Gifted by the moon ( Rough Draft

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Chapter 12 ~ Luca's Perspective

Why was it so hard for him to focus? He was on and off calls with several of his Delta’s hunting down where Roy ran off to. He had to pay for what he did to Luca’s mate. Luca finally got off the phone again and collapsed into his chair. His mine was filled with her. Subconsciously he knew it was just because of the mate bond. He missed being close to her already.

He shouldn’t have snapped at her. It only proved to anger her more. He just got so sick of the rumors about him murdering his father and mother in their sleep. He hated the thought that she had been corrupted to believe the stories too. He didn’t want her seeing him like that. However she had a right to be curious about it. He shouldn’t have gotten so mad at her. He should have given her a chance to ask her questions. She is his mate she can’t hate him because of her past.

He whimpered softly as he pictured the look she had on her face when he accused her. She had looked so wounded by what he said. A smile spread across his face when he recalled how her wounded expression had melted to such determination and natural strength. She wasn’t scared of him, or she wouldn’t have stood up for herself against him. His mate was strong, something about that made his wolf excited.

Her would is strong to. Even hurt I could sense her she has such strength.

“The fates chose a perfect mate for us.”

It was refreshing to Luca to hear Ace so happy inside him. It had been quite a while. Part of him knew that he was grateful to his mate for that. He looked at the clock and sighed softly. He rose from his seat and slowly made his way out to the main hall of the pack house. He listened softly he could hear the steady breathing of Ella in his room down the hall. But he feared he would upset her if he went in to check on her right now. With a shaky breath, he walked down the half. Gently turning the door handle as he let himself in. He could see her shake curled under the covers of his bed. He moved to the other side of the room and sat down in his big chair by the window. He crossed his leg and leaned back closing his eyes, as he took in her sweet scent. She smelled like sweet pine trees and forget-me-nots and just the slightest hint of spice that he could not seem to place.

Whatever it was he loved it. His wolf was obsessed with it. He opened his eyes and looked where she laid. He wished she would awaken so he could beg her to forgive him for how he acted. However he didn’t want to disturb how peaceful she seemed to be.

The moon was on his side and because in that moment she seemed to be stirring. He stood up and moved closer trying to stay so his presence wasn’t over bearing. He did not wish to scare his beautiful mate. She rolled over her wolf sensing him made her smile as she released what he could have sworn was the most adorable yawn ever. Though maybe he was just becoming bias he chuckled to himself. Her eyelashes fluttered like soft wings against her face before they opened to look up at him. He braced himself for anger that he was worried she would still have. Instead she smiled at him softly. Before she slowly rose up to be sitting against the head board.

“How long was I asleep?” Her voice still groggy and heavy with sleep.

“Not that long I don’t believe only a couple hours. I know I wasn’t supposed to come back till to night but I had an attack of conscious I guess you could stay.” He gave a half smirk to her as he came closer and slowly sat on the edge of the bed.

She giggled and it was the most angelic sound he had ever heard. “Oh, the big bad alpha felt guilty did he?” If anyone else had dared to laugh at him he would have been defending himself. However from her it felt natural to tease each other like best friends and lovers.

“Yes I do. I’m sorry I snapped at you that was unfair of me to do when you were only expressing natural interest in my past. It was unfair of me. I just have dealt with a lot of bias because of my past. The last person I want to judge me because of my father is my mate.” He looked at her hoping she understood what he was saying.

She looked at him a minute then nodded and she moved over and wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him. It was not what he had planned on it shocked him to his core. However he loved the feel of her holding onto him. His wolf was reaching out to hers. The mate bond was consuming them for that one small moment.

She pulled away slowly. He could feel the pull of the mate bond rejecting the lack of contact. He sighed softly and slowly sat up moving back away from her to settle the bond. “Thank you for understanding, Ella. I don’t want any secrets between us ever. Not even about my history, I’m not completely sure I’m ready to tell you the full story yet. I swear I will someday soon I just need time first.

She bit her lip softly as she looked up at Luca. The look in her eye worried him. She was curious, and she looked almost nervous. When she spoke she sounded unsure of herself. “I agree we should have no secrets between us. I guess with that in mind. I have something important to tell you.”

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