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Chapter 19~Drake's Perspective

Drake’s opinion of his future son-in-law hadn’t yet formed. He felt however that they were about to have a great bonding moment. He got a silent chuckle at that thought as he followed the young man to a worn-down dungeon looking room. He moved in front of him and took the lead second, he caught Roy’s scent. Anger had begun to fill him as he reached the cell and glared at the man chained to a wooden chair in the middle of the room.

The figure lifted his head and looked dead at drake. The sickening grin he gave drake made him get goose bumps. Roy’s voice sounded rough and dry from lack of use. “Oh, looky daddy dearest has showed up. Let me guess you’re here to beat me up? All because I decided I had a better use for your daughter then her mate dead. You should be thanking me, because of my presence here they haven’t finished their mate bond.”

He heard Luca growl under his breath as he unlocked the cell and opened the door. Drake walked into the cell crossing his arms as he got down onto Roy’s level. He didn’t move to touch the man or doing anything, he merely stared at him.

Luca was first to speak. “Roy, don’t be conceited you have nothing to do with me and my mates relationship. We are taking our time to build a bond. I’m not like you, sick bastard I don’t force myself on woman.”

That was additional information that Drake didn’t already have he glanced up at Luca. When Roy cleared his clearly dry throat he looked back at him. “Aye, she would have started to enjoy it. You know after the sickness from her wolf being forcefully marked.” Roy was grinning deliriously at Drake as he spoke.

Hearing the way, the bastard spoke of his only daughter made drakes blood go cold. He couldn’t resist the urge he felt. He stood up turning around for a minute to breath. Roy spoke again watching him walk away some. “awe what’s wrong old man too weak to handle me. Maybe your son was right to give you the damn boot.”

Drake spun suddenly on the bitch and slammed his fist into Roy’s face. His wolf was front in his body trying to push for control. His wolf craved the blood of this bastard for his threat to his pups, and his attack towards his pride. All Lycan’s where insanely proud people, insulting a Lycan on a good day was a death wish.

Drake waited a minute for Roy to recover from the hit before he grabbed him by the throat and got in his face. “I want to slowly pull your skin off one inch as a time. As you watch so you can feel every second of the pain. I want you to suffer forever laying a hand on my daughter. After I’m done ill set your raw skinless body on fire and watch you burn. For the betrayal you did to your own brother. Then when you were dry and burnt up ill finally kill you for betraying my family and my pack.”

His canines where coming out as his eyes changed to his wolf’s. he felt himself changing he was to angry he wanted to kill. He punched Roy again in the face as the bastard started laughing. Luca decided he had to stop Drake before he went too far. He grabs Drake’s arms and yanks him backwards.

“Drake, stop you can’t shift in here. Come on let’s go catch back up with girls. My delta has orders to execute him tonight. I will not let that asshole leave this cell again.” Drake looked at him and knew he was right. He tried to breath and relax as he let his son-in-law escort him out of cellar.

When they got back to the house. They heard the girls laughing, Drake immediately came over kissing Addison’s cheek. Ella was blushing bright red over whatever they had been talking about before they came in. Drake was impressed with the sound proofing of the house. His heightened hearing hadn’t picked up on any of their conversation.

Luca came over and kisses Ella’s cheek slightly. Addison snickered in his arms some making drake raise an eyebrow down at his mate. Then he looked at his daughter and her face was a deeper shade of red. He had a feeling he didn’t like whatever it was they had been discussing. Purely because it’s his mate and his daughter.

He however did appreciate the happiness he saw when his daughter smiled up at her mate. He pulled his mate closer and breathed in her scent to calm down. he watched as Luca respectfully sit across the table from his daughter. Yet still held her hand so that they would have contact to each other. He felt concerned by this show of need to touch each other in some way.

His train of thought was interrupted by his mate kissing his chin. “how did things go with the traitor.” He bristled with pride at the venom in Addison’s voice. As he spoke he was kissing the top of her head. “may have threatened to skin him alive.”

Ella spoke next somewhat shocking Luca with her boldness. “I’m not sorry to hear that I’m tempted to do it for you, but I trust Luca to get his brother’s crazy ass taken care of.”

Drake nods he understood his daughter’s desire to have things settled. “that part of you that is so fierce and proud. You get that from my sister for sure.”

Ella looked at him with such confusion. Which fueled the dull ache inside his heart as he nodded. “I forgot you kids never really got a chance to meet her did you.” Ella just looked even more confused. As Addison seemed thoughtful, “oh yea Davina, I wanted to kill your father when I found out he banished her.”

Drake chuckled some he loved that his mate felt his anger as his own. “yea, alright Ella. The reason you are a twin. Is because I was it runs in our family. You look and act a lot like my twin. I think that’s why you have always been more of a daddy’s girl then a mommy’s angel.”

Ella sat up more and looked at Drake harder. “wait a minute. Why did grandpa banish your twin? I would die inside if I was forbidden to be around Eric.” He frowns and nods shifting some as he kisses his mate’s cheek to keep himself calm.

“exactly, it hurt so much to not have my built in best friend around the house. Especially when I first found your mother. She was banished because your grandfather was extremely old fashion. He didn’t believe a Lycan should breed with a werewolf. Your aunts mate was a alpha of a werewolf pack. The moon chose her mate for her, and our father tried to forbid her from going to him. She laughed in our fathers face and left the pack anyways. She wasn’t scared of the shame of abandoning her pack. She wasn’t scared of our father either. I was so proud of my sister.”

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