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Chapter 11

She spent a solid hour on the phone with Eric. Before she heard a knock at the bedroom door and she hung up on him. She stared at the door a minute unsure if she should just open it. What if ray had come back? What if it was someone looking for Luca? She’s not a Luna yet so she has no right to any pack related business unless he chose to share them with her.

“Who is it?” she called out finally towards the door.

“It’s crystal, the alpha sent me up to bring you food ma’am.”

She crinkled her nose in complaint to being called ma’am but allowed the girl to come in. she realized immediately that as she had first predicted the girl on Luca’s phone was this crystal. She tried to keep her jealousy at bay he had said crystal grew up with him as his sister. There was nothing there to be worried about, and now seeing her. She could tell the girl bore a mark. That meant she had found her mate already. She wouldn’t likely being anywhere near another man but him.

Crystal seemed to have noticed Ella relax after a minute. She set the bed tray full of fresh cooked food on the bed and gave Ella a huge smile.
“Nice to meet you Luna. I hope you don’t mind if I call you that. I know Luca hasn’t marked you yet, but he’s my brother. I’m just so excited he finally found you. Even if under horrible circumstances.”

Ella was beginning to quickly feel overwhelmed by this girl talking about her mating with Luca. She must have noticed Ella’s domineer change. For she seemed fairly worried if not outright panicked to settle her nerves.

“o-oh don’t worry only I and the pack doctor know about you. Well If I know my mate and pup know to but no one else in the pack. No yet at least, Luca said he wants to wait to announce you until you’re on your feet and ready.”

Ella couldn’t help the smile at knowing Luca was so worried. It felt good to know he wasn’t trying to take control of things. He wanted to have her approval and opinion on things that involves both of them.

“Its fine, this is all just so new to me. It was only yesterday that I and my wolf were debating who our mate could be. Now here I am in his bedroom. Talking to his sister and he’s already saved my life once.”

She nodded and gently patted Ella’s arm. “I remember when I first found my mate henry. I remember being so nervous, and so overwhelmed. Plus we aren’t even alphas. I can’t begin to imagine the strain your under. But for now on we are friends okay? Anything you need to talk about that Luca would be no help with. I’m your girl, okay?”

Ella chewed at her inner cheek a minute as she nodded. “I have a small question just because I want to learn more about him. I annoyed him earlier so I don’t think he’s in the mood to tell me himself.”

While Ella talked she had begun to chew at her food. Once she had confirmation that Crystal was willing to answer her question. She took a shaky breath and hoped she wouldn’t sound to obsess asking such a strange question.

“When I started to go out when he rescued me. He spoke to me but it didn’t sound English.”

Ella saw sadness cross over Crystal’s eyes as she slowly nodded.
“It’s Gaelic, When we were young our father was brutal on Luca. He wasn’t great with me but in his own way he worshipped me. He favored Roy too. However his eldest, Luca, he was terrible to Luca. Luca once disobeyed him so bad that it took half the pack to keep our father from beating him to death. After that Luca was sent to spend 3 years in Ireland at a human boarding school. So he learned Gaelic, and because he was around all those humans. He had a horrible time controlling his lycan side... he had his first shift in the middle of a strange forest in Ireland. He should have been here with his family for that moment. He shouldn’t have had to be alone.”

The first time you shift into your wolf is a huge deal for lycan’s normally your whole family is there to comfort you and congratulate you. Getting your wolf means you’re an adult in lycan laws. Though to earn the right of adult hood you must experience the nightmare of pain involved in ever bone in your body breaking. Your skin legitimately burning as fur grows out of your body.

In that moment in time Ella could swear she hated Luca’s father. To make a young boy be alone for his first shift like that. She however appreciated knowing his bit about him. She felt she understood his nature a tad bit better than she did before.

“Thank you for telling me, Crystal.”

“Of course, now I need to go take care of my pup. You rest up Luca should be back up here a bit after lunch to check on you.”

Ella nodded as she continued to eat at her food. When she felt somewhat satisfied she put the tray on the night stand beside her and crawled back under Luca’s covers and slowly hushed herself to sleep.

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