A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 4


And it isn’t fair. And it really hurts like hell sometimes. But if you focus on what is within your power to change for the better, you can. And you will.”

-Zero Dean


I woke up earlier than usual. I couldn’t sleep and stay awake for most of the night with the nightmare playing in my mind. When the clock ticked six, I had enough and got out of the bed to take the much-needed shower. The hot water soothed my sore muscles, it burned my skin in a good way I could feel the numbness I felt almost fading away.


However, even the water this hot wasn’t capable of thawing my heart. Finishing up the shower, I looked myself in the mirror. Long scars marred my body reminding me of something I try to forget. This was the reason I cannot get involved with anyone. The reason—I stayed hidden in this small town and why I dyed my blonde hair brown.

My instincts screamed at me to move the hell out of this place as soon as possible. And that’s what I would be doing. I will have to speak to Wendy first, see if she has any contacts who would be interested in hiring me. I sighed as I got dressed for the day, Ben was still asleep. The boy could sleep through the thunderstorm. I smiled on seeing the cute little pout he had during his sleep. After kissing his forehead and inhaling his comforting scent, I went to prepare breakfast.

Our house was tiny with a small living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, and an attached bathroom. This was enough for both of us and we did not have that many things. Turning on the radio, as usual, I prepared my coffee and decided on pancakes for Ben. I don’t feel hungry and not in a mood to eat. My daily routine continued as I fed Ben, send him to school then go to work.

I prayed that Liam doesn’t show up again. And luckily for me, Liam didn’t show up.

Days turned into a week and I was once again getting comfortable with my daily routine and to my huge relief, I didn’t see Liam after that night in the alley. I have spoken to Wendy, and she had promised to help me with a job somewhere far from here. Abigail and I were taking our lunch breaks when Gigi came in.

“I see the lover boy hasn’t shown up this week,” she snickered earning a snort from me.

“Yeah, she chased this one away too. Gosh, that boy was an eye candy,” Abigail said as we rolled our eyes, typical Abigail.

“So, tomorrow is Sunday. What do you have planned?” Gigi asked.

“Maybe I will take Ben to the fair we went to last week again,” I shrugged taking a bite of my sandwich.

“Clara, Ben is growing up, and he needs a father figure in his life don’t you think?” Gigi asked her voice softer with more concern.

I nodded. “I don’t know, Gigi. With my work and taking care of Ben, I don’t have time for men,” I admitted.

“What about Ben’s father? You never talk about him.” Abigail had to butt in now.

We never talked about Ben’s father and this topic has always been difficult for me. I shifted in my seat. It was something I’ve always avoided it at any cost and today I don’t think they would let me get away this time.

“I don’t know who his father is,” I answered, looking down at my plate as hopeless tears filled my eyes.

“Oh,” both said in unison with an understanding. I could almost see their assumptions.

“No, it’s not what you think.” I was quick to derail their assumption train. “He is not a product of a fling,” I explained. Many believed I had Ben because of a one night stand. I left the father’s name column in his school records empty. Gigi and Abigail threw me a puzzled look, waiting for me to answer their unspoken question.

“It’s complicated. Listen, I woke up in a hospital with no memory of my past and being pregnant. All I know is that I had been in an accident. No one came searching for me and when I got discharged I moved here,” I blurted out. That wasn’t a lie except for the accident part. I couldn’t tell them that someone tried to kill me.

“Oh! Honey, it must be so hard for you,” Gigi said squeezing my hand.

“I am sorry, Clara,” Abigail said, worry etching her face.

I nodded. It’s not that I don’t get lonely. Ben knew about my past. Though I shared a close connection with my son, I needed someone mature to share my thoughts with. A shoulder to lean on and cry my heart out. A single traitorous tear escaped and rolled down my cheeks. Gigi was quick to pull me into her tight embrace and that’s when I let go.

When my shift got over that day I bid goodbye and walked to the bus stop with Ben. I didn’t plan to break down in front of them like that, but my heart, felt lighter now and I am glad I did that. I cried my heart out clinging to Gigi for support with Abigail also joining, all three of us sat there till our break was over. I was crying, and they were rubbing soothing circles on my back.

“So, where do you want to go this weekend?” I asked Ben enthusiastically. Every weekend I took him somewhere—to the park or mall for a window shopping. He wasn’t demanding like the other kids I knew and gave me no trouble. He enjoyed window shopping, and he wasn’t fond of candies either. Ben loved hot dogs and any meat products.

“Can we go to the fair again? I liked the rides,” he asked me after thinking for a moment.

Anything for my son. “Sure, baby. We will check it out tomorrow,” I replied as we boarded the bus.


