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Chapter 15

He wasn’t sure what made her feel the need to explain it. Must have been like second nature for her to talk about her brother. Though the more she spoke the more upset she seemed to be getting. When the tears came he crumbled into pieces himself. He couldn’t stand to see her beautiful eyes crying. It tore his heart up inside, it was shaking his wolf to the core.

Make her stop please. She’s hurting make it stop.

“I will, I have to.”

He reached out and pulled her into his arm and gently shushed her. Her sobs shook him to the core. He felt irrationally protective. He wanted to kill the man who killed her brother just so she would stop crying. Even though the man was already dead. “Shush Ella. Its okay, I understand if I could I would go back and kill him myself so your father could be guilt free and you could grow up with your big brother.”

“y-you don’t get it. I did grow up with him; from the moment my gift came in I had Jax right there. I never felt lonely no matter what Jax protected me the best he could from there. My mother never got to see Jax. I have described him but she will never know what kind of man he could have been. Dad never got to see Jax grow or train Jax like he trained the rest of us. Eric doesn’t understand but he always says he thinks it would have been cool to grow up with Jax for a big brother. Nick is scared to believe Jax is watching him. He hates my grandfather almost as much as my parents do. He feels like he was robbed from having Jax in his life. It hurts him to not have Jax the way I do.”

Luca felt helpless, he wanted to help her. She grieved not for herself but for her entire family who were denied what she had. He kissed his forehead and closed his eyes trying to sooth her. He spoke to her softly in Gaelic. She settled after a few long moments; Taking a deep and shaky breath. She looked up at him.

She smiled softly her eyes red and puffy now from her crying. “Crystal said you spent time in Ireland which is how you learned Gaelic.”

He nodded his head slowly as he guides her to sit down and he offers her the food he made. “I did but I sense you have a question in there somewhere.”

She picked at her food for a minute as she thought about it. “It’s just I recall being taught that the Irish speak English mostly now very few still use Gaelic. Why did you take the time to learn it surely you didn’t need it?”

He hated talking about his past; however she bared her heart to him. It was only fair he returned the offer. “I didn’t want to be leaving Ireland with nothing of importance. I was there for a long time. Yes I learned my lessons at the boarding school but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t learn here. So I asked one of my older professors to teach it to me. He often used it when he didn’t want us knowing what he was saying. It was like a secret language only he understood in that classroom. I liked that idea. I remember just after it finally stuck and I knew it nearly as well as he did. Whenever someone acted out in class I would crack a joke to the professor in Gaelic and we would carry out conversations together about the student as a annoyance. Typically the same person never acted out twice when we started this. Once one of the kids told him he should teach us all Gaelic if he plans to talk to us in it so much. He laughed and told us ‘now where is the fun in that? How will I be able to speak my mind without ye knowin it if I taught ye all to understand.’ He retired with only ever teaching one person the Gaelic language. Gaelic is dying out very few use it. Part of me loves the language it’s complicated but beautiful. If it doesn’t bother you after we are mated I would love to teach you and our children Gaelic. A private language just for our family”

She smiled at him it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He much rather liked her smiling then in tears like the moment before. She had a beautiful smile. It lit up her whole face but her eyes glitter almost as the narrowed and her cheeks gave her soft dimples on her cheeks. Her teeth where perfectly straight and naturally white.

“I love the idea. I love when you speak to me in Gaelic it sounds so beautiful and unique. I hated it when Crystal said you had to do your change alone. So I guess it makes me happy to know that even though you had to suppress your wolf for so long. You had fun and made friends with your teacher. He sounds like an amazing man and wise to I’m sure.”

He loved every minute of siting her talking with Ella. They ate there food as they talked he tried to keep the conversation on her past more so than his. Going into his past meant telling her about his father. He wasn’t sure he was ready to do that yet. He didn’t want her to feel pity for him because of his family.

However this peaceful calm they had going on naturally couldn’t last to long. As Luca was washing their dishes with minor help from Ella at his insistence. A Delta wolf came rushing into the house they sensed him before he appeared. He felt distressed and rushed. He ran into the kitchen and grabbed the door frame trying to catch his breath.

“We found Roy and the traitors. A fight has broken out. Roy has injured several wolves we need you Alpha.”

“Alright I’m coming.” He kisses Ella’s head gently. “Stay here and stay safe. Jason thank you for telling me I need you to stay here and protect Ella. Roy is after her and I swear to god a single hair on her head gets misplaced and ill have your fur turned into a new fur blanket for her.”

The delta nodded his head firmly as Luca got up and hurried out to assist his pack. Apprehending Roy was going to be a challenge but in that particular moment Luca didn’t care. He was going to kick his brother’s ass in honor of his mate. Hell or high water.

She watched as he stood up. Her heart was hammering hard in her ears. She looked at the poor delta. His face had gone pale at the threat from his alpha. Least she knew the kid would do his job. She smiled weakly as she glanced to the door where Luca had just run out. She had a uneasy feeling about things. It seemed too easy that the pack found Roy already unless he was planning another attack.

“I would like to go rest now. You can guard the door so alpha won’t worry about you leaving me unwatched.” She reassured the wolf when he looked panicked at her request. He sighed in relief when she agreed to be watched. She stood and walked upstairs to Luca’s room. She smiled at the wolf and went in grabbing a few pillows she came back and offered them to him so he wouldn’t be uncomfortable during his watch. Then she walked back in closing the door. Out of habit and her worry she latched the door before she went and sat on the bed. She nudged Aadya gently inside her mind. She wanted to talk to her wolf, but she was scared she was still too weak.

“Aadya? Can you hear me yet?”

I can. I’m feeling better don’t worry.

“Thank god. I don’t think I could handle sitting here in silence. I mean I could talk to the delta. But I don’t know him it’s not the same. Jax told me not to use our powers unless I can’t control it. I miss him though.”

I miss him too. Our mate and you seemed to be getting along well. I’m still too weak to interact with his wolf yet.

“Yea we had a small fight while you were still asleep. But I think we are past it now. Im worried about him. It seems weird for Roy to be found so easily.”

Aadya didn’t actually respond she made a small sound of agreement. Ella could tell she was getting tired. She decided to let Aadya rest. Stretching she tested the soreness in her bones. She figured it wouldn’t hurt for her to get some more rest in too. She looked at the window though and bit her lip hard. She walked over to it and gently pulled the curtains open. She tested the locks to be sure they were safe. Then she looked around and decided to move a heavy hope chest at the end of the bed over to sit in front of the window. She would hear if it moved and it would wake her up as a warning of any danger. Once done with that she double checked the bedroom door’s lock before climbing in bed. Her heart reaching out to Luca in concern for him. As she slowly drifted to sleep.

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