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Chapter 13

~recap of end of last chapter in Ella’s view~

Ella chewed at her inner cheek. She felt nervous what he said meant the world to her. She didn’t want secrets between them. She appreciated that he will come out of his comfort zone one day to share the real story of his family with her. She knew at this moment in time she needed to tell him. Part of her feared however that he would change his view of her knowing that she was born with the rare gift. Her brother was right though if he didn’t know about Jax he had the right to at least know about the gift.

She bit her lip softly as she looked up at Luca. He looked so hopeful and genuine. She couldn’t wait till the day he was ready to share, but today was her turn to share. She could hear the quiver of anxiety in her own voice, though she persisted he needed this from her. “I agree we should have no secrets between us. I guess with that in mind. I have something important to tell you.”

Bless his heart he looked terrified. What did he think she was going to say? That she had a boyfriend back home and was going to reject him? Its unheard of there is no way she would ever reject him. She had been waiting for him for so long.

“It’s nothing bad I swear. Least I don’t think it is and I sure hope you don’t think it’s a bad thing.” She tried to reassure him.

He let out a sigh of relief before quickly getting concerned. He sat back down on the bed so he was eyelevel with her. She felt her wolf stir when he got closer. His scent was intoxicating, there was no time though. She couldn’t sit here fawning over her amazing mate just now. They had to have a serious discussion first.

“Do you remember what I said when I got mad at you. See the reason I know I could learn the truth if I really cared to know it is. I died before I was born. I was technically born dead. The Pack doctor was about to bring me back. Everyone said it was a miracle that it didn’t make sense because at the time I had no heart beat at all and I wasn’t breathing. Even Still here I sit alive and breathing, with a strong heartbeat. Because I survived against odds. I was born with the eye of the wolf. Im sure you know what that means. I see through the veil of life and death. I can sometimes see things before they happen. Sense others emotions sometimes to but its weak.”

She had realized she was rambling and stopped herself. Only to begin holding her breath to the point she felt dizzy almost. He hadn’t spoken and it was starting to make her anxious. However his face gave nothing away about how he was feeling. He seemed to be processing.

He looked at her a minute as he finally began to speak.
“That’s why Roy wanted you so bad. He thought if he could claim you it would make him more powerful and he could take advantage of your gift to challenge me.”

She bit her lip softly as she nodded her head. “Yes, I wanted to tell you earlier but there wasn’t time and then we fought and I was scared it would get worse if you knew.”

He shook his head and reached out slipping his hand into one of hers. “I might be a lot of things but I’m not a monster. I wouldn’t hate my mate because of something she was born with. What you just told me is not only will I have to protect you from the dangers of day to day pack life as my Luna. I’ll need to be sure to protect you against the world and all in it who would want to use you.”

She felt tears fill her eyes as she moved closer to him on the bed and hugged him again. “Thank you for not hating me. Thank you for not suddenly becoming power crazed. Thank you for being my mate, the moon really does take extra care in picking mates don’t she?”

He released a soft laugh her sudden happiness had startled him. He held her close to him and they stayed like that a moment just hugging. Until her body made a noise of hunger again and she blushed pulling away.
“It seems I slept off all the food crystal gave me earlier. Do you think we could go get some food? I know I need rest but I’m getting stir crazy being kept in bed.”

He chuckled and nodded.” You’re free to go get food this is your home now too. You’re even allowed to schedule for your family to visit.”

Her eyes went wide with shock and her jaw dropped. He merely smiled and nodded.” I had thought of it after our fight while I was working. Your brother is a major alpha now and as my future brother-in-law it doesn’t do me good to have him hating me now does it. However I believe if you invited them here for a visit after we seal the mate bond. Maybe they would feel better about me and trust I can care for you as your mate and equal.”

She was starting to love having a mate more and more as he talked. Having real independence even if it came with the responsibilities of being a Luna. Being cared about without any conditions. Having someone designed by the moon to always understand her. “Thank you, Luca. That means the world to me.”

He grinned at her and it was first time she seen him completely smile. You know teeth and all just a pure honest to god happy smile. “Of course Ella. Now it’s only about noon so why don’t you. Go take a shower ill have crystal bring you something to wear for now. Then come on downstairs you can meet the rest of the people who live in the pack house.”

She thought about it a moment. She still felt kind of sore after everything she went through but she could feel her body healing. The Wolfs Bane had slowed down her healing significantly. A hot shower would help release some of the remaining tension from her body. “Yea I think I will do it I believe I could really use one. Thank you again Luca. I’ll see you downstairs?”

He nodded his head and got up slowly. Both of their wolves objected to the fact they were being separated again. She waited until Luca was completely out of the room before she scurried out of bed. Slowly testing her legs on the ground before walking and making her way to the bathroom. She turned on the light as she went in. The room was small but fairly comfortable looking. It was in gold tones and soft green color. It felt so natural in the room. She closed the door behind her as she looked around. Grateful there was a towel on the back of the door. She didn’t think Luca would care to much if she borrowed it. She checked the door sighing a breath of relief that it had a lock. She in a way trusted her mate but old habits die hard. The bathroom has always been her safe place. It was quiet and calm, private. It didn’t matter who you were or where you were no one would interrupt your quiet time in the bathroom. But because she has siblings she still sometimes needed to check she locked her doors before she settled into the safe haven. Even after her parents gave her, her own room with her own bathroom. She still always locked the door like it was second nature.

She looked around the bathroom after she locked herself in. Then her eyes came back to the towel. She reached out and grabbed it. It was so fluffy and warm. She didn’t think any of the towels at home were this soft. She pulled it to her face and nuzzled the softness a minute. Then it hit her his scent was all over it. Clearly it wasn’t new, he had used it before. Her mind wondered imagining where he used it then she gasped at herself and dropped it to the floor for a minute. Her face a scarlet red.

The mate bond was getting stronger the more time they spent together. If she was acting like an obsessed school girl already on the first day. What would she become later on? She gathered herself a minute before she picked the towel up and hung it back on its hook. Then she turned and looked at the shower testing the facet to see which was hot or cold. Once she knew, she stepped back and looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes went wide with horror. Luca had saw her like this. Her hair was a ratted mess. She had a huge bruise on her face from where Roy had hit her. She had smaller bruises on her arms likely from when they carried her to where Roy had her chained up. Speaking of which her wrist had nasty red burns on them from when she fought

With the rusted cuffs. They were healing well at least now. Her wolf was right to get her free when she did though. The marks might have broken flesh if she hadn’t. Which means the Wolfs bane would have taken twice as long to heal them.

After deciding that she would make sure Luca never saw her in this horrible state again. She started to undress being careful to fold her clothes up. Even though they needed washed she figured it would keep everything from making a huge mess. She turned to the shower and reached in turning the water on then flipping it to use the shower head. She stepped away from it and let the water run for a minute. Once she was sure it was warm at least she climbed into the shower. Immediately making a sound of happiness she felt the stress melt out of her.

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