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Chapter 25~Luca's Perspective

Luca held Ella tightly to his chest. He knew he was being paranoid. He couldn’t help it, every instinct in his body screams to keep her beside him at all cost. He knew part of it was that his wolf was getting anxious, but could you really blame him. After the last couple of days if he thought it would keep her safe he would lock her up tight in his room.

He kissed her forehead as he slowly pulled away, looking over her face. She was such a compassionate person, even when he was being unreasonable. He truly didn’t think he deserved her. He walked with her into the house again. She held his waist as they walked into the house.

his wolf was practically purring in his head. Some wolf he is, just a hug from his mate turning him into a complacent pup again. He chuckled as he leads her in and greeted her parents again before looking at her.

“I need to go do my rounds through the pack. Since this has all happened I figure we should see your parents back to their pack. Your brother may need their help; we can’t assume to believe that with you here roy will focus his attacks on us. So while I am working, I figure it would be perfect time for you to just spend time with your parents. We don’t know for sure when it will be safe for them to come visit again.”

She smiled up at him, he loved when he got this smile. It reached her eyes and made the soft blue grey color of her eyes brighten up so much. “Sounds perfect, I could use the mom and dad time.” She hugs him again tightly. He held her against him taking the moment to take in her scent to memory, as if he could ever forget it.

He pulled away and nodded. “I figured, it’s no fun to have your mate lurking around when you’re trying to gossip about him. Just stay in the pack house unless Elijah comes by, right now him and krystal are the only people I want you to trust.”

She looked at him like she was studying him carefully. Finally, she seemed to decide she agreed with his statement and nodded. “we will be safe. However, you have to do the same for me. If I find out you gone off and got hurt. I do not promise, to not come hunt you down and save you like you have been doing for me.” He looked at her at first like she was joking, however he quickly realized he was dead serious.

The thought of her running into battle with any wolf who tried to hurt him, Terrified the hell out of him. He merely nodded his head and kissed her forehead before turning to give her father a hand shake, and to get a surprise hug from her mother. Their family was extremely close it seemed. Then didn’t even know him that well, however they had already accepted him. He smiled slightly as he hugged his future mother-in-law back and wished them both a good day. He kisses Ella’s cheek once more on her way out.

Once outside he, took a deep breath. He wasn’t ready to face his alpha duties. He had to go around the entire pack land and warn every one of the danger. Most alphas would just do a large group announcement. However, with the fact there had been deaths. He felt like he had to personally tell everyone one on one. His pack needed to know he would protect each and every one of them not just the pack as a whole. He would not risk a single person.

He glanced at the house before going to the training grounds first. Figuring the warriors both new and old should know first since they would likely be called on at any time to protect the pack. He wanted to make sure everyone was safe and alert. However, he just as much wanted to run back to the house and be with Ella and her parents. He liked being surrounded by family. It was like having Krystal but more than that. He felt glad that with all the struggles Ella had to face now with her powers. She at least grew up surrounded by love.

With a sigh he shook off the pull of the mate bond and ignored his wolves protest. He needed to focus on being an alpha first. He would worry about bonding with his Luna later. There wasn’t much at the moment he could do there she really did need the time alone with her family. He really didn’t want to risk keeping them here longer. He knew it would crush Ella if something happened to them. More so he was worried about how she would blame herself for it. He knew he had to get them back to their own pack where they were safest. A wolf is only truly strong with its own, he knew they would be able to fight and protect themselves here after all Drake has only not been alpha a few days now. He just rather not take any risks.

He nodded his head as he approached the training grounds and some of the wolves bowed to him. There was a training duel going on between one of the older delta’s and a younger guy. Looked like the kid couldn’t have had his wolf for longer than a few years now. He was impressed the watching the battle he seemed to be holding up against the older wolf fairly well all things considered. Luca leaned back against a tree watching. No one had alerted the dueling pair to his presence. A fact he much appreciated, he hadn’t been able to sit in on a true duel since he became alpha. Most the younger trainees where scared to have him around in fear he would punish them if they didn’t learn fast enough. He cringed at the thought, it was another side effect of the rumors about him. The elder members of the pack knew he was harmless, they knew about his father and the way he treated the pack and saw him as a blessing having got rid of his father.

Younger guys, like the fighting. They don’t know it and because their parents and grandparents much rather forget then teach. They go to school and training and trade rumors and stories until they all as a unit fear the crazy alpha who killed his own father. Instead of feeling safe with the alpha who saved them from his father’s tyranny.

He wondered how Ella would handle moments like that. Would they treat her like something to be feared like he was, or would they fear for her like people feared for his mother. His heart ached at the thought. She had so much strength and compassion she would be an amazing Luna. He merely hoped his pack would know this and accept her as their Luna. He did not wish for his reputation to hold her back; she was raised in a tight knit pack. He didn’t want her to feel like she couldn’t be around her own people.

