A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 34

Revenge is a kind of wild justice, which the more man’s nature runs to, the more ought to law to weed it out.



I smelled Anna and Ben the moment my mother came in, I did not like that one bit and I couldn’t do anything about it now.

Concentrating on the traitorous bitch in front of me, I tensed when Anna barged in with a raging Ben.

Anna’s gaze met Grace’s and they both stared at each other. Grace in shock and Anna as if she remembered something.

We were distracted for a moment when Grace pushed my mom across and raced towards Anna. I was standing in a corner and there is no way I could reach Anna before Grace did.

Ben tried to fight back but he was not strong enough to fight Grace. Fortunately, she only backhanded him with her full concentration on Anna.

I rushed forward worrying about Anna’s safety when Anna came out of her stupor and narrowed her eyes at Grace. Everything happened in slow motion as Anna ducked in the last moment and produced something that glinted in the light.

Next thing I heard is the painful howl of Grace that echoed through the walls of the old building. I had never seen Anna this raging before.

Picking up Ben and making sure he was well, I rushed to Anna. She had pulled the knife out and plunged it in again. “Not my son again,” she hissed as she stabbed Grace who roared with pain.

Abigail came out of nowhere and had gripped Grace’s claws when she desperately tried to claw at Anna.

“It’s your turn now bitch,” she sneered as she broke her claws one by one. I cursed picking up Anna by her waist and moved them to the other end of the room.

Nicholas held Grace’s other hand as Abigail took time to break her claws. The only thing that could be heard was Grace’s painful howls and screams.

“Stay with them,” I told my mom and went towards Grace. I did not feel any remorse towards her as I watched the pain she was going through. This woman once I trusted tried to kill my mate and unborn son.

She killed her daughter’s mate and now her own daughter, her own flesh, and blood.

Tanya did not deserve that kind of death and after knowing how her mate was killed I only felt pity for her.

Liam did not move from his spot as he sat watching the scene with a neutral face.

Abigail was doing a lot more damage to Grace than I intended. Well, with the kind of anger raging inside me I just wanted to snap her neck but I enjoyed it more when she suffered so I watched.

“Hurt so, much, isn’t it?” Abigail taunted Grace and Nicholas face held so much hatred which matched mine.

“You should have thought about the consequences Grace,” I drawled walking towards her.

“Death seems like a kindness to you. I want you to suffer until the day you rest with your ancestors,” I said scratching my imaginary beard.

“No,” I shake my head. “Probably I won’t put you along with them, you don’t deserve it. Your death will not be mourned and you will not be remembered,” my voice so harsh that Grace flinch.

There were tears in her eyes and there was not a bit of remorse for what she did.

“Maybe I could help you with the ’make you suffer’ part,” Liam volunteered as he crept closer.

“I have mastered few excellent techniques in torture over the years and I have few in the basket to experiment. Grace here would make an excellent subject don’t you think,” he asked picking her by her hair, pure malice laced his voice and I couldn’t disagree.

“You are most welcome to try anything on her if she suffers. She killed her own flesh and blood,” I reply and turn away. I did not want to see the face of a woman I once trusted again.

“My mate will know and he will have his revenge,” Grace spat again.

“Well, your mate will definitely know how cruelly you killed his only daughter and how you tried to kill my mate along with our unborn son all those years ago,” I roared as I slammed her against the wall.

“If anything, your mate would be more than glad to show you few torture techniques of his own,” Nicholas snickered.

Caleb was well known for his interrogation techniques during my father’s days and I was sure he would not forgive Grace for what she had done to his daughter. If Caleb held one thing dear to his heart it was his daughter.

It was the only thing that held me from hurting his daughter all those years ago, and even now after she tried to poison me. I would have locked her up but would have never ended her life.

Caleb was very loyal to my father and the pack. My warriors are well trained and our pack lived without fearing rogues or any other threats because of him.

With that settled, Nicholas bound Grace’s hands and we will have Gabriel’s help to take her across the borders without being noticed. Her being unstable helped a lot.

Liam showed me to the wolf that littered Anna’s home and I saved him for last. He will serve his purpose in Portland dungeons.

It was almost a week after confronting Grace. We had sent her and the other mutts to Portland with the help of Gabriel and Liam accompanied them.

It was time for us to leave and my heart ached at the thought of Anna. We haven’t spoken after that day.

We will be leaving tomorrow. We had a business and pack to run, staying here for this long had taken a toll on our profits and mom said we cannot delay our travel any further.

Knocking on Anna’s door my knees felt weaker when she asked me to go in.

“Hi,” she whispered her face neutral. Her heartbeat was calm which made me more nervous. Calm is never good.

