right in the back. I thought you would leave her when you found her with that mutt, you didn’t,” Grace said spitting the blood out of her mouth.

“I drugged her and took the picture of her with another wolf, I made the wolf wear your clothes and perfumes making her believe it was you,” Grace laughed again.

Aiden had a sick look on his face and I couldn’t believe a woman was capable of this much hatred to do such a thing.

“Then when Anna and Barbara started sweeping for evidence, I had to act faster. They were close to finding it was me and I couldn’t let that happen. I decided to end her once and for all. That way Tanya too will have another chance with you. It was a win-win for me,” Grace stated.

“I planned for days and fortunately she got sick and you left her at home. She must have known I was looking for her because she ran from us. You know how it feels as a wolf to chase and hunt; I chased her and clawed her.” Grace said with a wicked glint remembering the incident.

Aiden let out a low growl and fisted his hands.

“I enjoyed the smell of her blood; she was a fighter you know. She kept running. When we got tired of chasing, I took the gun from Williams and shot her. Pushed her lifeless body from the small cliff and watched as she went down,” Caroline slapped Grace before she could continue further.

“You are a disgrace to the pack,” she sneered with rage.

“I trusted you. You killed your own daughter without any remorse,” Caroline yelled stepping towards her.

“She failed me and did not deserve to live,” Grace hissed as Caroline sent another punch towards her ribs.

Grace’s nose twitched suddenly and her eyes widened as Anna came into the room with a raging Benjamin.


It felt awkward to speak to Aiden after what happened yesterday, I sighed as I dried my wet hair. I have calmed down after talking to Caroline yesterday but I needed more time to sort this out.

Aiden has gone to Gabriel’s pack house and we were waiting for an update. An unease settled in my belly as time went on.

When Nicholas received a message from Aiden again his face was grim.

Aiden has asked Nicholas to bring me and Saxon while Caroline stayed with the woman and children. It did not bode well with Caroline; she wanted to be the one who confronted Grace.

After arguing for a moment, Saxon offered to stay behind while Caroline, Abigail and I went with Nic.

I could tell Saxon wanted to come; it was easier to convince Barbara to stay at home while Abigail was persistent and Nicholas lost the argument before even it started.

We were about to enter the car when Ben raced past us and took a seat for himself. No amount of convincing worked and he was adamant to join us.

Everyone in the car was tensed and I could feel the anger radiated from Caroline. I traced the metal neatly tucked in behind me.

I had carried one for a long time and today I intended on using it on someone. She tried to kill me and my baby.

If it was just me I would have forgiven her, but she had set up Liam to hunt down Barbara, which indirectly leads to me and my son.

Though there were others who can perfectly take care of her, I didn’t want to be defenseless if the situation had come to that.

When we reached the abandoned building, Caroline scanned the area and asked us to stay behind while she confronted Grace.

We trailed behind her at a safe distance and waited outside. We heard everything that has been said and a rage built inside me.

She had put my life in danger and killed her own daughter, no matter what I felt for Tanya earlier I pitied that poor soul now. Tanya had not only lost her mate, she was manipulated by her own mother who had killed her later.

Tanya did not deserve this fate; my eyes brimmed with tears as my heart wept for her. No one deserved such a fate.

Benjamin had partially shifted when he heard what was going on and before Nicholas could stop he rushed past us towards the room.

The moment I met Grace’s emotionless cruel eyes, a memory came crashing down.

It was the happiest day in my life; I caressed my belly and felt an overwhelming emotion that blanketed my heart.

What I felt was a mixture of love and an overwhelming urge to protect the life growing inside me.

Walking through the corridor I reached the kitchen when I heard the voices speaking outside.

“We are not going to get another chance like this,” Grace’s voice was laced with anger which confused me.

I have never seen her angry.

“They are humans they can never find who did it,” another male I have not met spoke casually.

I jumped startled as Grace pinned the male with a roar and her eyes changed to that of her wolf.

“Anna and Barbara may be humans, but not fools. They have already started sweeping around me and it’s too close for my comfort, one little mistake and we will be caught red-handed. Everything I have worked for will be over. Do you understand you irresponsible mutt?” Grace sneered as she slammed him into the wall once more.

I couldn’t believe what I was watching.

“Aiden is not reacting to any of the photos or videos we have sent him. I heard him speaking to Nicholas and he thinks someone is setting this up to remove Anna from his life,” she continued without realizing that I was listening to their conversation.

The glass door which led to the backyard was closed and the window had a slight creek which allowed me to hear their conversation.

The wind was blowing in an opposite direction so there is no way they could smell me soon, even if they did it was my home and my scent was everywhere which gave me a good camouflage.

