Gifted by the moon ( Rough Draft

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Chapter 21

When night fall began to cross the trees. They packed up their picnic and began the walk home. Her parents ran on ahead desiring to get some much needed rest. Ella lingered a while longer with Luca at her side. They walked until they came out of the forest then Ella stopped and turned to Luca.

“Thank you so much for sharing all of this with me Luca.” She looked up at him as he smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Of course Ella. You’re my mate I want you to know every part of my life. Besides I enjoyed learning a little more about you myself.” He slowly lowered his head until their foreheads lightly rested against each other.

They stayed like that a moment, breathing in each other’s scents. It was as if they were in their own little world for that small moment in time. The only sound was the soft chirp of a grasshopper and the steady thumping of their hearts. It took more effort then Ella really wanted to use to pull out of his arms. Her wolf’s growls of complaint flooding her ears and she smiled gently up at her mate. However the look of concern in his eyes sent dread through her blood.

“What is it Luca? What’s wrong?”

He smiled gently the concern she had saw gone from his eyes. She felt his hand gently brush her cheek and kiss her forehead. “It’s nothing I just… I realized how hard it’s getting for us to be apart. The full moon is coming our mate bond is pushing us to claim each other before it comes, but I don’t want to rush you.”

Ella felt her face flush with warmth as she looked up at him. She had completely forgotten what happens when mates are unclaimed on a full moon. She feared for the pain that would come as she trembled lightly.

“I understand Luca, but don’t worry I’ll be alright. You’re my mate after all I trust you. Besides its only natural for us to claim each other eventually. I’m not sure yet if I’m ready but I promise it won’t be too much longer. We can survive the full moon together as mates.”

Luca chuckled softly as he took her hand and continued to walk towards the pack house with her. She felt like a weight was lifted from her shoulders. She was anxious about the full moon, but the idea of mating with him yet scared her far worse. Not because of whom her mate is, but because she wasn’t sure she was ready yet as a person. Ella looked at Luca out the corner of her eye as traces of a smile graced her lips. She was sure part of her loved Luca. Her wolf certainly did at least. She knew he would treat her right.

Then it hit her like a ton of bricks and she stopped dead in her tracks. Her mate was an Alpha that means she would be a Luna. She had Alpha blood so she has always been strong. Even knowing that she has never believed herself capable of being a Luna. As not ready to complete her bond to Luca she was, she felt she was even less ready to lead a pack.

Luca sensed the sudden hesitation that hit Ella. His worry from before returning full force when she had suddenly stopped. He turned to face her and gently stroked her cheek before making her look up at him. He searched her eyes for sign of whatever bothered her. She seemed anxious but before he could even ask her what was wrong. She smiled though it didn’t quite reach her eyes and she took off ahead of him.

A Chroí, are you okay?” Luca spoke softly as he moved to keep pace with her. She merely nodded her head and as we reached the front of the pack house she picked up pace and rushed inside. His heart sank as a million thoughts rushed to the surface as he stared at the pack house. He could hear her moving around. He heard each panicked step and even the isolating click of her bedroom door locking. Just as the loud creak of the bed springs registered in his mind.

Stop it Luca do not think like that! She is our mate she would never feel like that.

“How can you be so sure Ace. She was okay one minute, but then I mention the full moon and she freaked out.”

She had told you herself that she was not bothered by the full moon coming it must be something else.

“Like what Ace.”

Maybe shes still worried about your brother? Just stop thinking negatively ill see if I can connect to her wolf since you so desperately need to know.

Feeling slightly reassured Luca began to make his way inside the house. He barely took the first steps up the stairs to the door when a wave of sickening nausea washed over him. He steadied himself with the porch post. Then he heard it the blood curtailing screech coming from his mate’s room. His instincts taking over he burst into the house and rushed up the stairs. Forcing his way past his mate’s parents who had also instinctually rushed to see what was going on. He came to her bedroom door and shook the handle hard. It was still locked with a vicious growl he through his body into the door until it splintered open. He stumbled into the room and his eyes immediately locked onto his mate. She looked pale as snow her eyes wide with horror as she was curled against the back headboard of her bed.

His heart trapped in his throat as he saw how horrified she looked. He was a alpha and had seen a lot of thing, however when he turned to look where his mate was staring. Nothing could have prepared him for what he saw. Anyone else he would have handled it professionally and rationally like a alpha saw. But this was his mate and second his eyes locked on the wall he was ready to kill anyone who came near his mate again.

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