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Chapter 3

The coming of age for a Alpha Lycan is a huge celebration. Packs from all over the world gather at the territory monument for the pack. The Bluecrest Pack’s monument is a large stone on a cliff that overlooks a large lake in the middle of their territory. There was eight different packs here today to watch and honor the Bluecrest Pack.

Ella stood beside Eric and her parents in the front of the crowd. The Eldest Lycan of the pack Jaiveer does the ceremony with Nick. It ends with a cut from a silver knife. Silver doesn’t kill lycans it weakens their wolves. Only werewolves died from silver. Lycan’s use it in the ceremony because the blood will be on the monument for generations to come. The scar from a silver knife will be with them until they died. The only thing that can leave a scar on a lycan is a silver weapon. Their healing complexes will otherwise prevent scarring.

Ella for some reason has always had a hard time being here. The stone creeped her out, it’s centuries old. She could feel the energy of every alpha to ever touch it, even her father. After the oath of alpha’s is spoken ni3ck is told to hold out the hand closest to his heart. Ella held her breath as Jaiveer made the small cut and her brother’s eyes flinched but he otherwise stayed un-moving, curling his fingers in to make the blood run faster. Then the sealing words were spoken by Jaiveer and her brother placed his hand firmly, palm open, on the rock. Right beside Alpha Drake’s her father.

The lycan’s who chose to be in wolf form released celebratory howls. As the entire pack cheered in excitement. Ella however was staring at her brothers hand where it touched the rock. Her vision blurred then she saw Jax. He was standing beside Nick telling him he was proud and loved him. His words got caught off as he looked over Nick’s shoulder to a shadowed figure. She could nearly make him out but had difficulty, but Jax clearly did not have this same issue. He glanced over to Ella and frowned, concern showing on his face.
“Trouble is coming sis.”

Jax walked around Nick to the figure, they seemed to be speaking. Then he slowly walked back over a headed straight for Ella.
“Don’t worry he is no danger, he’s a warning.”


“I think you merely not strong enough to see him in color.”

“Is something going to happen?”She looked to Nick with worry.

“Not to Nick, but to your mate. He’s closer than you realize and he needs you soon. Just as you will be weak without him, he is weak without you and danger is waiting for him. He needs your strength sis.”

“What is gonna happen?”

“He didn’t say sis I don’t have all the answers... Ella you’re bleeding?”

His monotone voice filled with concern and panic. She was confused by that, she brought her hand up and felt the wetness under her nose. She then pulled her hand back to see the spots of blood on her fingers.

“I think you’re getting to strong too fast. Your body can’t handle it. Listen to me sis, keep yourself blocked and don’t use your sight. Not until you find your mate, it might be dangerous for you.”

“But I won’t see you then, Jax!”

“I know Ella I’ll be here but you need to be careful, you are rare and no one knows how to use your gift but you. Everyone but you has died and I’m not ready for you to be here with me.”
She hated the idea of not being able to see him anymore. Just before she began to argue again she felt a splitting pain in her head.

Whimpering softly, she closed her eyes and breathed deeply. When it was gone she was surrounded by her concerned looking family. Including Nick, everyone else had headed back to the pack house for celebration’s before the big hunt. All but one man, alpha Luca’s brother. He was staring at them from under a tree, where he was leaning. She never used her powers in front of people before, she hoped she hadn’t scared anyone.

Looking at her family, she smiled wiping more blood from under her nose.
“I’m okay. I think I strained myself to much today, is all. I’m okay, I promise. Come on let’s go celebrate.”
She whispered not wanting the man to hear her talking about her sight.

Nick shook his head slowly.“We should have the pack doctor look you over.”

“I don’t need a doctor. I’m okay, Jax said it’s my powers. There is something pulling on them, making them grow too fast for me.”
She murmured softly to keep herself from being over heard from the man. Thankfully, he had already begun to walk away, but the dark smile on his face made relaxing harder for her. Nick seemed satisfied with the reassuring statement as they went back down to the celebration, with the entire family. When they got there Nick was dragged off to celebrate with other people.

The pack started the after party with some drinks and music. Then after the pack would most likely go on a hunt together. Naturally, the alpha would lead the pack’s hunt. Today the alpha is Nick, when the alpha makes the first kill the rest of us will hunt. The females would assist the younger wolves, who haven’t mastered their shifts yet. Deciding she would need energy for the hunt she went to grab a drink sipped at it, then headed to the corner and sat down.

Poking in her mind slowly she reached out for her wolf.
“Aadya, what do we do? I’m going to hate being unable to hear Jax.”

I know, but I could feel the strain of your powers. They were weakening me to.

“I’m so sorry Aadya, I’ll be more careful. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

I know it didn’t hurt, but I just felt like I was being drugged to sleep.

“Again, I’m so sorry.”

It’s fine you should get up, the hunt is starting.

When Aadya said something Ella looked up and realized that her brothers were walking towards her with their arms crossed, clearly waiting for her to get up. Rolling her eyes she got up and shook the dirt from her clothes.

“I thought you were suppose to be leading people, not coming to track down your sister?”

Nick chuckled and nodded slowly.

“Well normally yeah, but I refused to start the hunt without my annoying little sister.”

Ella punched him playfully in the arm as she walked with her brothers to the front line. Where her father proudly announced that he was surrendering his title, with pride, to Nick.

The guys all striped down to shorts and shifted from there. While the women all divided behind the trees to slip out of there clothes. Before shifting, the girls folded there clothes and tucked them under trees. It was pack thing we kept unisex clothes hidden throughout the entire pack land. And we stash any clothes we wore. before a shift, so we can find them later.

Ella shifted quickly, then ran back out to stand proudly beside her twin’s wolf. Her wolf was a soft milky brown. This was the only way some mixed up her and her brother. They both had the same coat of fur. However, her blue eyes stood her out apart from his dark brown ones. Once all the wolves had gathered together Nick shifted last and let out a howl that each of us echoed easily. Then he took off, followed by the wolves, until he caught a scent he liked. Then we all slowed and gave him space the large number of wolves, after one prey, would scare it off.

Ella laid against the ground belly crawling close but giving space. She felt anxious not so much about her brother hunting. She felt watched oddly, she took a minute to look around and then she noticed a wolf that she didn’t know so well was watching her rather then Nick hunting the large buck through the trees. Her anxiety worsened and she crawled up more to get closer to her parents in hope it would reassure her some.

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