“Hi,” I replied and contemplated what I had to tell her. Everything I have practiced so carefully has seemed to fly out of my mind when I saw her.

“Anna I – I,” I stammered to get the words out while she just crossed her hands over her chest and looked straight at me.

“Any amount of apologizing I do will not be enough; it won’t erase what I did to you. I can only hope you will forgive me one day,” I blurted out raking a hand nervously through my hair.

“I just want you to know that I have always loved and will love only you. There will not be another in my life Anna. I would like to be in Ben’s life when he grows up. I hope you let me in his life,” my voice was a whisper now. The next part was hard to get out, but I had to do it to prove how much I loved her.

“I would understand if you choose someone else to share your life with,” my voice cracked at that and I breathed harder. Traitorous tears escaped my eyes on their own accord and I rubbed them vigorously.

“But if you could give me a second chance, I will make it up to you and Ben for the rest of my life. I will always cherish you and Ben. My doors will always stay open for you Anna and I will keep waiting with hope that one day you will forgive me,” I said turning slowly without looking at her and left the room with a heavy heart.

It was not easy and I couldn’t leave her and Ben here. My wolf howled sadly in my mind. I had to do it, after what I had put her through I cannot compel her to go with me.

Hopefully one day I will earn her trust. One day she will realize my love for her and will accept me. If she did decide to choose another man, then I will honor her choice and stay away.

Abigail decided to stay with Anna leaving Nicholas heartbroken. Though she did not break up with him, she said her friend needed her than her mate and she will stay with Anna if she needed her.

Nicholas agreed with a heavy heart and promised to meet her as much frequency as possible. I told him to stay here with his mate while I took care of the business in Portland, he disagreed and said I am his friend and I too needed him the most.

Together we left Canada with heavy hearts, my heart wept all the way to home and I prepared myself to face whatever fate threw at me.



Speaking to Caroline helped a lot but I did not know if I could trust Aiden again. Can I forgive him? I thought with a frown.

Aiden’s words made my heart heavy and I ached to see his pain. I must have really loved him before I lost my memory, I thought.

Thinking about everything I was not able to decide what I wanted to do. I felt relieved that I don’t have to hide anymore; I was free to live my life with Ben like the way I wanted.

I did not want Abigail to stay back but she wouldn’t leave me and I was secretly glad to have her by my side. She was very supportive and a friend in need.

Daniela and Saxon hugged me before leaving and promised to stay in touch. Caroline once again asked to give Aiden a chance and promised she will visit often.

“Now I have something in this world to cling to my sanity,” she gushed as she smothered Ben with her kisses.

“I will come back soon to spend more time with you my dear,” she told Ben. “I would love that grandma,” Ben replied with a wide grin.

Saying bye to Aiden was difficult than I thought. Ben cried and tried to hide his tears from me, Aiden wouldn’t meet my eyes and I felt a tug in my heart when he departed with a nod towards my direction.

We moved to Abigail’s small apartment with Barbara. Going back to my rented apartment stirred unwanted memory and I wanted a fresh start.

Barbara joined a local company as Administrator while I and Abigail continued to work in the restaurant. Wendy and Jones were supportive as ever.

Nicholas and Caroline visited every month. We also spent our time with Gabriel and Hayley during our weekends. I could tell Abigail missed Nicholas but she wouldn’t listen to our pleas to go with him.

Aiden spoke to Ben every day and few times with me though it didn’t get past the pleasantries. Nicholas said that Aiden worked a lot and drowned himself with work.

It was 4th of July and Ben was having a sleepover at Gabriel’s. I sat on their roof along with Hayley, Abigail, and Barbara. They danced and chatted while drinking juices while I just stared at the moon and stars.

Fireworks lit the sky triggering a forgotten memory…

I was in a roof with Aiden, the entire roof was decorated with flowers and scented candles. I gasp as an overwhelming happiness filled my heart.

The moonlight illuminated the entire setting making it more beautiful.

The sky was lit up with fireworks which were beautiful and then came the balloons which held the words “Marry Me.”

I caught one of the balloons reading it in the candlelight. I gasped as I read the words again and again. My heart fluttered and turning back, I notice Aiden had got down on one knee waiting for me patiently.

I felt so special I gazed at him and my vision blurred with unshed tears.

“Anna, I know I have been a complete jerk to you in the beginning. I am glad you even gave me a chance to be your boyfriend. Now, will you honor me by becoming my wife?” Aiden asked and looked at me expectantly.

My heart skipped a beat and I forgot to breathe. I loved Aiden so much and didn’t expect him to ask me this quick.

I grinned widely ‘Yes.’

I felt my cheeks getting wet with tears at the memory. I had loved Aiden, I stood to gaze at the firework as the girls surrounded me and cheered me with their bright smiles.

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