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Chapter 20

They finished their talk about her lost aunt and breakfast. Then Luca lead them all outside to go for a run together as a family. It would be first time they would get to run together. Ella however was too lost in thought to enjoy that thought. Aadya clearly however was excited enough for them both. Ella walked with her mother into the woods some before shifting.

They wondered back to where the guys were waiting in their wolf forms. The second Aadya caught sight of Alec she went nuts. She rushed over tackling Luca’s wolf to the ground. She felt the vibrations of the large wolf. He was having a nice Wolfe laugh. Aadya playfully growled at him biting his neck gently; asking for submission from him. He returned her growl but his sounded almost gently as he flung her around so he was on top and bit her neck back.

Aadya to Ella’s entire and complete shock released his neck and tilted her head back in submission to him. Ella had always known Aadya to be a proud creature. She would never surrender for just anyone. Ella wondered of Aadya had decided Alec was worthy of her submission during all that time she couldn’t speak.

It stressed Ella to know things happened her wolf’s mind and she had to be left out of it. Her anger increased towards Roy for putting distance between her and Aadya even if it was merely for a short time.

Aadya was oblivious to the conflict in Ella. She flipped up to be standing and nuzzled Alec’s snout gently with her own. As he got up she gently moved closer to rub her cheek against his. Until her father’s wolf Tiren growled softly. It wasn’t menacing merely uncomfortable sounding. Aadya turned to see her father’s wolf and she gave him a ridiculous Wolfe grin. Before pouncing him to her tail wagging. She had missed her father clearly.

It always warmed her mother’s heart to watch how Tiren would interact with his pup Aadya. Ella loved that Aadya was as close to Tiren as she was to her own father. Their family dynamic was so strong. She knew on some level she should be mad at her father for never telling her about her aunt. She wasn’t though, she understood on some level the pain he must have felt. It would break her heart if Eric just disappeared and she would never be able to speak to him again.

After a while they finally all headed into the woods, following Luca’s lead. He had something he clearly wanted us to see so she didn’t mind the run. It made her feel relieved to feel Aadya’s happiness as she enjoyed her freedom. She was pent up so long it was stressing them both out. It felt amazing to run. The soft breeze rushing through her fur. The scents of animals, trees, grass, flowers. It filled their senses completely and brought a gentle calm to the group.

Alec suddenly got super excited as he ran around Aadya and her parents as if to tell them to stop. They did and each sat down then he came over and nuzzled Aadya then tossed his head towards a cover of tree. It took Ella a minute to realize. He wanted us to change back. She trotted towards the tree and moved behind it. Aadya sniffed till she found a stash of clothes under the hollow tree roots. Seeing it Ella smiled slightly and pulled herself forward as she shifted back to her human form. She dug through the stuff till she found a shirt that carried Luca’s scent putting it on she also pulled on a pair of sweats pulling the string tight so they wouldn’t fall off.

She came back out of the brush in time to see Luca walking out from behind a tree, as well in his human form. He came over and pulled her into arms and hugged her close in front of her parent’s wolfs.

“I have been waiting for the chance to bring someone special here. I had started to lose hope a long time ago. I am so happy to bring you and your parents here. While your parents are shifting. Close your eyes and I’ll show you first.”

She could tell how excited her mate was. She couldn’t resist to close her eyes. Her wolf was eager to please him. She couldn’t wait to see what it was that had him so excited. She felt him take her hand and lead her further into the woods. Until he stood her in a place and release her hand. She felt him move behind her and wrap his arms around her waist.

He lowered his voice softly as he held her. “This is my favorite place in all of my pack’s land. It is like a hidden safe place for me. It is where I have always ran to when I needed a break from my father. I don’t even think Roy has ever been here. I am sharing this with you, and your parents. Because you are my new safe place.”

She felt tears fill her eyes as she slowly opens her eyes. She looked around at the beautiful scene in front of her and she gasped softly. The beautiful sun light casting across the trees. The soft rippling of water across the land. The sounds of animals all around. She understood immediately why this had always been his sanctuary.

“I hardly think I make a fitting replacement for this place. It’s so beautiful here. ”

After a little while her parents followed their scent into Luca’s hidden sanctuary. They were just as impressed with the view as Ella was. She smiled at Luca appreciating him sharing this side of his world with her. She turned to him and kissed him deeply; she was blushing as her parents watched the moment. She slowly pulled away and mumbled a soft thank you.

They had all gathered together In a patch of grass to enjoy a nice picnic of sorts. Taking in the sweet calm of the nature. The bonding Ella’s parents did with Luca felt amazing. They traded stories with Luca. Of Nick and Eric playing together. Ella would beg them not to throwing bread crumbs at them every time they tried to tell a story about her. The one that about killed her was the story of the first time they saw her communicate with Jax and how she scared the hell out of them because it was in the middle of hunting, and she was in a conflict with a bear. Full grown bears where hard enough for a Lycan to take down with full focus. It scared the shit out of them when she wasn’t paying attention anymore because she was in the middle of a take down and suddenly it was like her mind wasn’t there. She rolled her eyes and reminded them that she still succeeded to take down the bear.

After the story sharing they had run out of topics so they all decided to play twenty questions. Luca’s turn always brought serious questions. It meant the world to Ella that he had seriously wanted to know each of these things about her, her pack, or her family. However when he asked about where her gifts came from even she grew curious turning to her parents for the answer.

Her father looked like he was recalling a distant memory and nodded. “She inherited it sort of. See in my family, the female Lycan’s are always born with a gift. My sister had one, I was never sure exactly what it was. However Ella is the first ever Lycan in our family life to be born with the Eyes of the wolf. It’s such a rare and powerful gift. The moon chose it for her I suppose because she was so special.”

Her mother nodded placing a hand on his arm, before finishing the thought for him. “When Ella was first born we thought maybe it had skipped a generation. She showed no Signs of having a gift in the first couple of years. Not until the first time she saw Jax did we realize she had it.”

Her father nodded then almost as if he had recalled something. Then he looked at Ella reaching over to brush hair out of her face. “Actually I had a moment when you were born that I thought it was possible. The fact something helped you come back to life, and I don’t mean the pack doctor. When the doctor had checked all your vitals’ you were already dead he wasn’t even going to try to bring you back. Your mother and I felt the grief of losing you almost immediately. I couldn’t put you down I didn’t want them to take you from us. Then I saw it some kind of light surrounded you... As if it was embracing you. Then suddenly I could hear your heart beat. It was weak at first like you were fighting so hard. Then something happened I can’t even describe it’s almost like I saw something pull your soul back to your body then you opened your eyes and released a cry. It was sweetest sound I had ever heard.”

Ella was stunned to see her father actually crying. She had never heard this story before so it shook her to the core. She suddenly jumped up and threw her arms around her father. As he held her tightly. Her mother then hugged them both together. She realizes now that her mother was crying to. It took them a moment before they pulled apart and she giggled softly looking at Luca.

“Sorry we got so emotionally all of a sudden. I never heard that story before I always just thought it was the doctor who saved me.”

Luca shook his head and kissed her cheek.” I don’t mind. Though remind me sometime I need to thank whoever did because without them I may have never meant you.” Ella smiled at him before he turned back to her father.” speaking of do you by chance have any idea who did save her, then?”

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