A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 7

“Before I met you,

I never knew what it was like to be able to look at someone

And smile for no reason.”


When I woke up the next morning, I ran to her home. My wolf couldn’t stand any longer without seeing our mate. I waited impatiently in the shadow of the tree opposite to her home, hidden from the view. I could hear them wake up and start their day.

Just as I contemplated going to her home and knock the door, I saw her coming out. I watched as Benjamin boarded the bus for school. I should’ve been there, kissing and waving him goodbye. How much did I miss on my life?

Anna’s wet hair hung past her waist, a bright smile adorned her face. All I wanted now was to run to her and kiss her mindlessly. I shouldn’t be stalking her, but I couldn’t help it. I messaged Nicholas to meet me at the diner.

Nicholas was shifted uncomfortably sniffing the air once we were seated. He’d found his mate the previous morning.

“Did you call her last night?” I asked, and he nodded.

“She sounds wonderful.” He let out a dreamy sigh as our mates walked towards us with their notepads. Nic has been searching for his mate for several years and he has finally found her here.

My mate looked so beautiful and vibrant. The brown shirt she wore contrasted well against her skin. Her cheeks heated when her eyes met mine. The effect I had on her made my wolf growl in appreciation. We couldn’t wait to have her in our arms again.

Nicholas almost pounced when his mate came along with Anna. I had asked Anna out, and she’d agreed. This would be the first time we went out as a family and I looked forward to it. I would do anything to make her fall in love with me again.

Once again we left the diner with a longing. We were about to drive away when my mobile rang. “Oh, no… It’s mom. I can’t believe I forgot to call her.”

“Well, answer the phone. I don’t want her coming here.”

I contemplated his words for a moment before answering.

“Aiden, what is going on? You haven’t called or replied to my messages for two days.” My mother’s high pitched voice made me cringe.

“I was not feeling well, mom,” I lied, wanting to distract her.

“Oh, what happened?” Her voice softened. “Do you want me to come over?” She asked, and I panicked at her question.

No way in hell I can allow her to come here now. I just got my mate and son back.

“No, Mom. I am fine,” I replied quickly. “It’s just the stress. We are negotiating an alliance with Alpha Gabriel and he invited us to extend our stay. I will be back once I am done here,” I replied and breathed a sigh of relief when she believed my lie.

“Why would you need an alliance with the Canadian pack?” She asked, and I cursed internally.

“Oh, it’s about the mating camp, mom. Many wolves in our pack hadn’t found their mates yet. I thought it’s time we reached out to the other packs in the world.”

“That’s a good idea. You never spoke about it before.”

“Saxon suggested it during our meeting and said he already got invitations for our visit. So we left with him.”

“Sounds good. You take care and call me every day, okay?”

“Okay, mom.”

I should be very careful from now on else she will be here in no time. I disconnected the call and ran my hand through my disheveled hair. My thoughts wandering back to my mate as Nic drove away. I couldn’t help the uneasy feeling that crept to my heart thinking about the call with my Mom. What would she feel about Anna? Would she accept her again?


“Nicholas has asked me out,” Abigail squealed making us laugh.

“And what are you hiding, girly?” Gigi bumped my shoulders, and I informed them of my date today.

“Aww… He is so sweet if he asked you to bring Ben along,” Abigail cooed.

Aiden and Nicholas came around eleven a.m. and it was a repeat of yesterday, both I and Abigail drooling over them and the men looking at us with lust. If Abigail had her way she would jump his bones then and there.

Aiden left promising to pick me up after my shift. Nicholas, on the other hand, left a wet kiss on Abigail’s cheek making her gasp and I laughed at her stunned expression. The day was merrier and we couldn’t wait for the evening to come.


We reached Gabriel’s residence in time for lunch.

“Someone is happy today,” Hayley sang from across the kitchen making our smiles go wide. She looked vibrant in her floral dress.

“Yeah, that and someone’s mate had agreed to go out with them,” Gabriel, who entered the kitchen supplied and pulled his mate for a kiss.

“Yeah, she agreed to go out with me today,” Nicholas replied with a hearty laugh.

“I am also going out with Anna today,” I blurted out.

Saxon clapped my shoulders while Daniela gave an appreciative smile.

I informed Saxon about mom’s call and his face paled as if he had seen a ghost. “Oh, no… Mrs. James cannot come here. Ever…” He mouthed the last word, making me laugh.


