A Mate and A Betrayal

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“I believe in Karma. If the good is sown, the good is collected. When positive things are made, that returns well.”

-Yannick Noah


Four years later…

Pure white snow blanketed the ground and surrounded trees. I sipped the hot chocolate welcoming the warmth as I sat on the cold porch on a Sunday evening.

Life has been smooth and I was happy after a long time. It’s Christmas, Saxon and Gabriel are traveling with their families to Portland this time.

Ever since I married Aiden we made it a ritual to spend Christmas together with our friends. The first year it was at Gabriel’s, last year at Saxon’s and now it’s our turn.

Benjamin has been excited and we later found out that Diana is, in fact, his mate, which explained his shyness and protective behavior around her.

Daniela delivered a beautiful baby girl Diandra who is the exact replica of her mother. Hayley is pregnant for the third time and we share the same due dates for another three months.

I caressed my swollen belly lovingly as my baby kicked.

After that memory of Aiden’s proposal, I decided to give him another chance and to say it worked well. After dating for about a year, he proposed again and I accepted.

Barbara is dating a human John who worked as a doctor in the city hospital. He is a kind guy and she is meeting his parents this Christmas and I felt like there is going to be a wedding soon.

Caroline is a changed woman now, she smiled and baked a lot these days.

“Aunt Clara,” Abigail’s two-year-old boy Adam wobbled towards me. Abigail still called me Clara and so was her son. Adam mostly looked like Nicholas and had his momma’s big dark eyes.

“Hello baby,” I cooed as I picked him up and placed him on my lap.

“Grandma Caroline is baking and Grandma Leila won’t let me in,” he pouted. He struggling to pronounce ‘r’ and always ended up pronouncing it as ‘l’.

“Hmm… it seems we should wait until they finish,” I say as he frowned. He ate up half of the cookie dough before they could bake and these days they banned him from the kitchen whenever they baked.

“Okay, what do I do until then?” He asks with the same pout and I carry him towards the living room. “Maybe we can watch some Christmas movies until they finish,” I say and he cheers up giving me a toothy grin.

“Hey babe,” Aiden greets me with a kiss on my forehead as we sat watching Deck the halls. Abigail and Nicholas have gone out for grocery purchase. They have also taken Ben so I am left with Adam.

“Hey,” I smile widely. “Can you put him in his nursery?” I ask pointing a now sleeping Adam.

“Sure,” he smiles as he picked up Adam and carried him to his nursery. Gabriel and Saxon should be reaching here in an hour’s time and everything was ready.

I follow Aiden to Adam’s room and watch as Aiden place a small kiss on Adam’s forehead before covering him with a blanket. Aiden loved children and was good with them.

“You look so beautiful today,” Aiden comments as he kissed me. My knees felt weak as a fire of need started burning inside me.

“You mean I didn’t look good yesterday,” I counter narrowing my eyes. Being pregnant my hormones were everywhere and though I liked the kiss his comment irked me in a way.

Aiden’s eyes widened, “No, no I didn’t mean like that. It’s just you look more fresh today,” he tried to convince.

“So, I did not look fresh yesterday,” I tied my hands across my chest as I countered.

“No, why don’t you come to our room. We don’t want to wake up Adam, do we?” He successfully managed to steer me to our room where he silenced me with his kiss.

Our argument was long forgotten as my back hit the bed and his hands roamed over my body possessively igniting the passion. I moaned and writhed under his skillful fingers.

Aiden fumbled with his pants and ended up tearing its button in the process which sends a trigger of another memory to my brain.

Aiden doubted me. He thought I was cheating on him.

I ground my teeth together as I punched his face, “You fucking asshole…. You dare force yourself on me,” I yell as he looked confused holding his bloody nose.

“What babe? What are you talking about? You just held me close for the kiss,” he argued with disbelief.

“You dare argue with me you jerk,” I throw the bed lamp which hit him square in his chest.

“Ouch, that hurt Anna.” He comments painfully.

“Don’t ever Anna me,” I sneer at him as I looked for other objects to hurt him more.

“I should have gotten this memory of you raping me instead of the one you proposing me,” my yell shook the bedroom walls and I pick up my shoe throwing at him.

“Oh no,” Aiden’s eyes widened as he realized what I was talking about, he ran out of the room with me following behind.

I pulled a rod from the cloth dryer as I chased him around the home. I noticed Gabriel and Saxon have arrived and I did not make any move to greet them.

For I had the most important task at hand, “Aiden you are a jerk and I am castrating you today,” I shout as I chased him with determination.

The End

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