Gifted by the moon ( Rough Draft

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Chapter 2

She quickly got dressed and headed out of her bedroom knocking on two doors as she walked

past. As she entered the kitchen a woman who looks no more than thirty standing over the stove. She glanced over her shoulder as she spoke to a man who was scrambling eggs beside her on the counter. Its at this moment that the man noticed Ella enter the room. He gave her a huge smile

" hey pumpkin glad to see your awake and dressed.”

Ella came over nodding, She placed a soft kiss on his cheek. She has always been closer to her father more so than anyone else in the family. If you don’t include Jax in that of course. Her bond with Jax was deeper than just blood relation. Her soul has a attachment to her brother. She went over to her mother to see what she was cooking.

" yea i got up early but got a little side tracked. Oh bacon and eggs?”

Her mother nodded turning to kiss the top of Ella’s head.

" Of course it’s Nick’s favorite and he’s becoming alpha today so i figure he should have his favorite right?”

she nod her approval as she sit down at the table. she look at her dad returning the analytic stare he had started to give her. He finally broke their stare off first.

" What side tracked you when you woke up?”

she looked at her father with hesitation. He knew fully well what distracted her. However she had a hard time voicing it. she knows against her mother’s reassurances; hers and jax’s too. Father has continued to blame himself for Jax’s death.

" my brother paid me a visit. Felt like checking in i guess since it’s such a big deal for Nick today.”

He just nodded in response as my mother came over and gave him a kiss.
“Drake please stop doing this. You are Not responsible for that man’s actions.”

" You always say that. But..”
Me and my mother both cut him off.

We both scold him for a minute as mom goes back to cooking. Just then Nick came in. he could be a carbon copy of father if not for having moms blond hair instead of dad’s deep black. I was interestingly the only one of their three living kids who had dad’s deep hair. Nick had a huge smile on this face.
“How you feeling big bro, or should i start calling you alpha now?” she chuckled softly watching her brother as he drooled over the food their parents were preparing. After a moment he realizes he was spoken to and shakes his head.
“Your a alpha female so of course not you are my equal one day you will be a Luna.”
“Only if I’m mated to a alpha. I could still mate to a omega.”

“My sister? The Amazing Wolf gifted with the sight. No way you’re a omega’s mate you need a alpha and a strong one. Just you wait i bet you will find out I’m right later today.“she rolled her eyes but her Parents nodded in agreement as they laid out the plates and served the food.

As they ate dinner the conversations didn’t really change from stuff like that. Mainly they talked about her brother’s big day. Her parents also pushed me about deciding if she would like to start traveling to different packs. Should she learn her mate isn’t one of the allied packs in the area. she wasn’t so sure about it. she has never traveled outside their pack without at least her brother with her. Considering how rare her gift is it made her anxious. for all she knows there is freaks looking for people like her; to use for some kind of evil plan. she’d travel if had a promise she would find my mate, however she didn’t want to do it without the promise of it. She hedged them trying to change the subject to the best ability she could. When breakfast is done she stood up putting her dishes in the sink. She then walked over wrapping her arms around her brother’s neck and shoulders from behind as she hug him tight.

" you have a good day today okay.”
“Yea i will sis thanks”

He patted her arms slightly as he tries to finish his own food.
“I’m proud of you. I’ll see you later today Alpha Nick.”

He laughed in good spirits as she pull away rustling his hair she head back down the hallway where all the bedrooms are. The house is two stories but the only things upstairs is her parents room and Nick’s room. their house is separate now but when she was really little they use to live in the old pack house. Now Her dad just communes over to it to check on it. After today it will be Nick going back and forth. The door right beside her belongs to her other brother. She knock on it slightly and listened she heard the bed springs creak then the soft rustle of his feet on rug. The door opens and suddenly she faced her mirror image. Ella and Eric look nearly perfectly alike. The only noticeable difference being his pale blond hair which is a stark contrast to Her midnight black hair. Ironically people say they can see more difference. Personally she believe if she bleached her hair and cut it short no one could tell. guess that is what happens when your fraternal twins.

“Oh hey sis whats up?”
He yawned rubbing at his face. He appeared to be fully dressed, but knowing him he likely woke up. got dressed then laid down to ‘rest his eyes’ and was right back to sleep.she laughed shaking her head.
“Do you remember what today is Eric?”
“Its Nick’s big day. He’s becoming alpha!”

His eyes got wide as realization hit. He rushed back in his room leaving the door wide open. She stepped into the room looking around. He rushed to a standing mirror and fixed his clothes.

“I don’t look like i was a bad brother sleeping when my brother is about to become alpha right?”
She cracked a huge smile.
“You look fine Eric....Jax visited me again.”
He turned and looked at her eyes flooded with concern. Eric is her best friend she tells him everything. Even before she was brave enough to tell the rest of the family about her gift. She told him. It started she saw Jax when she was awake. She was so young when it started is it any wonder she felt anxious to discuss it. She told Eric though, her and Eric always help each other. She nodded slowly and smiled.

“He told me to tell Nick that he was proud of him to.”
Eric came over and pulled her into his arms.

“I wish he was alive so you can meet him. Dad to maybe then he wouldn’t hate himself so much.”

“I know sis come on we have a ceremony to get to.”

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