Gifted by the moon ( Rough Draft

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*12 years before*

A young girl, no older than six, was running through the pack house yard with her and two other boys. One was about nine and the other looked nearly identical to the girl, if not for his pale blond hair being completely opposite to her dark black. The boys were quickly outrunning

their sister, annoying her as she charged after her brothers.

Then suddenly her world lost some of its color as her wolf came forward inside to protect her, she stopped running and stared straight ahead. Her brothers stopped and turned back to stare at her. she was focused at the space between them, where a third boy who looked a little older than Nick stood. He looked just like Nick in fact, but he had her hair. Her jaw dropped as she slowly moved over to the boy as he raised an eyebrow at her.

“Can you actually see me Ella?”

She wasn’t sure who she was answering or how they knew her name, but she nodded her head slowly.

“Yes, I see you. Who are you?”

“Remember when momma told you about your brother Jax. That’s me.”

“But mommy said Jax died.”

“I am dead and so where you at one point. I think that’s why you can see me”

“So, you’re my big brother too?”

“Yes, I am, Ella.”

“Okay big brother Jax!” She was getting excited, but before she could enjoy it. The world returned to complete color as she didn’t see Jax anymore. Just two brothers looking very concerned at her. They walked back over to their sister and Nick placed a hand on her head.

“Sis, why are you staring of into space? Are you okay.”

“I saw Jax! He looked just like you, but he had black hair like me. He was taller than you to. He knew my name!”

“Eric, I think your sister is seeing people now.”

Ella looked at her twin brother.

“You believe me don’t you Eric? I’m smarter than both of you and you know very well I wouldn’t lie.”

He looked at nick then at her and nodded slowly.

“I believe you Ella. I think mommy and daddy are going to want to know about this though. Let’s go inside.” The three of them headed into the pack house together. The rest of that day Ella repeated everything she saw, not just to her parents, but to every curious pack member who overheard. Eventually this led to her even telling the Elders’ the story and out of everyone she told, the Elders believed her most. They were interested by the new discovery and they told Ella that she was destined for greatness. That she had a rare gift called, The Eye of the Wolf

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