A Mate and A Betrayal

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1. Did Anna/Clara lose her memory?

Yes, she suffered memory loss due to an accident.

2. How does werewolves detect when someone lies or not?

They have strong sense, they can find if the person is lying or not by listening to the changes in their heartbeat or breathing pattern.

3. Are you a fan of Taylor Swift? (This question was asked twice because I have added Taylor Swift songs to the media)

Well... I won’t put myself in a box of just one... I like Taylor Swift songs, but I won’t call myself a diehard fan.

4. Are Benjamin and Diana fate mates?

Yes, they are.

5. Why Aiden’s mother is so cold?

She has lost her mate and a part of her died with him. She is living only for the sake of Aiden, usually when one mate dies the other follows. Living without a mate is like living without your soul. Caroline feels numb and her heart lost the capability to feel things so long ago. She still feels her bond with Aiden’s father and it drives her insane.

Though she loves Aiden, she struggles to keep her sanity intact.

6. Why Anna did not freak out when she found out that Aiden is a werewolf?

Well, Anna was in mortal danger and the wolf saved her. Just when she thought she is going to die, it turns out that the wolf who saved her is none other than her friend Aiden. Relief is what she feels at the sight of him in the middle of the forest at that time and situation.

7. Did Anna get her memory back?

No, she gets triggers and memory flashes now and then but not complete memory.

8. What is Liam doing now?

Liam now works as a freelancer and mostly stays in Portland. He stays hidden from the council for his past crimes.

9. Where is Grace?

Grace is still locked in the dungeons. Her mate rejected her after learning Tanya’s death. Tanya has been given a proper burial. Aiden does allow Liam to experiment his torture techniques every now and then.

10. What happened to that creep who ruined Anna’s bedroom?

He is serving as a perfect punching bag for the pack to train on.

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