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Chapter 10

She was shaking with how angry she felt. She had never yelled a nick before. As her anger slowly boiled down a sense of guilt filled her slowly she looked to Luca.

“I’m sorry I acted like that. I don’t know why I got so defensive.”

He had a look of shock on his face that at this point in time was slowly boiling away into a huge smile. “He threatened your mate. Your instincts told you to protect me thats all it was. Don’t ever apologize for our bond.”

She nodded slowly as she stared at him. For a minute then she got self-conscious. “d-did you dress me?”

he smiled weakly and shook his head.” I didn’t think it would be fair of me to dress you while you were unconscious I had my sister do it for you.”

The word sister stuck in her head hard. She didn’t remember ever being told he had a sister. “Sister? I thought you and Roy was all there was because you... I mean because your parents died before they could have more.”

His eyes seemed to harden some. “My father took in Crystal when she was young he worshiped the ground she walked on almost as much as he did Roy’s. She had been family for 3 years when my mother died, and as you nearly reminded me I killed my father.” She felt herself flinch at the deadly calm that his voice had.

“I was not going to say that.” He laughed bitterly.

“You expect me to believe you haven’t heard those rumors?”

She shook her head hard. She felt herself getting angry. “No I of course I have heard the stories. But I was choosing to give my mate the benefit of doubt! I’m not like other people I don’t assume things like that. Especially not when I can find out the truth in a matter of seconds. Claims of murder mean nothing to me.”

There was a spark of maybe hope and curiosity in his eyes as he seemed to calm. He hadn’t expected her to snap at him. “What do you mean you could prove I didn’t kill them?”

She looked at him debated saying it out right. But in that moment in time she was too angry with him to even dream of telling him how she could find out. “You’re just going to have to guess I think. Because I don’t believe I plan on telling you any time soon that’s for sure. You don’t exactly deserve to know at the moment. “She crossed her arms and gave him a stubborn look.

He seemed annoyed as he turned around and headed for the door. In that second she felt the distance growing between them and the stab of pain in her chest. She felt guilty for snapping at him. Her wolf though week was already missing having his wolf so clothes. Ella mentally nudged Aadya and she weakly nudged back she wasn’t strong enough to speak yet.

“Where are you going?” Her voice was so soft she for a minute doubted it was her own. She knew he could hear her though.

He stopped; she could almost visibly see his body relaxing from the tension. “The doc said you would need food to regain your strength. Since you seem rather annoyed with me I figured I’d have crystal bring you food. While I take care of pack business and id come check on you later.”

“Am I being kept in here all day? Like am I on lock down or something?” she felt her annoyance coming back again she wondered why she was so moody with him.

“Not by me, the doc wants you staying in bed ill after you eat then your free to leave the room. But I beg you until I deal with Roy don’t leave the pack house... at all okay?”

She didn’t feel like running into Roy or anyone else really so she merely nodded and lay back in the bed. She watched him leave the room, He left his phone, and she stared at it a moment chewing at her inner cheek. She wondered if it was by choice so she could have something to do or mistake. She picked it up and typed numbers and put the phone to her ear. She felt her heart skip with joy when she heard Eric’s gentle voice coming through the phone.

“Hello who is it?” he sounded tired but then he always did. She heard sadness behind that tired tone though and I pulled at her heart.

“Eric it’s me Ella.” She says softly trying to be sure her tone wouldn’t worry him any.

“Ella! Oh my god, nick just told us a few minutes ago. Are you okay? You found your mate? Is he as bad as the rumors say or is he really sweet?”

Hearing his worrisome ramblings made her so much better. She waited till he was done then curled up and began telling him everything that happened. Starting with the message from Jax, then Roy trapping her during the hunt. Everything up to her argument with Luca.

“Wow sis, you have had a busy night and morning to. But I think your being a little hard on Luca. He did just save you from his brother. He’s probably worried sick about you. Now he’s also going to be worried you hate him because of rumors made up about him when he became an alpha. Talk to him sis, find out what really happened. Also I don’t think you should hide your gift from him. Maybe don’t talk about Jax with him yet. But he needs to know why his brother wanted you so bad.

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