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Chapter 22

Ella could feel her heart pounding in her ears. She felt a cold shiver running down her spine. She had never felt so scared before. Okay maybe when Roy had attacked her, maybe that could sorta compare to how she felt in this moment. However even then she felt more adrenaline and anger. Right now all she felt was pure fear. She flinched as her door was slammed in by her mate. Her eyes barely moved to register it was him before returning to the wall.

The wall had giant claw marks imbedded into it carving out letters. These letters spelled “i found her.” Their was some kind of blackish red liquid seeping out of the claw marks almost as if they themselves were bleeding. It sent cold chills down her spine from the look of it. Her heart throbbed with the thought of who or where that blood really came from.

Ella barely noticed the vicious growl that left Luca’s clenched teeth. As he stalked across the room towards the bed where she had cowered against the back board. He reached out and grabbed her hand. Second her hand touched his the fear was replaced by a protective possession. He pulled her off the bed gently and up into his arms as she slowly wrapped her arms around his neck. She looked in his eyes and knew she was feeling his emotions. She felt a warmth bubbling up in her at knowing that in a frightful time like this his first concern was her. He carried her bridal style out of the room. He held her close to him, it caused a calm sense of safety inside her. Somehow she knew he would protect her no matter who it was that was after her.

She finally snapped from her own thoughts to realize he was carrying her towards his room. She looked up as he opened his bedroom door. She looked around as he carried her slowly setting her on his bed. She never had seen the inside of his room before. She had been here almost a week now and she had never seen her mate’s room. She bit her room as she admired it. It was tasteful there was two leather loves seats in front of a lovely fire with a beautiful dark wood stained coffee table. The bed was a king size memory foam it had adorable tan and brown quilt on it looked hand stitched. There was also a huge fur rug in the center of the room that the Lycan in her just wanted to curl up and roll on.

She looked up at Luca as he began to examine her for injury. “Luca im okay I promise. They didn’t hurt me whoever it was. The wall was like that when I turned the lamp on in my room. No one touched me I promise.”

He looked her over still, not until he was sure she was unharmed did he feel completely reassured. He gently looked her in the eye she could see the fire was still there his anger burned there. It almost scared her, she had never seen him looking so fierce. He pulled her close and kissed her forehead before whispering into her ear.” Don’t worry ill make these bastards pay whoever they are.” Before she could make a sound of protest he pulled out of her grasp and stood marching out of the room. Each heavy foot fall like a warning chime of a alarm. Ella could sense it deep in her soul. Whoever chose to target her awoke a very dangerous side of Luca that had been laying dormant since he found her. She shivered again, she wasn’t sure if she was more scared of who wrote that letter, or of what would come of the anger she saw in his eyes.

Biting her lip she knew deep inside she couldn’t say anything about it, she was his mate. Her life had been threatened so of course he was angry he had every right to me. She just wished that whatever was done because of this. Didn’t make the rumors against him worse. She knew better then anyone that he was a great alpha, and a loving man. He’s not the monster that other packs think he is. Hes nothing like his father, she didn’t need to meet the man to know that. She sighed softly as she laid back on the quilt, and looked up at the ceiling. She closed her eyes breathing in slow as she reached into herself tapping into her gifts and calling out. She wasn’t sure who she was calling for but she needed to speak to someone, anyone.

She opened her eyes slowly and looked around as she sat up. She was still in Luca’s room but everything had become more monotone like the life and energy of the room had drained. She had managed to cross into the astral plane on her own will. That was first normally a spirit had to pull her in, she had never learned to control it. She mentally chalked it up to herself growing stronger. She slowly rose from the bed as she was about to call out for whoever or whatever may be close enough to hear. When a sharp and gravelly voice spoke first.

“I see your getting stronger, that’s interesting. Useful information to have.” She spun on her heals on the other side of the room was a shadowed figure, she didn’t recognize his soul. She knew it was a tall man and very broad. He had a darkness around him, which sent fear threw her heart. She just knew without a doubt. This man was trouble and she wasn’t sure she wanted to wait around to find out what he had to say. She was about to pull herself back to the human plane when he spoke again

“What are you really scared of me, you’re the big bad Lycan everyone around here is talking about.” He chuckled as he spoke sarcastically his tone was dripping with mockery.

She growled softly “I’m not scared of you, whoever the hell you are. Why don’t you tell me why the hell you’re the person who answered my call?”

“Probably because I’m personally close to the person who’s after you. I’m here to warn you I guess. To give the hell up, unless you’re willing to risk that pretty boy mate of yours life.” He laughed.

She growled deep in her throat as she steps back away from him and closed her eyes. She felt the world shift as his laughter grew distant. When she opened her eyes again the color had returned and most importantly the man was gone. She felt a chill running down her spine as she bit her lip. Slowly she went back to the bed and climbed into it. The stress of the past several moments causing a fatigue that ran deep.

