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Chapter 18

She ended up falling asleep with luca for several hours. By the time Luca began to stir, it was already early morning the next day. He growled contently as he slowly opened his eyes to see his mate curled up beside him. Immediately he felt the force of the mate bond pulling him to kiss her awake, and complete the bond. His wolf whimpered in his head as he got out of the bed and immediately made his way out of the room to the bathroom he needed a cold shower.

Once he was clean and cooled down, he stood in the bathroom getting dressed for a minute. As his thoughts wondered to all the things, he had to take care of. First, his mate’s parents need a proper welcome into his pack lands for their visit. Then he had to do something about Roy and his wolves to protect his pack and his mate.

After what seemed like forever, full of thought. He wondered out and saw his mate was still deep asleep. He smiled as he walked over grabbing his phone off the bed were it was discarded the night before. He took a fast picture of her. Then went on his way the in laws would be here soon and he had to send an escort to protect them just in case on the trip from the borders to the pack house.

He came downstairs where his sister greeted him. He kissed her cheek briefly before immediately going straight to his office. Shortly later Krystal goes upstairs to gather Ella for the day. He made several calls on his phone warning neighboring packs about the trouble he is having incase anything happens on their lands. As well as he had used the pack bond to inform some delta’s to wait for his in laws at the borders. He was looking over some documents when he heard the soft rapping sound on the door. It had startled him most his wolves did not knock they warned him with the bond then just walked in.

Ella however did not have a bond with him yet. So he was not surprised when she was who popped her head in before slowly stepping in. he motioned her to close the door behind her as he tried desperately to focus on the papers in front of him. Her voice however took him off guard he completely forgot what he was doing as she spoke to him.

“Have you heard anything about my parents?” she sounded so unsure of herself, god it was adorable.

“Yea, delta’s has spot them coming towards the border I have them escorting them here as we speak they should be here any minute.” He smiled reassuringly as he merely brushed his work over to the side.

“Thank you for going through all this trouble for my parents. I want them to like you; we need them to in order for my brother to respect my wishes to stay here.” She sounded a bit more confident as she moved closer. He could sense her wolf going crazy inside her. Maybe even more than his own.

“Of course they will someday be my family to. Do you believe you are healthy enough to go for a run? I am thinking an outing you, your parents and me up the cliff. It would be good for your wolf to get out after more than 24 hours. Plus it will show your parents how you and I interact together.”

She smiled softly at him and nodded.” Aadya has spoken to me a few times so I believe she has regained her strength. I think I can handle a good run. Aadya is anxious to come out again anyways.” He could help the flip his heart made at the smile she gave him. He could make a lost soul as his have faith again.

She moved over and very gently kissed his cheek. He could feel her shaking even without touching her being so close to him was putting her just as much on edge as it did he. He hoped the danger would be gone soon so they could seal the mate bond and have her announced as Luna soon. Slowly he stood up and stretched pushing the work on his deck back for later.

He smiled at her as he walked around the desk and headed to the office door. “I’m hungry how about you come on let’s run and find something delicious to eat. What do you think?”

She followed him without hesitation and they headed into the kitchen. Luca acknowledged the dishwasher was running which meant Krystal had already fed herself and her family. He dug through the cabinets as he chewed on his inner cheek trying to keep himself relaxed. He wanted to make his mate something delicious, but he wanted there to be enough for her parents to eat when they got here. His delta updated that they would be at the pack house in less than 30 minutes.

He glanced at his mate grinning as he started taking ingredients out of the flower. Then walked over to the fridge and grabbed some stuff from there. He laid everything out on the table before grabbing a bowl from a cabinet under the island in the center of the kitchen. Then as his mate started to sit down, he began to measure a few things out and combining them. Part of him enjoyed this silent moment with her. They did not need to talk to feel safe and connected. The joys of having a mate.

He mixed the batter carefully so there was no lumps and bubbles. He glanced up to see his mate looked starved by the way she stared at the bowl. So he hurried and began to cook some big fluffy pancakes. He set a plate in front of her as he then began to cut up fruit and fry bacon on a different burner. Every few minutes he would move up to put more batter on and continue to make pancakes. When he had finished it looked like a pancake feast lay out on the island. He moved over and gave his mate whatever she desired with her pancakes.

They sat together and ate for a while until he caught the two unfamiliar scents. He knew immediately that it was her family by her reaction to the scent when she herself caught it. She stood up and rushed to the door. Luca stood and put the dishes in the sink for now then walked over with her. He stood beside her until he heard feet on the steps and then he pulled the door open. He was shocked by how young her parents looked most Lycan’s rarely found there mate. So typically even with hose slow there physical appearance ages after 18. They would be looking well aged by the time they had pups.

Yet both of Ella’s parents still looked very young and vibrant. He invited them both inside of the house. He should have known what they look like but he has always sent Roy to handle business with other packs. He cannot recall ever-meeting alpha Drake before.

“Hello welcome to my pack. It is an honor to get to meet my Mate’s family. Though I wish it was under better circumstances.”

Ella grinned at Luca he was nervous she could tell, but he was trying so hard for her. She turned to face her parents. Her emotions swelling up in her as she saw the nervous but loving way they looked at her. She moved over quickly hugging her mother then giving her father a tight embrace. He held her against him kissing her forehead softly.

“We have been so worried about you. How are you settling in Peanut?”
Ella made a face at the old endearment from her father and giggled.

“I love the pack, least of who I have meant so far. I was not feeling well after everything with Roy. Luca and his pack doctor had me on bed rest until I recovered. Though I’m strong and better than ever now.”

Her father’s eyes darkened softly as he listened. Her mother whimpering softly at them. She was next to speak. Her voice was hard with anger but her eyes were soft with sorrow.
“I can’t believe after all these years of putting our trust and respect in him. He has betrayed our trust and attacking our daughter.”

My father hugged her waist and nods looking up at Luca.” Worst then betraying us my love. He betrayed his blood. I guess sometimes the apple does not fall far from the tree. We are lucky his father is not still alive or we would have twice the trouble to deal with.”

Ella looked back at Luca immediately, knowing that his father is a sensitive subject. He was smiling though, he liked that fact my father put faith in him. My father did not judge him for getting rid of his father and that made him happy. I smiled softly as I stepped back and hugged his arm nodding. He glanced down at me as his eyes softened more then looked back up at my dad.

“I found Roy yesterday currently have him in our containment cells behind the pack house. I would have already done interrogation but I figured you would like to sit in. since it was your daughter he attacked.”

To a normal person the look her father got in his eyes would be terrifying. Ella was used to seeing it though. Whenever someone threatens someone, her father loves. Only time he has ever truly scared her. Was when a pack leader threatened her mother.

She glanced at her family and bit her lip. “Daddy, he knows about my gifts. He saw when I spaced out at nick’s ceremony. He wanted my powers to become famous.”

Her father growled under his breath and pulled her into a tight hug his eyes not leaving Luca.” We will take care of him my sweet daughter... In fact, I think we are going to go handle it right now. You and your mother can catch up together about things while we take care of him.”

She nodded softly as her father let her go. They walked together out of the house. She smiled at her mother softly. Shrugging she waved her mom to follow her to were Luca had set up the meal. She began to recap the past day’s events with her mother. She knew she could confide with her mother on personal details. Things her father would kill Luca for because she is his baby girl.

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