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Chapter 16~Luca's Perspective

He felt a cold chill in his bones. As he began to run with his wolves through the dense forest. He couldn’t understand why his brother let himself be found so easily. They had been trained together he knew his brother was capable of staying hidden for months on end. Even with trained Lycan’s tracking him down. He didn’t understand or like how easy this all seemed to be. Probably why he didn’t leave Ella alone he trusted his delta to protect Ella while he handled Roy. Part of him still felt worried about her safety. This only proved to piss him off. He shouldn’t have to worry about his mate’s safety in his own damn pack house.

He knew the mate bond with Ella was growing stronger. He could feel the anxiety leaving her alone was causing his wolf. Part of him wanted to run back and hold her to be sure the evil of the world would never get her. Another part of him, a stronger part of him. Knew he had to take care of Roy to ensure her safety. She was gifted it made so much sense now. Why Roy had wanted her so desperately. Her gift is powerful and not something to be taken lightly he knew this. But he wasn’t about to watch his own brother take advantage of it. He would be fighting people for the rest of his life to protect her from people who wanted to hurt her.

Thinking like this brought the memory of when he found her in the abandoned torture cell with Roy. Cold rage filled his blood as he ran faster. He recalled seeing her panicked and in pain chained to the wall like a common house pet. It drove him crazy just imagining. He wanted to rip Roy’s throat out so bad he was consumed with the anger of it. Thinking about what Roy had planned to do to her only made it worse. As they began to circle around the area where Roy’s scent had been picked up.

He looked around the area and growled under his breath. It was another old abandoned area of the pack land from one of the past alpha’s. Another dungeon of sorts. He approached the area cautiously as he gently pulled the door open it creaked and rock crumbled from around the door way. He warned his wolves to stay back just in case as he peaked into the room.

“Roy I know you’re in there come out now and let’s talk about things like brothers.”

A sickening laugh comes from inside the dark room echoing off the old stone walls.
" Oh that’s right Luca. We are brothers aren’t we? Funny isn’t it? I am younger then you but our fathered loved me like he loved the moon. Yet you still became Alpha.”

Luca’s eyebrows came forward in confusion as he pushed the door open making the outside light fills the room. He looked at his brother he looked dangerous as he leaned on the beat up dungeon wall. His body torn up from the last fight it wasn’t healing right.
“I challenged our father Roy. If I hadn’t he would have killed the entire pack. I earned my title as alpha.”

He shook his head laughing.
“If you hadn’t he would have said fuck off to tradition. He would have made me alpha instead of you. We would have taken over all the packs together.”

“What our father did as alpha was unnatural Roy. I had no choice and you damn well know it. He killed his own mate!”

Roy nods and moves forward.
“Speaking of mates. You haven’t yet claimed your beautiful mate. That’s good ill have her soon. Don’t worry though when I’m done with her. I’ll be sure to introduce her to our mother.”

Luca understood the underlining meaning behind this comment. His wolf was raging inside him. Part of him hated that he had to harm his own brother. He couldn’t just allow Roy to blatantly threaten his mate and his pack. He growled as Roy charged him holding out a silver blade aimed carelessly towards Luca’s throat. He lunged back and brought an arm up to knock Roy’s hand away. Losing his balance he hit the ground hard. Several of his delta’s charge in to protect their Alpha.

“Careful he’s armed with silver.” Silver didn’t kill Lycan’s in small amounts, but it hurt like a bitch, and made it harder to transform through the pain. His delta’s where all trained not to go for the kill when fighting an armed attacker. They knew to disarm the enemy before making a move or risk serious injury. This same thing Roy was taught and should have been prepared for.

His rage made him sloppy. Specially as Luca recovered and got up to see his delta’s taking him on with a reasonably slow risk factor to them. Deltas should not have been making such short work of a Alpha blooded Beta. Only way this could look worse on Roy’s part is if it was gamma’s making such short work of him. Rather of his weapon he was disarmed fast but he was still fighting. Throwing the delta’s around him as they tried to immobilize him. Using the pack bond he commanded them to release Roy let him handle his brother.

Luca felt some hesitation the fight with his father years ago had been a fight he barely made out of. In reality the injuries he took should have killed him too. He never really knew why he didn’t die during the week of agonizing healing he did after it. Roy was trained by their father directly while Luca was trained by Delta’s like an average pack member would be. It wouldn’t be unreasonable if Roy’s training had been a bit more detailed then Luca. Luca was stronger though he was a pure Alpha from birth. Roy only had alpha blood he was born to be a Beta though. So physically Luca was stronger no matter what secret knowledge their father gave Roy.

Luca waited quietly as Roy shook off his Delta’s and charged at him. He side stepped his brother’s charge as he brought a fist up to his brother’s gut hard. Then he slammed his other arm down hard to back of his head. Roy groaned and sunk to the ground before spin kicking at Luca’s legs. Luca came down too and Roy immediately was on top of him growling viciously he was caught between a shifts. His eyes and wolf fangs where coming out but he couldn’t fully shift.

This sight took Luca aback for a minute. Roy took the opening and went for Luca’s throat. This lead to a power struggle of Luca trying to protect his vital areas and apprehend his brother without physically harming him more. When Luca finally was able to roll away from Roy and jump to his feet before he even fully recounted his balance he kicked Roy hard in the face calling on his wolf’s strength. Something only an Alpha Lycan can do, Tap into His Lycan’s strength while in human form. He watched as his brother crumbled to the ground his heart clenching in his chest. Something wasn’t right about this. The fight was weird his brother fought dirty and angry. Not with the brain he usually involved in everything he did. He couldn’t shift into his Lycan though he clearly had tried.

Shaking off the dirt on his body he cleared his throat.
“Tie him up take him somewhere safe for now until I can properly talk to him and decide how to punish him. Then when you’re done, destroy this fucking place. I don’t want anyone else who wishes harm on this pack being able to use this as a hide out.”

with confusion weighing on his chest. He started to go; shifting into his wolf and shaking out his fur. After such a intense battle his wolf needed the freedom to run. He needed his mate even more. Luca could tell immediately when instead of savoring his freedom. Ace immediately began to charge back to the pack house, back to his Aadya.

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