Luca closed his bedroom door and took a minute to gather himself. Reassured knowing she was safe for now at least. He hurried back to her room where his new beta and some deltas where already examining the scene. He nearly gaged when he came back into her room, it reeked of blood it wasn’t animal blood but it wasn’t human either. He suspected it was likely a Lycan or werewolf this thought filled him with dread. That meant whoever did this had killed someone on his land in order to bring the blood here. He looked over the claw marks, they were like a deformed animal, like a Lycan’s. He sat on the edge of her bed his movement on the bed made a rush of her sent fill his senses. Reminding him again that this is her space, she has been sleeping here, living in here. Some kind of monster knew this was where she slept and had gone out of their way to get in here.

His blood felt like it was on fire. He could barely contain ace he wanted to turn and to lash out at anything that came anywhere near his mate again. He took a deep breath trying to settle his urge as he felt his claws digging into the palm of his hand. Which is how he realized he had been clenching his fist. He stretched out his fingers and looked at his hands and watched as his claws slowly turned back to nails. He was losing control of his Lycan, a warning that things where getting out of hand. Before he could slip back into his thoughts of imagining how he would torture the mother fucker who did this. He heard a voice speaking right beside him and he turned to look at his new beta Elijah.

Elijah “Alpha, we cant find a trail, whoever did this made good use of the blood to cloak their scent from us during investigation.”

Luca growled under his breath. “Are you telling me that you can’t figure out who snuck into my mate’s room? Because if you are I swear to god Elijah I don’t give a damn what Krystal does I will rip your guts out!”

Elijah seemed unfazed by Luca’s threats he has known the alpha for so long now. That he knew he would never attack a member of his pack without cause. “Actually we do have a lead but I have a feeling it going to piss you off a hell of a lot more than if we had no leads at all.”

Luca raised a eyebrow as Elijah called some people in and two gamma Lycan’s walk in both with an equally guilty look on their faces. Elijah turns to look at Luca with a stern look on his face. “These are the gammas who were assigned to watch your brother until night fall. When we were to kill him and have his corpse burned. Tell him what happened boys.”

Before the young Gammas had begun to speak Luca had a feeling where this was going. The youngest gamma he couldn’t have been 19 yet his wolf still young began to speak in slow and broken speech, he could sense his alphas rage and it was making it hard for his wolf to focus. “You see master, we were watching the big guy right. He was locked up nice and tight so we felt we could turn our backs. We rested our eyes right by the door. But then we heard some noise. As we began to look to check he was there. It was like something hit us and we blacked out. When we came back too he was gone. Not long after that we all got the message about the Luna being attacked.”

Luca nearly lost his shit, he started to lung for the gammas if not for Elijah’s fast instincts grabbing him firm to hold him back.” You have to be fucking kidding me. You let my Deranged mad man of a brother escape!” he yanked away from Elijah and pointed to the wall. “Do you see that? That is Lycan’s blood which means he killed someone on our land! Then he came here and left a threat towards your future Luna. Because you both where careless and foolish enough to turn your back on my brother. He was trained more than every other Lycan in our pack. What the hell made you think you could trust him not to escape?”

The gammas began to speak again but he raised his hand clearly not in the mood to hear a legitiment answer. “Silence! Return to your houses. I am done with you both for one night. Tomorrow I will decide how to punish you for your neglectful decision in the meantime. Elijah get this mess cleaned up.” He growled his orders aware his alpha tone came out when the gamma’s had coward away from him and whimpered some.

Elijah watched him as he began to leave calling out after him. “What about you alpha what are you going to do?” Luca turned slightly and glared, “I am going to see my mate and calm down before I kill someone who doesn’t deserve to die as much as my brother does.”

He watched Elijah smirk softly before he nodded and turned to the delta’s who were trying to clean up the blood. Once satisfied that he was done being questioned. He began to hurry off into the other side of the house. Where the master bedroom was. He stood outside the door a long moment lost in his thoughts. This room use to be his fathers. He had avoided it for the longest time after his battle with his father. He slept more in his office or the living room then in here. Over the years it got easier and easier to face the memories that hid in the shadows of the room. He slowly turned the door knob and stepped into the room sighing softly as he felt like a huge weight lifted he looked and saw the soft form of his mate curled in the quilt on the bed.

Just seeing her reassured all his fear and he felt like he no longer wanted to raise hell on earth. He walked over and stopped right beside where she laid in the bed. The quilt was sewn by hand by his mother when she was pregnant with Roy. He remembered watching her spend hours and hours putting in each stitch to attach every patch. Somehow seeing his mate looking so at peace while curled on his bed with the precious family heirloom seemed so natural. He leaned forward and kissed her forehead silently vowing to make his brother suffer for all the pain he’s caused her.

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