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Chapter 24

The pressure was on, Ella could feel it boiling under the surface. After they talked about what had happened Luca had hinted at wanting to discuss their mate bond again. Luckily for her before she could explain herself her parents had come into the kitchen. She had halfway begun to forget they where there in the first place. However, when her father came in throwing a million questions at Luca about the night before and his plans for how to handle things as the Alpha. Ella took advantage of the distraction to slip away.

She knew she had to talk to Luca eventually, he was her mate. That meant she had to finish the bond with him. She had to become his Luna. The pressure was insane, she wasn’t sure she had it in her. She stood in the Livingroom of the pack house. This is the first time she’s truly taken the time to look around the building. It seemed a lot like the packhouse back at home. It was beautiful the walls covered with artifacts from their pack’s proud history. The furniture was very masculine one large recliner couch covered in deep brown leather upholstery. A hard-dark stained wood table in the center facing across from the large fire place. The room reminded her of a hunter’s den. There was an old wooden rocking chair. It seemed to stand out against the rest of the room. It had a soft blue colored cushion in its seat it added just the smallest touch of femininity to the otherwise manly room.

She wondered over and gently ran her fingers over the arm of rocking chair lost in her own thoughts. She hadn’t noticed the elderly woman who came into the room from the outside.

“It’s a beautiful piece of workmanship, isn’t it? I remember when the old alpha brought that into here. It brought tears to the Luna’s eyes to see it.”

Ella jumped some when the woman spoke and turned to face her. Bowing her head slightly out of respect. “do you mean Luca’s father. Is he the alpha who brought the chair in?”

The older woman smiled at Ella warmly as she walked towards her. “Indeed, I’m sure you have heard what a cruel man the old alpha was. Do not look so uncomfortable, it is not untrue. He was a hard man to handle, most could not stand him. But there was a time before he became like that. He had at one time truly loved his mate. He would do anything for her. I remember this chairs story well. It was when he had first started to turn his anger on his mate. Him and the Luna where constantly at odds for what seemed like forever really it was only a few weeks. I don’t remember what had started their fighting, but the young Luna was a proud woman. You would not have meant a woman nor Lycan more stubborn than her. She would not have allowed her mate to bully her like he bullied the pack. Then one day it was as if all the pride and fight left her. There was something far more important to her then their argument. She told the alpha she was pregnant with their first child. Luca, the alpha was born again on that day. He was so overjoyed that his mate was with child. That he would have a child to carry on his legacy. No one heard from him for a week, he was in a shed on the edge of the pack. He made this chair for his mate as a gift to show her he cared. Unfortunately for Luca and for his mother, his happiness did not last long into his life.”

Ella looked at the chair again and nodded. “I’m glad Luca at least had his mothers love. I could not imagine not being able to love and trust my parents. It must have been horrible growing up with his father.”

The older woman looked at Ella drawing her attention away from the chair. “it was hard for the young alpha I’m sure. But his mother was a wonderful Luna, when she was still alive it gave us all hope. No matter how cruel or evil her mate got. Having her with us gave us hope. Luca is a lot like his mother, though he worries that he is more like his father. You are his balance, much like his mother balanced for his father until her death. Where Luca falls short it will be your duty to be what he is not, so that together you will be strong. I hope to not be disappointed by you Luna. I want to see the old alpha’s legacy die.”

Ella started to respond but the woman walked away and to some other room in the house. The pressure she was feeling before seemed to have just multiplied. She felt like bricks were on her chest. She looked at the rocking chair and wondered if she could live up to the memory of Luca’s mother. The light of good in a time of great darkness for this pack. Was she strong enough, and good enough to be what they needed in a Luna?

Ella bit her lip and she walked to the door and looked out across the pack land. They must know she’s the Luna now, with such a dramatic attack on her yesterday. She knew Luca probably couldn’t avoid explaining what made her such a strong target.

She stepped outside and wondered out some as she thought of her worries. Why are you so anxious, why are you fighting our mate? She heard the displeasure in her wolf’s voice. it broke her heart to know she wasn’t just holding out on Luca but their wolves too.

Ella sighed slightly in relief. “I’m just scared that I’m not capable of being Luna for this pack. What if I ruin everything? Something pushed Luca’s father to be evil. To kill his mate who he seemed to have at one time loved. To hurt Luca and make Roy evil. It’s the Luna’s job to protect and guide her mate. To be the heart of her pack. What if I can’t do it?”

You need to stop being so negative when I was too weak to speak. I could feel Ace. He stayed close Luca was worried about you, but his wolf was worried about me. That’s a mate for you. HE cared it’s perfectly okay to be worried about us being a good Luna. But he isn’t worried he’s proud of us and he hasn’t known us long either. Stop worrying so much before you give our mate a complex and make him think it’s him you don’t believe in and not yourself.

Ella knew her wolf was right that she had to stop overthinking before she made Luca worry about himself. She took a deep breath and started to consider her reply to Aadya when the Packhouse door swung open and she spun to look at it. Luca was rushing out of the house towards her. She smiled and started to greet him, but before she gets the words out. He grabs both her arms and yanks her into a hug, and she gasps in shock.

Luca spoke in a shaky voice as he let her go just enough to look at her face. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. It’s just when I realized you weren’t inside and then I saw you out here just staring off into space. I got so anxious, I don’t want you to feel like a prisoner in my pack house. But with Roy on the loose and having recently killed people on my packs land. “she blushed slightly and shook her head trying to get him to stop rambling.

“Luca take a deep breath, please. I understand I’m your mate and our bond hasn’t been sealed so your wolf is more sensitive to my safety. Your right its extremely dangerous right now I should not have come outside without you or someone you trust with me to protect me. Your brother wants my powers, and I do not think he is sane enough to know to avoid attacking me in broad daylight. I’m sorry I scared you, Luca”

Luca sighed softly as if a huge weight of pressure lifted off his shoulders as he pulled me into his arms again for a tight hug. She bit her lip and silently acknowledge her own fears. Pushing them away she hugged her mate back deciding for the win or for losing she was going to be his mate and try as hard as she can to be a good mate and a good Luna for Luca.

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