Gifted by the moon ( Rough Draft

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Chapter 1

* Current Date*

Ella tossed and turned around in her bed. The heat of the morning sun cascading across her face. She wrinkled her nose in complaint. Stretching out in the bed, she slowly opened her eyes to look at the clock on her nightstand. It was a little after eight, which to her means she must get up now. Rolling out of bed, she got up and walked into the bathroom. She looked in the mirror and flinched at her own reflection. She looked like a bloody mess. Sighing softly, she grabbed her hairbrush and slowly worked it through her long hair. She could feel her wolf was still waking up too.

“Hey, come on, wake up. If you’re being all sleepy, I’ll never be able to wake up.”

You’re the one who insisted that we must wake up so early. if I had my way we would still be in that big fluffy bed.

“Yeah, I know, but we have to be awake for the pack meeting. Remember my brother is being officially marked as the new alpha of the pack. We have to be there to show our support to him.”

Yeah, I remember, I can’t wait to see who comes...maybe we will find our mate there!The thought was interesting. She is a fully matured Lycan for two years now. Which means she can now recognize her mate if she ever met him. With that thought she grabbed her toothbrush and began to brush her teeth.

“Would it be weird if it turns out we have known our mate our entire life? Like what if an Alpha of one of the packs we are allied to is our mate. Imagine that, like we walk into the meeting area. Our eyes meet with his. Then we catch his scent and our world gets flipped upside down. Wouldn’t that be weird?”

Well let’s see, there is that one alpha that has that really cool wolf.

“There is no way he’s our mate”

What about that one.

“No, he’s far too old, and didn’t he already have a mate who died?”

Yeah that’s true…. maybe that guy who comes every year in place of his brother?

“Roy, Alpha Luca’s Beta?”

Yeah him.

“...I don’t know, I mean I have alpha blood. So, I should be mated to an alpha right?”

Yes, but he’s a beta, and he is the alpha’s younger brother. So, he technically has alpha blood too.

“Yeah, I suppose that’s true.”

Ella has gotten lost in her mental conversation with her wolf. She had taken a pause in brushing her teeth. She shrugged off the bizarre conversation. She wasn’t so sure she was ready to have a mate. She was just started to find herself. It would be weird to find herself as part of a mated pair. She looked up at the mirror and nearly jumped out her skin. Spinning around, she faced the image of her eldest brother’s spirit.

“You scared me Jaz. I was worried you wouldn’t be here today.”

He smiled softly at her and nodded.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Nick is finally becoming alpha. I’ll be there for sure.”

“Part of me wants to say don’t be seen, but then I remember I’m the only who can see you.”

“Do people still think you’re crazy for seeing me when you were younger.”

“The elders say I see you because I’m a rare Lycan. That because my wolf and I at one point were on your side of the veil but came back. I can now see and interact through the veil. It was good enough for our family. It helped them relax about it. But it seems a few skeptics still rest inside our pack and some of the allied packs.”

“I don’t like to hear that; it makes me worry that your gifts will make finding your mate difficult.”

“Well, I mean mates find each other instinctually. We are supposed to be each other’s perfect pair; we give to each other what the other doesn’t have right. Maybe I’ll sense his soul or see it when we meet. Like how I see you.”

“I hope so.“

“I need to finish getting ready.”

She turned around, Facing the sink. She began to finish brushing her teeth and relaxed some. Out of corner of her eye she watched the tangible shape of her brother become nothing but a whisper, then it faded away. Being a Lycan with a rare gift is an honor in most packs. Lycan’s born with a gift have a duty to protect their pack. Often the gift will relate to a challenge they may one day will face. Ella can spirit walk. It’s one of the rarest gifts to be spotted in a pure blooded Lycan.

She’s the first in a thousand years. The pack elders strongly believe that is because she died at birth, but came back. She was chosen to do a task that no one else can. Having passed through the veil of life and death. She could now see through it. The elders say that the sight is just the base level of her powers. That they could grow to her crossing the veil anytime she wished. They have said that is merely what they have heard of. The limits of her gifts have never been completely explored. Most Lycan’s with her gift are killed before they come to full strength. The elders said they were either killed for having such a powerful gift, or they died from grief. Apparently it’s urgent that she find her mate before she turns 30 or her wolf will begin to die of grief without him. No Lycan can live without their wolf.

She didn’t know why her mind had gotten so dark. Apparently talking to Jax triggered the walk down memory lane. To her meeting with the elders. The sense of dread she was getting left a bad taste in her mouth. She ran her fingers through her hair as she began to walk out of the bathroom. Going to her closet she pulled it open and smiled just slightly at the outfit she got last week for today. It was beautiful; sensible, and easy to take off. Just in case she needs to shift into wolf form fast, so it won’t get torn up on her.

We are going to be the hottest Lycan there in this outfit!

“Aadya, don’t start getting conceited on me. We may be very attractive, but we are not the only Pure Lycan female. I’m sure there will be plenty attractive Wolves there.”

Yes, you’re right. I shouldn’t get to conceited, but you know very well that we are the youngest Lycan female. That means we are more appealing to young males.

“Eww stop! Aadya you’re making something sweet like finding our mate into a pervy thing.”

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