We have been in British Columbia, Canada for three days now. Gabriel’s territory stretched for miles and the vast land mass was a treasure to any wolf pack with abundant resources.

Anna was last seen in Dawson Creek Fair which was closer to Gabriel’s territory. We went to the fair, the places around but nothing. It was like she vanished again. Though Dawson Creek was less populated, we can’t go knocking at each door in search of her, can we? And, it made our task difficult since she didn’t use her real name in any of the records.

Gabriel had a friendly source in one of the departments, who was kind enough to search the records. If she changed her name, we should be able to find it. But, as I said, it wasn’t easy. We had to wait and patience wasn’t something I am used to.

My wolf growled in frustration. He wanted his mate closer. The lack of running in wolf form or proper sleep made things much worse and I haven’t visited the gym either, I was always out on the streets looking for her.

“We found her!” Nicholas barged in panting harder.

“Where?” I shook him unable to control myself.

“She goes by the name Clara Miller now and works in a restaurant in the outskirts of the town.” I took off running before he could finish.

“Wait! Aiden, there is more you should know,” Nicholas shouted, and I paid him no heed as I continued to run downstairs without looking back.

“She has a son!” He yelled getting my attention, and I stopped dead in my tracks.

“What?” I turned to look at him, my wolf surfacing. She has a son.My mate having a pup from another did not bode well for us. My wolf clawed at my insides to be let out and have his way with my mate and that lover of hers.

“Hold your wolf, Aiden,” Saxon’s voice boomed across the hall. My wolf snarled at him in warning.

“We need to approach this matter with more care. For all we know he could be your son,” Saxon reasoned and my wolf perked its ears.

My son, the thought seemed to calm my wolf.It was possible. I never used a condom when I was with her. Was she pregnant when she left? If she was pregnant with my son, then why would she leave?

“I understand it is hard when it comes to your mate. From what I heard from these boys, I don’t think she would betray you.” Gabriel locked his gaze with mine to make sure he had our attention.He was a voice of reason, and I liked him though I knew him only for a short span of time.

Gabriel moved closer, patting my shoulders in a friendly gesture. Wolves loved the contact.

“Our men have found her home and maybe we could try to speak to her. See how she reacts when she sees you after all this time,” he suggested. “And if it helps, there is no other wolf around her. It’s only her and her son.”

I nodded and took a deep breath. My wolf wanted to see the boy and confirm it ourselves. “If I so much as see the other wolf, no one is stopping me from ripping his head apart,” I growled and they all agreed.

A few hours later, we were waiting outside her house and we could already sense she is awake. I wanted to tackle her, never letting her go, but Saxon stopped me with a stern grip.

“What did I tell you?” he hissed, and I remembered what he told me earlier.

We were in a human neighborhood and we didn’t want to create a scene and attract any unwanted attention. I backed up unwillingly and paced the ground. The door to her house opened and my nostrils twitched when a gust of wind brought her addicting scent. My wolf went crazy and tried to pounce only to be stopped by Saxon and Gabriel.

“We are among humans,” Saxon hissed again.

A growl ripped through my chest, only to be silenced when Gabriel stepped into my sight. “We talked about this Alpha Aiden. I expect you to honor our conversation.”

I took a deep breath, trying to control my wolf. I turned my attention towards Anna and took in her appearance. Her blonde hair was brown. Why would she dye her hair? If I was a human, I might have taken the bait. There was no mistaking her scent—a floral fragrance which only I knew well, no matter how many women I am surrounded with.

It is her.Did she think changing her appearance will mislead me? Gabriel’s men were clever they found her after all this time, even with her changed appearance.

“Whoa… he is your son. Look at him he is the replica of you when you were a child,” Nicholas exclaimed beside me and I turned my attention towards the little boy who held my mate’s hand. I was too lost in ogling my mate I didn’t notice the little boy.

I gasped with realization when I got a clear look at his face. The boy had a light brown hair and ocean blue eyes just like me. He is lovely. “My son...” My cheeks grew wet and I didn’t realize I was crying until Nicholas shook me.

“We need to follow her,” he said and I wiped my tears following them to the car.

Saxon’s mate Daniela, Gabriel’s mate Hayley and her two children waited for us.

“Let’s go,” Gabriel said starting his Toyota Highlander.

I didn’t have a second thought about the parentage of my son. I could smell the Alpha blood that ran through his veins. My wolf puffed its chest in pride. I have a son.

My wolf was eager to meet his pup. The thoughts of hurting Anna or the wolf she was rumored to be involved with long gone as my pup occupied my thoughts. I will win over Anna again, no matter what it takes. I don’t care if she had betrayed me. I will make her realize I am the only man for her.

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