He watched the duel with pride in his pack. For young wolves to be showing this much strength and efficiency it meant the pack was running as a proper unite. You only got this kind of strength by training regularly and hard. He learned when he was younger though, learning alone didn’t make for strength. That is the reason why his brother was so much weaker even though he had a lot more training. Because he learned with others helps, Krystal and other pack members. Roy had only learned from their father with no help. No one to show him his weaknesses and teach him to defend them. No one to knock him down then bring him back up. This kid was clearly getting that kind of support in learning. He held himself well.

He flinched slightly as the kid finally went down. Training duels kept going until either the trainer calls it to a stop or one of the fighters is tired out. Most warriors will lie and keep fighting even after they hit their limits, so often it’s the trainers job to make them stop. Doing this prevents burn out and over time they begin to outpace themselves, so they didn’t need to be stopped as quickly, sometimes even they won’t be the one who needs to stop and they will outlast their training partner. The trainer started to come over to end the duel, cause the kid was clearly waning but the stubborn look in his eyes said he wasn’t ready to admit it. With a whistle, Luca walked over. The noise catching everyone’s attention. He comes over and offers his hand to the downed kid.

The kid looked both scared and star strucked.He takes Luca’s hand and lets him pull him up. Once he was up he bowed his head in respect. “Alpha, um thanks man. “

Luca shrugs and gives the kid a grin. “your fine, you did great job here. You fight very well for your age. Who is your training partners?”
Two other kids about his age and the guy he dueled with all raised their hands. Luca individually acknowledged them, then looked around at the rest of the trainees around.
“have you all taken on this training method of having partners help you through your training more hands on.” Only a few other younger wolves acknowledged that they did and he nods.

He looked at the kid and smiled giving him a pat on the back. “when I was in training I had training partners too, it’s how I got so strong. It’s also how you all are getting strong. We are a pack; we don’t fight against each other we fight with each other. So if you’re fighting as a team, why are you trying to learn to by yourself. Yes you should listen to your trainer, but you can’t be out here every day following direction I’m sure most of you are of age to have other pack duties to attend to now. You have to find your own time to train, and I’m sorry but kicking a tree doesn’t cut it anymore. I didn’t want to bring this news like this, but this kid here has inspired my hope for our pack. I want you all to be as strong as he is as I am, as our pack is. And I know each of you are capable of it. We are at war, and not with any other pack. We are at war with wolves from our own pack that have gone rogue, wolves who have decided that they don’t need our pack to be strong. Who have decided they don’t care who dies for them to have that power. Three wolves we had provided shelter too was found murdered yesterday. Which means we have murders in our land. I never thought the day would come but my brother is their leader. “he heads the panicked gasps that spread across the area and he held up a hand.

“my brother has a weakness; one we don’t have. He thinks he can do everything himself, he trusts no one and hates everyone. This very reason is why he failed when he tried to challenge me, and why he will fail with what he’s doing now. I have found our Luna.” The warriors all cheered and suddenly lit up with excitement and he smiled. “However the reason I found her is because Roy chose her to be his weapon against us. She is a powerful Lycan. However, she is in danger, don’t get me wrong she is not willing to sit back and let us take on this danger. If she had her way she would be the first person out hunting him down. However, she is the heart of our pack. We will not let her fight alone will we? I want you all to train together for now on, I don’t want any Lycan wondering alone. Stay in groups or at least pairs. I want all of you to take on training partners like?” he looked at the kid.

Luca nodded and looked at everyone again. “like Tony, all of you do that today, stay together have each other’s back. We are a pack which means we are a family. I don’t want division among us any longer, we have been divided since my father and have stayed divided because I was not brave enough to make you all change. My fears has made you all vulnerable of falling into danger or manipulation because of the division. No more, we will be a unit, balanced strong and smart. Im going to leave you all here with your trainers, and Tony and his team as an example. Take strength in each other, and grow strong together. I see Lycans in all of you that no matter your rank your all warriors and your all strong. “

He got a round of cheers from everybody. Some of the older lycans come over and give him a hug the younger ones had all condensed around tony asking him questions about how he trained with his friends so they could do it too. Over their shoulders tony mouthed a thank you to Luca and he felt that. He had a close knit few of friends but had been avoided and feared by everyone else. He imagined that kid had his few friends but not much support from anyone else. Though by showing that Tony was one of the strongest trainees, he had made the kid more trusted and wanted by his peers. He excused himself, because he still had to go talk to the rest of the pack. His spirits up lifted by seeing how the newer lycan’s responded he felt more confident going in to talk to the families and elders about it.

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