The rest of the day went smooth and when our shift got over we got ready for our much-expected date. Nicholas is taking Abigail on a movie date and I, on the other hand, did not know where we are going.

Abigail changed into a short dress and did her makeup while I smoothed my clothes and combed my hair pulling it into my usual ponytail. Abigail offered to put makeup to which I refused. I didn’t want to expect anything so early and I also wanted Aiden to like me for me.

The guys were on time and Ben was excited to see Aiden again. “Hey, Ben,” Aiden greeted my son.

I watched with a warm smile as Aiden embraced Ben with a kiss on his forehead, my heart melted on seeing them so close. Maybe this is how it feels to have a man in our lives. It also made me wonder what Ben’s real father would do now. The doctor had said my chances of getting the memory back are zero so there was no point in thinking about it now.

Wendy and Jones gave me a wink before waving us off. I shoved away the depressing thoughts of my past and climbed into Aiden’s car. Ben spoke excitedly about his day in school and Aiden listened to him with interest, asking him occasional questions as I glanced out the window.

He took us to the nearby mall which buzzed with people. We roamed around, walking at a leisure pace as we window shopped. Ben was in his own world looking at anything and everything with an interest.

They had some kind of function in the mall. There was a wooden makeshift stage in the center area of the mall which was now occupied by children not over thirteen years old, all dress in a glittery dress.

Soon a song played, and the girls moved gracefully with the music. The crowd cheered in encouragement as we stopped to watch the dance. Aiden hoisted Ben and made him sit on his shoulder so he could watch.

The children supplied flyers after the dance and I noticed that it was for charity. A small smile graced my lips as I looked at the adoring kids who danced in the middle of the mall at such a young age to help others.

Pulling out a hundred dollar bill Liam left me as a tip last week. I put it in the box without second thoughts. My grin widened when I noticed Aiden doing the same. A hundred dollar was a huge sum for me, which will get me and my son going for weeks. However, they need it more than us.

I had been there once, with no shelter or no one to help and even if it was only a small amount, I was happy to contribute. Rounding a corner we reached the children city, where they had multiple games for children.

“Do you like video games, Benjamin?” Aiden asked.

“I never played one before,” Ben answered and looked at me before averting his gaze. My heart constricted. How did I never think about this? My son tried his best to hide the longing look, but I could read it so well.

“Well, then you are playing one today,” Aiden replied with a smile and grabbed his purse.

“It’s unnecessary, really. I could take him some other time,” I tried to stop him. It didn’t feel right for me to let him spend.

“It’s nothing, Clara. I brought you both here. Let me do this please,” Aiden pleaded, and I nodded with a look at Ben. His face lit up like a Christmas tree and my heart melted at the sight.

Aiden handed him the money and ruffled his hair. “You go and play like a good boy, okay?”


“Don’t take too long, baby.”

“Sure, mommy. I’ll back soon.”

I sat with Aiden while Ben played. We talked in general and I was glad he asked nothing about my past. He owned a business in his hometown and said he was taking a break from his work. I tried to keep the chat minimal since I wasn’t ready to divulge him the details of my past.

Once Ben was back, we tried Italian food which is the first time for Ben and I don’t remember if I had it before. We usually ate dinner at Wendy’s and ordered pizza on Sundays. I bought burgers for Ben when he went go out, but we never tried a proper meal.

I loved the Italian spaghetti and meatballs and watched Ben enjoying his meal. Aiden asked about my preference in food while I asked about his. We talked about our interests more and found we had too much in common.

Ben fell asleep on my lap on the way home. Aiden offered to carry him and my heart swelled watching them together. Aiden laid Ben carefully on the bed removing his shoes. He kissed his forehead mumbling good night which further warmed my heart.

I tried to move back allowing him to pass but ended up brushing against each other. My breath hitched as I met his blue orbs. A flicker of emotion passed through his face as his eyes lowered to my lips expectantly and I could feel his desire for me which only fuelled my need.

God! I never felt this way before.

Though a small part of my brain screamed to back off as it was only our first date, my muddy brain had another thought. I could feel my desire drowning my logical thoughts. My legs stood unmoving as I gawked at his face.

Aiden leaned closer until we were only a breath apart. I wanted nothing more to close the distance and feel his lips on mine. He pulled away at the last moment much to my dismay and exited the home abruptly as I watched him go with a frown.

A small pang of hurt hit my heart. He leaned closer and then he pulled away. Maybe he didn’t want to do it. Feeling embarrassed, I moved to close the door when he halted in his tracks.

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