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Chapter 14

After her shower Ella wrapped herself up in Luca’s towel. Reaching over the counter she wipes a layer of steam off the mirror. Clean now her marks don’t look as bad. The hot water had brought down a lot of the swelling in her face to. With a soft sigh she walks to the door slowly clicking the lock and coming out of the bathroom. Laid out on the bed was a reasonably cute outfit it wasn’t much like her usual style but it would do.

She lifted them and let out a sigh of relief Crystal had hooked her up with some concealer and a hair brush. Part of her knew she would love getting to know her. Now that she knew she didn’t need to worry about her stealing Luca that is. Before getting dress she goes to lock the bedroom door just to be safe. She couldn’t risk someone looking for Luca coming in. A shiver went down her spine as she imagined how embarrassed she would feel.

Walking over she shifts through the clothes. Crystal had got her a bra to use but it looked a little small so she tossed it to the side deciding not to bother with it. She grabbed everything else and took her time getting dressed. Trying not to put any pressure on the bruises that she found in the process. Then she grabbed the makeup plus the hairbrush and went back to the bathroom to use the mirror. She tested the concealer to see how the match was. She has always been extremely pale so it was hard for her to find makeup that looked good on her. Crystal had done a fairly good job the color match wasn’t perfect but no one would notice. She spent an extra ten minutes just covering the horrible color of her bruise on her face, neck and cleavage. Once she didn’t look like someone kicked her ass. She ran the brush through her dark hair. Part of her always loved to brush her hair it felt so soothing.

When she felt reasonably put back together and almost like her normal self. She headed out the room. She used her sense of smell to track where to go in order to get downstairs. Then find her way to the kitchen tracking Luca’s scent. when she came in the room she smiled at Luca.

He seemed startled when he first saw her come in. She felt a small victory; he hadn’t expected to see her looking good after how he saw her this morning. She walked over her curiosity one of her strongest features and looked to see what he was cooking. The scent was already enough to make her feel like drooling.

“This smells amazing I almost feel Aadya getting stronger just from the smell”
She giggled softly as she looked over at him. Part of her never wanted to stop examining him. She couldn’t believe Alpha Luca was her mate.

He chuckled at her as he stirred some bacon in a pan. “Ahh, well I hope your hungry I’m making you a feast.”

I nodded and moved to a close counter and pulled myself up to be sitting on it. I watched him as I kicked my legs slowly. He looked up out the corner of his eye and looked at me.
" I’m glad the clothes fit you Crystal swore she knew what would fit you. ”

I nodded my head and grabbed the hem line of the shirt and pulled it out some as I looked down at myself. “yea it all mostly fit me just fine. The bra she gave me was a little small so I didn’t bother with it. Everything else fits great, I love these boots. I may never give them back to her. Yea no these are totally mine now she can borrow them from me occasionally but these mine.” I grinned at him and just as I had hoped. He burst into laughter at my response to the shoes. It was nice hearing him laugh. Hell it was nice to just sit here with him like this talking like we had been together our whole lives.

Mates. Aadya never lost hope in finding him. But after Ella’s first year when no one she in her pack was her mate she was disheartened. The pack’s alpha’s all meet for updates once every 5 years. She may have found Luca then. However she would have found him even sooner if not for her fear of leaving home. Though here she was Two Pack territories away from home. Sitting in the pack house of the DarkRain pack. Alone with the alpha as if it was the most natural thing in the world for her to do.

He put the bacon onto a plate and begins to toast some bread. As they did he leaned back on the counter and looked at her. “So other than see creepy ghost all the time what do you do for entertainment?”

She thought about it a moment. “I draw a lot sometimes I guess. Me and my brother use to play music together I’m a violinist and he’s good at harp. Training a lot, I have never been good at sitting still so I started training with my brothers at a really young age. I like my brothers polar opposite my brother is very lazy at times. But if you ask him he just hasn’t found something he thinks is worth fighting for.”

He thought about it for a minute then nods. “is this the brother who just became alpha we are talking about?”

She laughed as she realized she wasn’t being very specific, she shook her head slowly smiles. “No, Nick is the new alpha. Nick is my elder brother but I was born with a twin.”

He looked confused for a minute. “Wait you were born dead but your twin wasn’t?”

She nods understanding his confusion because many people in the past have expressed the same. “Yes exactly, that’s why it’s confused everyone about why was I born dead and had to be brought back. But my twin brother who shared the womb with me was completely healthy and showed no sign of any sickness.”

he nods as he started to understand better. The toaster popped which made Ella jump out her skin. Luca chuckled softly as he got up and walked over to the toaster. Taking out the bread, then goes to the fridge pulling out some ingredients he starts chopping veggies up. “okay let me see if I have got this. You have your dad the old Alpha Drake, your mother Addison. Then there is your brothers Nick, and Eric I think right?”

She bit her lip as she slowly nodded. She felt hesitant but she figured she would have to tell him someday. He was her mate she couldn’t live the rest of her long lycan existence hiding things from him. “Yea... and Jax.”

He looked up as he pieced there meal together. He seemed confused as he recalled what he knew from past meetings of with the alphas. “What? No I don’t recall your parents ever having a 4th child.”

She nodded as she slid off the counter and moved a bit closer to him. “Your right they never did. They lost the chance to. It’s kind of a really long story. But you I’m sure know that a while ago my father challenged my grandfather and won becoming the new alpha. Afterwards my grandfather disappeared. Everyone assumed he died or something. If you had ever got a chance to meet my grandfather you would know he resented werewolves. Believed they were below us meant to be slaves to Lycan. So you can imagine my father’s shock when a pack of werewolves attacked our pack. Then they learned my grandfather was there leader. Had filled them with stories about the lycan being evil. Convincing them he was the only good lycan. The night my parents fought the werewolves and my grandfather was the same night my mother learned she was pregnant with Jax.

Sadly for my parents. My grandfather could smell my mother’s pregnancy. He tried to use it as a weapon against my parents. He felt no shame in killing his own grandchild and nearly killing my mother too. The baby died automatically from the silver didn’t even have a chance to heal from the wound. My mother healed find but she was sick with silver poisoning for months after. My father still blames himself. He says if he had just killed my grandfather during his challenge. Then none of it would have happened. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t the only one who can talk to Jax. If dad could speak to him he might not hate himself for it so much. “She felt tears run down her cheeks. She hated telling Jax’s story she hated knowing that her own flesh and blood robbed her family of having Jax in there life.

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