A Mate and A Betrayal

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Chapter 8

“The best feeling in the whole world is watching things finally fall into place after watching them fall apart for so long.”



I enjoyed every moment with my mate and son. Benjamin was an amazing kid and very mature for his age, he ate the spaghetti like a pro. Not even a single drop of sauce anywhere on his face or dress.

I watched him with pride. When he fell asleep, I carried him to the bedroom which was filled with my mate’s scent and it drove my wolf crazy. I looked at the sleeping form of my son and my heart ached to leave him. I wanted to curl around him for all night.

Soon, I promised myself as I kissed him good night, inhaling his scent.

Their house was so small and guilt clouded me. I am such a bad mate and the worst father. I was living in luxury all this time while my mate and son struggled with their lives. I turned to leave the room and my heart skipped a beat seeing my mate’s expression.

The surrounding air has changed, and it carried the faint scent of her arousal. My wolf growled in my head, urging me to take her then and there. Mark her and claim her in the right sense. I leaned to kiss her but pulled back abruptly, much to my wolf’s dismay. I couldn’t make a mistake now and I won’t be able to control myself if I kissed her now.

It has been over six years since I last had my mate and my wolf would never stop with a kiss. My cock throbbed with need. I pivoted on my heels left her home without a word. My heart ached on seeing the dejected look on her face.

She might think I didn’t want her. Crap!

I turned around as soon as the thought hit my brain to see she was about to close the door. Before I knew, I was at the door.

Anna yelped in surprise when my lips captured hers, kissing her with a passion I felt. My blood vessels pounded with need and I let my emotions free, pouring everything I felt for her into the kiss. Though shocked at first, she kissed me back mimicking my movements. I licked her lower lip, and she opened her mouth allowing me entry.

Her lips were soft as ever, I moaned slightly as her taste exploded in my mouth. Old memories rushed back to me at full force as I drowned myself in her scent. I picked her up deepening the kiss as she wrapped her legs around me. Her body felt so warm and flush against mine. I groaned and ground my hips against hers letting her know my desire.

Pushing her against the door I continue to grind my hips against hers. She let out a throaty moan arching her back as she returned my kiss with a fervent need.

My wolf itched to feel her skin and I could feel the heat building up within her body. I detested the clothing that has separated our bodies and reached out under her shirt cupping her firm breasts massaging them gently.

She moaned against my mouth arching her back, her hands fisting my hair to the point it hurt and I loved it.

When we broke for air, both of us were breathing heavily. I didn’t waste time as my fingers dove inside her pant reaching their destination. Anna moaned loudly throwing her head back as my fingers found her sweet spot, rubbing circles around her bundle of nerves.

My fingers were drenched in her wetness and all I could imagine was to tear her clothes and bury myself deep within her as she screamed my name.

“Aiden…” She breathed shakily as I nibbled her jaw trailing wet kisses along her neck, licking and sucking her ivory skin. I was sure it will leave a mark on her skin tomorrow and I couldn’t help the satisfaction filled me at the thought.

I worked my fingers slowly into her as her lithe frame writhed against my larger ones. She had lost a lot of weight than the last time. My brain registers the fact sadly even though it was under a haze. Her wet channel soon convulsed around my thick digits and her body shook violently.

Her hips bucked against my hand as she bit down on my shoulder, silencing the scream. I held her close to me as she climbed down from her ecstasy. My mate was a sight to behold with her eyes half closed and lips partially open when she came.

I wanted to finish what we have started when she pushed me away weakly. Her eyes so wide and shock coated her features as if she realized what happened between us.

It was the mating pull that made us lose our logical thoughts. But, she wouldn’t know that. Her action hurt me deeper, and I shrugged it off as I tried to kiss her again when she pushed me away harder this time. I looked at her with confusion and hurt, my wolf going crazy with me.

Doesn’t she want me anymore?

The fog that surrounded my brain cleared instantly when she said, “Ben,” with a look of horror.

Anna righted her clothes and opened the bedroom door to look inside. I watched as her body slid down to the floor as she sagged in relief.

He must be still asleep. I didn’t hear him move. Crap, he was so close and I couldn’t believe I lost control of him near. With his sensitive hearing, it was a miracle he hadn’t heard us already.

I rubbed my face trying to control my desire which was too hard at this point. Finally, I nodded and left her home with a good night through my clenched teeth.

Though I didn’t get my release, I was so happy that I whistled the entire way back home. I didn’t bother to bathe as I didn’t want to wash her scent of me and I didn’t care if others sniffed it out.

