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Chapter 17

Ella felt a soft breeze run across her fur. She began to stir awake when she felt a firm weight on her body. She lifted her head softly and looked down at her waist. She stared at the begging eyes of a fully turned Lycan that had his head rested softly on her hip. She looked along the bed his Lycan barely fit on it but he had managed it somehow. Under normal circumstances having a giant wolf lying on her should have scared the shit out of her. She knew it was Luca though and she felt rather protected by his Lycan’s presence.

She reached out and gently stroked his fur. It was as soft as she imagined it would be. Gently she scratched behind his ear earning a loud thumping against the bed frame from his tail. She giggled softly at the dog like response to the affection.

“I’m assuming you took care of Roy? That’s why you came back?” she looked over at the window then back at the wolf. It had gotten a lot darker outside already. She looked at him and frowned softly. “You know I can’t talk to you when you’re in this form. Not yet at least.” The wolf wiggled up the bed more and licked her face and chins some. She blushed scarlet at the affection from Luca’s Lycan. She giggled softly as it had tickled.

She gently scratched the fur under his chin and sighed softly. She tilted her head curious as he started to crawl off the bed and wonder into the bathroom. She watched him go for a minute confused, but then she heard the sounds of him shifting. He had went to the bathroom first as not to embarrass her too much. She felt touched by his consideration to her comfort.

After a minute and some obvious rustlings Luca came out of the bathroom his face kind of red. He had nothing but one of his beach towels wrapped around him. He scurried immediately to the dresser taking some clothes out of it then giving an apologetic look he rushed back to the bathroom again and shut the door behind him. She expected him to come right back out. Instead however Ella heard the cold water knob being turned then the sputter and rush of water coming out of the shower head.

She mutely noted her heightened hearing was coming back finally that meant most the poison had finally worked its way out of her system. Her wolf was stirring inside her a lot. Which partly relieved her and another part worried her. She didn’t seem hurt or distressed just excited. She wondered if it was the mate bond. Seeing his Lycan without being able to shift herself must have put Aadya on edge. Ella however felt pretty heated just from the glimpse of his broad bare chest she got.

She took the time he showered to regather herself. She slipped out of the bed and looked around. The door was all kinds of jostled his Lycan must have forced it open out of impatience. She went over and checked it didn’t look damaged to bad but the wood was kind of bowed now.

She slipped it closed as best as it could go. She knew she was safe with Luca right there. Part of her however sill cherished her privacy and safety. She didn’t want anyone being able to see anything if they walked past the room. Once sure the door was secure she moved to the window. He hadn’t seemed to notice she moved the hope chest in front of it, but she took her time putting it back. She acknowledged the squeak of the shower turning off and the steady rush of water slowly trickle out of it.

She was sitting in the middle of the room now staring at the hope chest. Luca was her mate that made what is his, hers now right? So he wouldn’t care if she explored her new home. Including whatever was in the box. She knew for sure it wasn’t empty it felt too heavy to be just a box even if it is made from real solid red oak wood.

Before she could continue her contemplation she hear a soft shrill ring of a phone. She looked up and realized it was the phone Luca left with her before. She got up and pounced onto the bed landing on her stomach. She began to dig under all the pillows until she found it. She hadn’t saved either of her brother’s numbers in the phone but she recognized Eric’s number easily enough. Quickly swiping the answer button she sat up in the bed.

“’Ello Eric what’s up?”

She could hear him clear his throat. “I know that it’s late but I need a favor?”

She rose an eyebrow just as Luca came out of the bathroom now fully dressed. He had a look in his eyes meaning he could hear Eric’s voice and hadn’t realized yet that it was her brother. Jealous was clear as day in his eyes, he came over and with a gesture demanded the phone. His eyes where darker than normal his Lycan was in control just that moment. She shook her head and rolled away from him and standing so the bed is between them.

“Yea its fine Eric. Luca and I were just settling down for the night. We had an extra busy day you know newly found mates. Bonding and then dealing with a crazy soon to be brother in law. What do you need?”

She over specifying her connection to Luca and saying him by name directly seemed to reassure him that Eric wasn’t a threat. He sat down and seemed to return to normal he was listening to the phone conversation carefully though she could tell.

“ha-ha he’s listening isn’t he?” she made a sound of confirmation. “Alright well I need you to convince him to let our parents come for a visit.”

She watched luca get confused raising an eyebrow.” Wait? What? Why do they need to come here?”

“Well nick is kind of in shock that you gave him a attitude. After he recovered mostly he started raging about how there’s no way in hell he’s giving up his sister to the deadly alpha. Mom and dad convinced him to let them come for a visit and meet your mate. See how he interacts with you be sure you are safe there. Nick agreed he figures dad would know right away if you were in any danger. We need mom and dad to come to the DarkRain pack. If not nick might launch a unnecessary war, and we all agree there is no reason to put you between your family and your mate like that.”

She was full out frowning now she loved her brother but she wasn’t about to let him hurt her mate. “Thanks Eric I’ll talk to Luca about it and we will let you know when we think it’s safe for them to travel into our pack lands. I love you, brother. Thanks for calling”

She clicked the phone off and stared at it a minute before looking at luca. “roy is captured or killed right?” he slowly nodded his head.

“do you think you’re ready to meet my family. We aren’t even completely mated yet and its all so fast, but it sounds like it’s necessary. I don’t want my brother to attack our pack. The thought of you getting hurt makes me feel sick.”

Luca looked at her for a minute before he smiled. Standing up he walked around the bed and pulled Ella into a hug tight hug. “you are my mate Ella. I would have had to meet your parents anyways someday. I don’t mind having them come here. In all honesty it makes me so happy that after only a day. You already see my pack as your own.”

She smiled at him as she held her arms around his waist. His scent was so soothing to her. Her wolf didn’t want to leave his embrace. She forced herself slowly to pull away and look up at him. “Thank you Luca. I promise they will love you. Well my mother will, my father still believes I should stay safely in his house where no one can harm me.” She giggled softly wrinkling her nose.

“then me and your father will have something in common. My wolf wants to keep you locked up in here where no one will ever harm you. I however know better than to lock up a Lycan. You’re so beautiful and strong I don’t doubt your strength to protect yourself. I could never take freedom away from you and your wolf. I do however swear that with every breath I have ill protect you and your gift. I refuse for anyone to take advantage of you, not even my brother.”

Ella smiled up at him. she opened up the messaging on Luca’s phone. She sent Eric a message letting him know that her parents could come for a visit tomorrow and stay for a few days. Once the message was sent. She looked back at Luca and smiled softly. She looked at him for a minute and frowned softly.

“Luca did you get hurt fighting Roy?”

He seemed thoughtful for a minute before pulling away and looking down at himself. “Not badly I don’t think I had a few cuts and scrapes when I got in the shower I think most of them healed already or will be healed by morning.”

I nod slowly before reaching up and brushing a few of his long locks out of his eyes. “You look completely worn out. Did you sleep after you saved me from Roy?”

He shook his head slowly. “no second I got you to the pack house you were completely passed out I laid you up here then got my pack doctor swore him to stay quiet until you where healed and ready to be announced. Then he kicked me out while he examined you. After that I just didn’t want to disturb you.”

I nod slowly, “and you have let me sleep most the day because of the wolfs bane and then you had to hunt down Roy. You haven’t slept at all have you?”

He shook his head slowly and she frowned before pulling him to the bed. “Sleep for a bit Luca. I trust you it is okay you need the rest.” He sighed at her softly then laid down on the bed. She smiled and scooted up in the bed and gently petted his hair. As he slept as it did not take him long at all to fall asleep.

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