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Chapter 8

She stared straight ahead very much in shock for a second. “You threw a knife at me? You pussy fucking little bitch can’t fight me like a real wolf can you! God imma rip you to shreds for that!”

It wasn’t like her to have a violent outburst like that. She imagined she was picking up on Aadya’s anxiety heightening her own anger at the situation. This in mind she still couldn’t help the redness that reached her face when Luca looked at her. He seemed so awed by her strength in this situation. In that second she would have sold her soul to know what he was thinking. However before either of them successfully broke from the trance made by their mate bond. Roy lunched at her. She brought her legs up again this time he managed to get a hand around her neck and snatch the knife from the wall before she completely kicked him off.

“Spoiled bitch! How dare you talk to me like that just because you’re a Freak and an Alpha female?”

She said nothing to him merely stared as another vicious growl left Luca’s lips this one was enough to even scare her. He lunged at ray flipped him over his shoulder and then disarmed him.
“You will not call your Luna a bitch or a freak. I will rip your tongue out for that!”
Roy didn’t reply to him he shifted into his wolf and then tackled Luca to the ground just as Luca shifted too. By this point Ella’s vicious was becoming blurred her panic making her powers flicker she could see their souls. Both so strong but pride filled her at Luca’s strength.

“Aadya we have to help our mate.”

Shift I think I can wiggle out of the bindings if you let me have control I promise I won’t be too crazy.

Hesitantly decided to trust in my wolf to protect us and our mate.

“Do your best, Aadya “

Before she could reply Ella pulled back in her mind giving Aadya full control, as she shifted fast. The cuffs holding her were looser on her wolf paws it only took some jerking and wiggling for the rusted metal to give way and release Aadya’s paws. Second she was freed she turned to the two wolves and let out a loud dominating growl. Then she pounced onto Roy’s back while he was attempting to fight submission out of Luca. She bit down hard on the tender flesh of his back and ripped placing her four paws on him and pushing with her legs as she pulled with her jaw. She ripped a large chunk of flesh off just as a pained howl yelp escaped Roy and he tossed her.

Luca’s wolf was irrationally angry when he saw Aadya flown into the cement wall. He lunged off his back right at Roy’s exposed throat and ripped viciously. Roy yelped and yanked away bleeding but not mortally wounded yet. Roy’s large wolf bowed his head some and turned rushing out of the cell and up the stairs into the woods.

Aadya having tired herself out freeing Luca from the pin shifted back and Ella slowly lifted herself into a somewhat sitting position slowly crawl up using the wall for support. She felt weaker then when she first woke in the cell. Concerned she might have a concussion she on shaky legs inched forwards towards where Luca was shifting back himself. She stepped slowly away from the wall. Just as a wave of nausea passed over her. Her sight got blurred Luca must have seen her suddenly lose focus on her eyes. She didn’t seem to notice him moving forward. Her legs where barely supporting her. They felt completely numb as if they had fallen asleep. She felt her ankle fold under her weight and felt herself fall. She cringed preparing for the impact of hitting the hard ground.

It never came she felt enveloped in warmth. She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion as she slowly opened her eyes and looked up. Luca was holding her. Or rather in that moment he was pulling her into a cradled position and carrying her out of the cell. She should feel more subconscious she was certain she would later. She vaguely heard him whispering to her. Her mine was too hazed to make out the gentle words. So she nuzzled into him instinctually his scent was soothing to her. She wondered why it wasn’t causing her wolf to frenzy like the first time she caught his scent. She thought that over as she slowly slipped unconscious from his scent and the motions of him carrying her.

His presence was a great comfort to her, her body felt sore all over as if a car had hit her. Her sleep was silent like she was being swallowed into darkness. It gave her anxiety she whimpered softly. She was used to seeing things in her sleep, or seeing someone at least. The complete silence sent fear through her skin.

Luca watched Roy run from the cell as he shifted back to his human form. Alec was begging him to check on his Luna. He turned to see her slowly rising to her feet in her human form. Luca felt the breath catch in his throat she was gorgeous. Before he could say anything to her his instincts picked up on her weak movements and the fact she was barely standing. He could tell she was trying to reach him likely for them to have a proper mates meeting. But he was more concerned with her health in that minute. Other than some bruises she didn’t look to beat up by Roy. But he worried about any internal damage he did. He was well aware of what Roy almost did... he had nearly lost her forever because of his own brother. The sense betrayal would likely never go away for Luca.

He lurched forward as he saw almost in slow motion for him. She had begun to fall; he caught her in his arms and looked down at her. When she opened her eyes to look at him she looked so out of it, so dazed. He slowly as not to startle or hurt her. He began to pull her up to cradle in his arms. He turned to leave the cell as he kissed her forehead.

“Don’t worry my brother will pay for hurting you, A chroí

He murmured to her in a soft Irish accent as he carried her back threw his pack land. When he reached the pack house he used his own body to cover hers some in case anyone saw them and he took a back interest in. he didn’t want to explain everything to his pack before she woke up. He wanted her awake and healthy when he announces he found his mate. He took her up to his room and very gently laid her on his bed covering her he decided he would have to tell at least one person for sure that would be the pack doctor. He needed to make sure she was okay that Roy hadn’t hurt her.

He watched her for a minute and got his own form of satisfaction out of how she curled up to his pillows and seemed to bath herself in his scent. He knew he would love having her, he just hoped she could look past the name his family left for him. He leaned down once again and kissed her forehead.
“Rest well my beautiful A Chroí”

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