It was her who set me up with all that evidence. I remembered the day Aiden asked me about a wolf’s seed in my skirt. Only Grace was with me the whole day, she must have slipped it when I did not notice.

I did not have their senses and there is no way I would notice it until Aiden did. The thought of her doing something like that disgusted me.

“Listen to me carefully, Aiden has gone to New York and it is only a matter of time before that bitch he calls his mate follows him there. We need to end her and that human friend of hers before that,” Grace has reduced her voice and it was harder with my human sense to listen what she was saying.

I crept closer trying to reign in my racing heart.

“It should look like an accident and this time she is not coming back from what I have planned for her,” Grace cackled wickedly.

“What about Luna Caroline?” The male asked doubtfully.

“I have sent her to one of her spiritual journeys and she won’t be back until next week. Don’t you see the boy, we will not get another chance like this again?” Grace’s devilish grin widened as I backtracked my steps to my room and locked it behind me.

With a shivering hand, I tried calling Aiden and Nicholas; both of their cell phones were switched off. ‘What do I do? I cannot stay here anymore.’

I tried reaching Barbara and her phone was busy. ‘Shit…. First things first, I need to get out of here before they notice.’

Picking up a bag I packed my passport, certificates, and few clothes before dashing out of the room. Getting into a car I stepped on the accelerator and took off.

I kept dialing Barbara’s phone and I was trying to message her when a truck rammed into my car from my right side. It sent my car stumbling into the slope and straight into the trees.

‘Where did it come from?’ In a hurry to get away I did not even notice if someone was following me.

I hugged my belly to protect my baby as my car crashed headfirst into the tree.

The airbag popped out at the right moment preventing my head from hitting the steering wheel, the seat belt bit into my hip bones and shoulders. After initial suffocating moments, I managed to get free of my seatbelt and staggered out of the car.

‘I cannot stay here’. Only one thought occupied my mind as I clutched my backpack tightly to my chest, save the baby.

The adrenaline rush boosted my weaker legs to carry forward and the people who were chasing me being werewolves I did not stand a chance against their speed or strength.

Before I could finish the thought, I slammed into a hard chest which sends me stumbling backward and I fall on my butt.

They have surrounded us and a brown wolf sauntered towards us leisurely. Its eyes were cruel and very familiar. “Grace,” I whispered swallowing the bile that rose in my throat.

The wolf answered by swiping across my chest and my scream echoed throughout the forest. I could tell she was enjoying it, scrambling backward my back hit a tree making it impossible for me to move further.

The wolf inched closer, my mind said that running only will set off the wolf but I did not have a choice. It’s death either way. I cannot let my baby die and at least I had to try for the sake of my baby.

My body acted as if it was on autopilot at the thought of the baby as I ducked the wolf’s claws and kicked its side with all my might.

My aching muscles screamed in protest but I did not care. ‘Protect the baby,’ my mind kept chanting as my legs pushed me harder using the little strength I possessed.

I managed to get few feet before the wolf took a swipe at me from behind and the force sent me stumbling across the ground. I clutched the bag close to my belly to cushion my fall and screamed internally as the pain shot through my entire body.

Getting up again, I dragged myself away without looking behind. Fate and luck were against me today as I reached a small cliff and with the growing darkness, I could not see what was below.

Tears rolled down my cheek as I pulled my phone out of my pocket and dialed Barbara one last time. ‘If I can’t save myself I will at least save her,’ I told myself and sighed in relief when she picked up.

I have just asked Barbara to leave the town when I heard a big popping sound behind me and my entire body screamed with pain. I traced the new wound in my chest and turned around slowly to face the devil.

Grace stood naked with a pistol in her hand. Her devilish grin sends unpleasant shivers across my spine and the hope I had within seemed to diminish with every passing second. The phone has slipped from my hands when she had fired me and I wished Barbara followed my orders.

Resigning to my fate I hung the backpack over my shoulders and hugged my belly as I backed up. “I love you Aiden and I love you my baby, sorry mama couldn’t save you,” I whisper one last time with a sob and looked up as Grace fired another shot which sends me stumbling down from the cliff.

I wished one last time that I landed on a stream or any water body before my head hit on something and everything went dark.

A snarl brought me out of my memory and I saw Grace pouncing on me. She backhanded Ben who fell to the ground and was racing towards me with her claws out.

I ducked her claws just in time and moved out of her way. Before she could turn I had pulled out the gleaming metal from my waistband and pushed the sharp tip of her shoulder blade.

The tip punctured her skin and the red-hot liquid whooshed out. Grace howled in pain as I twisted the blade, “Not my son again,” I hissed as I pulled the knife out and plunged it into her again without any remorse.

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