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Chapter 23

Ella felt like she had rocks on top of her. Like every bone in her body was being crushed slowly, then healing and breaking gain. Her Lycan howled in her mind. She saw nothing but darkness she couldn’t seem to get her eyes to open. Her voice was mute as no noise would come from her lips. She didn’t understand what was happening as tears formed in her eyes. Until she suddenly was shook hard and heard a muffled and panicked voice screaming at her. Her mind was foggy she couldn’t think past the pain. When she finally got her eyes open she wasn’t in the real world she could feel it. She was inside the veil siting perfectly between life and death. She sat up on the ground and saw it 3 horrified and panicked Lycan’s. She couldn’t understand why she was seeing them. As she slowly stood she tilted her head to speak.

“Hello? Who are you? Why did you come to me?”

The one female Lycan looked at her and frowned. “I do not know, last thing I remember was being attacked by son horrible man.”

The other two look at her shocked then at her. Ella bit her lip and frowned. “you both experienced the same as her?” the two guys nodded their head and her heart broke for them. “you’re here because you have unfinished business. I suppose my purpose is to help you find peace. But I do not know how yet. “

The girl seemed to panic as she rushed over and grabbed Ella. “no you have to help us we can’t stay here!” when the girl grabbed her Ella felt a wave of agonizing pain and she lost her connection slipping back to reality. She woke up in Luca’s bedroom as a broken scream escapes her lips and she opened her eyes to see a panicked and scared Luca hovering over her. He had been trying to wake her. Being inside the veil meant people in the other side and in life could see her and everything she said could be heard. She probably scared the life out of him. She smiled softly as the pain faded.

Luca frowned as he brushed the hair from her face its now that she realized the pain had made her break into a sweat. She blushed brightly and bit her lip. “sorry I woke you Luca. I didn’t mean to.” She murmured softly.

Luca gave her a look and laughed bitterly. “My mate wakes me up screaming in pain and she’s apologizing for waking me. I don’t care that you woke me. I care that you were in pain. What happened to you?”

Ella merely shrugged as she thought about what she had just experienced.” I do not know really for sure. I think some spirits who died had pulled me to the veil. I didn’t cross completely like normal because they haven’t crossed yet either…one of them touched me...I felt so much pain… I think I felt what she felt in the moment she died….someone practically tortured her with pain before she finally lost her life. “

Luca frowned as he leaned down and kissed her forehead. “Should I be prepared for you to do this often?” She laughed as she sat up in the bed and shook her head.

“ no that was new I have never had that happen to me before. I think they died here near me and they are stuck because they died to close to me. So I need to help them move on…I don’t know.”

Luca got a serious expression on his face as he thought about it. “do you think that they could be the lycan’s that’s blood was used on that wall.”

She nodded slowly, as she thought about it. “I suppose, blood magic is powerful me being near their blood may have been how they knew to find me. You should tell me what you learned yesterday night after you left me here. Cause I have a story to tell you myself.”

With a heavy sigh Luca nodded and got up out of the bed. We are going to need a heavy dose of pancakes and syrup for this talk I have a feeling. They both got out of bed and she excused herself to the bathroom to clean up her hair and face some. She wasn’t in the mood to try and go back to the other room. When she was clean she came back out. “Hey Luca I have a question?”

He looked up from where he was making the bed. “Sure what is it?”

She smiled slightly, “this room is yours right? But it doesn’t smell of you, when you first gave me the other room. I could smell you and your lycan on every sheet pillow and towel in it.”

Luca nodded his head slowly and sighed.” This use to be my father’s room.. I don’t stay in here often... For longest time I slept on the couch. And a year ago or so I moved into the room you were in. after you got here I felt like you needed the space away from me to have of your own so I have stayed in here..well sort of my clothes are here but I have either been laying with you or working so much I haven’t slept much in here till last night.”

She nodded slowly part of her knew it was probably hard to sleep in the parents his deceased parents had once been in. then a thought came to mind. “Is anything that your father us to hold dear still in here?”

Luca made a really confused look as he thought about her question. “Yea I guess so I’m not sure what he would necessarily consider dear to him. But not a lot of stuff had been removed. Why?”

She shook her head slowly unsure if her hunch was right. “I’ll tell you after breakfast. I’m hungry and you still need to tell me what I missed. After I fell asleep last night.”

Luca hesitantly agreed to her request and she sighed softly she didn’t want to worry him more until she was sure there was a reason to be worried. Biting her lip softly she walked with him downstairs where Krystal was currently trying to get a small muddy child to sit still. Ella let out an unconscious giggle and smiled.” This must be the little one you told me so much about “ she said as she knelt down in front of ben and held out her hand towards the small child. “Hello there I’m Ella, I’m your momma’s friend.”

The small child looked at Ella with curious eyes as he eagerly took her hand and shook it firm. “You must be the woman daddy told me about last night. Your Uncle Luca’s Mate!” Ella felt the warm flush run through her body as she nodded to the child. At that point Luca took mercy on her and came over and excused them saying he wanted to feed me because we had a long night. Taking her hand he helped her stand up straight and began to guide her through the house to the kitchen. She remembered the last time they where here together Luca had been pulled off to do some work. She hoped it wouldn’t happen again they really had a lot to talk about. For the sake of the pack they needed to stop whoever had done this to them.

She walked over to the table and sat down knowing that even if she tried to Luca would not let her cook right now. She sat and played with the thread on her shirt as she watched him prepare. She could feel her wolf pacing inside her mind as she bit her lip and scooted forward in her chair.

Luca looked over his shoulders as his eyes locked on hers and she felt her breath trap in her throat. He examined her as if he knew what she was thinking and he sighed. As he plated the food and walked towards her. She wondered what was running through his head. He gave her a plate and their fingers had barely touched and it was like a wave of piece when he pulled away to grab his own it almost hurt. She felt like her skin burned and his hand was the water to sooth the pain. She blushed clenching her hands in her lap as she looked at her food confused. Luca hesitantly sat besides her keeping some space.

He looked at her and sighed, “It’s the mate bond, it wants me to claim you soon. But don’t worry I will not give into it until you’re ready.”

She merely nodded her head, she knew they had to talk about this again. Specially after what happened yesterday before she went to her room. She had to much on her mind already to get into it though. She sighed as she started to try and eat her food. “I saw a man in your room yesterday.”

Luca looked startled as he stopped mid bite of his food. “What!?! Who did you see?” Ella merely shrugged as she looked at him. “I couldn’t tell, he was dead though his soul sought me out. He was tall and broad. But he was a shadow to me my soul didn’t recognize his whoever he may be. He said he was allies with our enemy. Then you said this morning that the room use to be your fathers. I think it may have been him.” She muttered the last part under her breath. She knew his wolf would catch every word as she could see it in his eyes that he barely was containing his shift.

He took shallow deep breaths it sounded like each on burned him the way he struggled. “My heartless, bloodthirsty father chose to visit my vulnerable and unique mate. This doesn’t bode well for us.” Ella merely nodded her head as she took a shaky breath. She could feel his angry and his possession.

Looking at him again she huffed softly and smiled weakly. ”calm down he can’t physically hurt me himself... but it makes me wonder why would he be allied to our enemy. Who was it that left the warning Luca?”

Luca looked stricken almost as he sighed. “My brother escaped, he killed three Lycan’s on our land, and they were rouges but decent people none the less. My new beta found the corpses early this morning.”

Ella gasped softly looking at him as her heart felt like it was made of rock it was so heavy. Three innocent wolves were killed because of her. Because Roy wanted her powers, and Luca’s father wanted them for him.

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