She is my mate, and it was bound to happen. Hell, I already had a son with her.

Leaving a message to mom, I fell into a dreamless slumber after a long time with my mate’s enticing scent surrounding me.


The past two weeks had been the best and the happiest time of my life. Aiden and I were seeing each other. We didn’t lose control like the other day with Ben around, but we did fool around with few kisses and make-out sessions, here and there.

My insecurities would peek out now and then, but I’d shove them aside and hoped Aiden was different. He hadn’t seen my scars yet, and I often wondered how he would react if he saw my body. Last night we almost crossed the line, and it took all my strength to stop him when I did. He was about to remove my shirt and that was like pouring a bucket of ice water on me.

Guilt ate me from the inside for hiding something like that from him. However, my fear of losing him and the uncertainty of revealing my past had kept my mouth shut.

Aiden was sweet with Ben and both of them grew close as days passed. He felt so familiar and I couldn’t help but notice the striking similarity between them at times. They both had the same hair and eye color, at times Aiden’s mannerisms were like Ben.

Maybe it is because they spent too much time with each other.

I wanted to confront him and ask if he knew me already, and then I didn’t want him to ask about my past. If we would take our relationship to the next level, he should know about it at some point in time. But, I wasn’t ready.

Speaking about my past was a touchy subject for me. Though I was closer to Aiden my own insecurities stopping me from taking our relationship to the next level. He tried to get intimate several times. However, I always found excuses to stop him. Getting intimate meant he’d get to see my scars. What if he hates me when he gets to see my scarred body?

I wanted him. I didn’t know if I was falling for him, but I am attracted to him and my feelings were growing strong for him. Shaking off the negative what if’s that clouded my poor brain I concentrated on the positive side of the things.

He might accept me for what I am when he knows more about me. He didn’t seem like a person who judged others with their physical beauty. I tried to assure myself as I worked.

A few weeks had passed and Aiden has been picking up Ben from school. He would help Ben with his home works and they spent quality time at Aiden’s place before he brought him over to the restaurant after my shift. He also dropped us back home after dinner, so we didn’t take the bus anymore.

We usually talked for a while watching TV and he left after Ben sleeps and not before kissing me goodnight. Sometimes we made out at his car like teenagers, me always stopping him when he got to the third base. My sex clenched at the memory.

I couldn’t allow him to see me naked, yet. I kind of felt we were moving too fast but I couldn’t help the way I felt when Aiden was around. It had been two months since we saw each other.

It was as if he was a magnet and I felt myself being pulled towards him no matter how much harder I tried. All my rational thoughts seemed to leave me when I am around him and that scared me a lot though I didn’t admit it aloud.

He had not asked me to be his girlfriend yet, but he treated me like one. Though I felt safe and comfortable with him, I wanted him to ask me to be his girl. I didn’t know if he would ever ask me the question. Nicholas had already asked Abigail and I could only hope Aiden would ask me too. With him around, I finally had a chance of happiness.

I have also been sleeping peacefully after I met Aiden. The nightmares have reduced. Though I had nightmares once or twice, this time I was not afraid to go back to sleep again.

There were times I tried to speak to Aiden about Ben’s father, but I couldn’t. Sensing my discomfort, Aiden changed the subject. I couldn’t risk ruining it all. A part of me was sure he would understand me while the other part argued what if he wouldn’t?

What if he broke it off with me when he finds out I ran away because my life was in danger? Would he want to risk his life by taking me in?

I still lived in a fear of someone finding me or my son. The night’s memories came flooding in my mind as I thought about it and I decided against speaking to Aiden for the time being. I didn’t know who my enemies were and for all. I know they could be anywhere. They could stand in front of me and I wouldn’t know.

Abigail was happy with Nicholas. She said he’d asked her to move in and she refused. Nicholas agreed to take it slow, and I thanked God for giving her the joy she deserved. He seemed like the right man for her. She laughed a lot these days.

“Thinking about that kiss again, girly,” Gigi teased breaking my thought train.

Gigi caught us kissing in the car this morning and has been teasing me about it since morning. I blushed and gave her a shy smile, pretending to work.

“I am so happy for you. You deserve someone like Aiden,” Gigi said and hugged me. I relaxed into her hug and sighed in content.

“Are you not happy for me Gigi? You know, you never hugged me,” Abigail complained with a pout making us laugh and we ended up pulling her into a group hug. “I am so happy that Nicholas and Aiden being friends we get to see each other often,” Abigail let out a dreamy sigh and squeezed my hand gently over Gigi’s shoulder.

“I am happy too.” I smiled releasing both of them.

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