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Chapter 9

Ella felt kind of lightheaded still when she woke up but not nearly as bad as when she had shifted earlier. First thing her senses solidly recognized was his scent. All over her, all over the bed she was in. she slowly opened her eyes and realized she was in someone’s bedroom. She sat up some and looked down at herself. With confusion she noted someone had dressed her as well. Wolves don’t typically have clothes on when they change back. All she was wearing was a men’s XL t-shirt in a deep black. It smelled like him to, his scent was everywhere it was distracting. She started to move to get up when she felt a sharp pain run through her making her gasp and whimper softly.

Suddenly the bedroom door was opened and he ran in to her side and was examining her almost panicked looking. He had to have been listening to her through the door. Another man starts to slowly taking his time walk in behind luca. He had this cleaned up professional but still playful look to him. She figured this was luca’s pack doctor.

“A chr oí! Are you okay where does it hurt?”

His pet name confused her she took note to ask him about it in the future. Trying to keep her voice calm so not to worry him more.

“I’m fine, just a little sore and dizzy still.”

The pack doctor spoke up now or rather he roughly cleared his throat to break the awkward silence building between me and luca as we stared at each other.

“Imma make this quick because it’s been brought to my attention that as mates you haven’t had the chance to properly meet yet and are in need of proper time alone. Ella right?” she nodded her head in confirmation. “Alright it seems Roy use a form of wolfsbane in a high concentration to keep you asleep long enough for him to move you out of your territory all the way here. However he miscalculated the dose you took for a basic wolf would have been fatal your lucky you have alpha blood. Your healing rate was twice as fast as normal wolves so I believe your blood burned most of it off fairly easily. However I must warn you not to try and shift again... When your wolf is in charge she has a harder time recovering from the wolfsbane. So until I give you the okay you aren’t to change every time you do it will weaken your wolf greatly. Luca informed me you shifted for a moment when he was dealing with Roy. So I hope you don’t expect to hear from your wolf for a little while. She is okay I believe but she will have a hard time regaining her strength. You’re going to be sore for a while other than that eat some food and try walking around in a few minutes.” After he finished his lecture about her shifting and a rundown of why she felt so sluggish and sore he bid his goodbyes and quietly left the room.

She finally took a deep breath and finished moving to a sitting position before with a slight blood she turned to acknowledge Luca. He was staring at her with an intense look of worry and anger in his eyes.

“a-are you okay?” she asked him softly.

He made a bitter sounding laugh and shook his head.” My brother poisoned you with wolfsbane and you’re asking me... if I’m okay? I’m fine, no actually I’m not, I’m mad as hell. I might very well kill him. He’s always been troublesome but he’s gone a bit too far this time. He attacked my mate. Hell even if you weren’t my mate he attacked a female with alpha blood.”

She bit her lip and wondered if she should tell him. Part of her new she would have to. At least until that horrible thought hit her.

What if I tell him I have the eye of the wolf and he hates me...or uses me for my gift?

She instinctively spoke to Aadya but she knew she was too weak to respond. She looked at Luca and decided for now she wouldn’t say anything. Not until she knew what kind of man her mate was.

“He was going to for his mark on me... to make sure my mate wouldn’t be able to find me. If none mates mark, it makes it nearly impossible to sense your real family would consider him my mate even if I said he wasn’t because it would be hopeless for me to find you...he would have gotten power in my pack...not anymore then he has here but he didn’t know that. My pack doesn’t answer to that old rule that the alpha has to be mated. So my brother would have stayed alpha.”

He looked even angrier. She could see his wolf pushing forward from the look in his eyes. I made her scoot farther away from the side of the bed he was standing beside. “He’s lucky I caught him when I did. I already caught your scent I knew who you were. If I stopped feeling our bond I would have murdered him. I wouldn’t have given him a chance to escape... Hell I might still hunt his scrawny ass down and kill him for landing a hand on you.” His voice sounded so vicious she felt a chill rush down her skin.

She was trying to think of a response when she got a thought and jumped forward towards him. She felt the ache in her muscles but in that minute didn’t care. “I need a phone. Do you have a phone? You’re an alpha course you have a phone. Please give me your phone!”

He was startled by her movement and now stood with a raised eyebrow looking down at her. “Why do you need my phone?”

“My family doesn’t know where I am. They know I was kidnapped by now... Roy used your scent to trap me. Which means your scent is still in those woods along with Roy’s and my own. Give me your phones I need to call them tell them what’s going on before they start an all-out war against you!”

Once hearing her response he must have understood her urgency because he pulled a small cheap smartphone out his back pocket and placed it in her hand. She immediately turned on the phone and felt a small relief about not having to waste time on passwords. She felt a stab of jealousy when she realized the background picture was a woman with a small child in her arms. She chose not to say anything she would find out who it was later at the moment she had bigger more fatal fish to fry. She quickly dialed her brother’s number first as alpha he would be in charge of her search party. When it rang twice he answered.

“Who is this?!” she could hear the anxiety and stress in his voice.

“Nick it’s me, its Ella. “She tried to keep her voice calm. She noticed how still and quiet Luca had gotten she knew he was listening.

“Where are you Ella? Who has you? Are you in danger?” he sounded practically frantic now.

“Nick. Nick! Breathe for a minute. I’m okay, I’m safe. I wasn’t at first but I am now. Roy Darklour you remember him right? He kidnapped me to try and use ...use it against his brother. He betrayed his alpha and he betrayed his loyalty to us... Alpha Luca saved me. I’m on his pack land now I’m well-guarded and safe I promise.”

" I won’t believe that till I see you I’m coming to get you now with Eric. Mom and dad are worried sick. We were all terrified that someone had finally figured out your gift and kidnapped you for it.” She felt herself stiffen and looked up at Luca hoping he hadn’t heard all of that. She wasn’t ready to explain it.

“Nick you can’t take me home I have to stay here.”

“What do you mean, you have to stay there? Is he forcing you to stay? Alpha Luca is no good Ella. If he has hurt you I will break our treaty myself and kill him for it.”

“He hasn’t hurt me nick. To hurt me would mean hurting his own wolf. No lycan worth his salt would hurt his wolf like that.”

“What are you talking about Ella.”

“We are mates. That’s why I can’t leave. I belong here, as his mate that means his pack is mine... and I might have only just meant him. But I don’t appreciate the threats against my mate. If I find out you laid a finger on a single wolf in Luca’s pack ill skin you alive Nick!” she wasn’t sure what made her so irrationally angry with her brother she knew he only wished to protect her. But she wasn’t in the mood to be rational as she hung up on him and threw the phone onto the bed beside her.

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