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Chapter 5

It confused her as to why Alpha Luca’s scent is what drove her crazy. She acknowledged that her wolf was muttering something repeatedly but she felt weak from stress her words unclear.
She shook her head and gave Roy a hardened stare.

“My brother won’t let you get away with just taking me. He will hunt you down!”

“Yes but then he will learn I have you. Then think it was Luca’s call, and to prevent from having to face my brother and all he’s rumored to do. He won’t act; he will just pray your gift keeps you alive till he can convince Luca to return you. Since Luca doesn’t know I’m doing this, he won’t be very friendly to your brother falsely accusing him of kidnap.”

My jaw dropped in shock at how though out his plan seemed to be.
“Why would you do this to your own brother? Your alpha. Why would you drag me and my family into it too?”

’because I don’t think it’s fair only the oldest wolf can be alpha.”

“Then challenge him why go to so much trouble!”

He chuckled bitterly and slapped her hard she could feel his rage behind the hit.
“Do you think I haven’t thought of that? Do you think I haven’t tried! I failed last time I tried and we agreed I would sit and be a quiet little beta! But I’m not, I was destined to be an alpha and I know it!”

Ella felt a pain in her chest. She realized that Alpha Luca trusted his brother to be his beta. Even after his brother tried to over throw him. Yet here his brother was betraying the sacred bond between alpha and his beta.

Before Ella could question why it bothered her so much. Roy signaled to someone behind her.
“Night night little Wolfe no more talking.” She felt a horrible pain explode through the nerves in her scalp as her eyes blurred then turned black. She slowly slipped to unconsciousness. The darkness was warmer then she remembered. Slowly it began to gain color; it was a blurred scene of her memory. Of the day she first saw Jax when awake. She saw him now too. She questioned if she was having a cheesy flashback or something.

The figure of Jax chuckled and stepped over.
“No, no cheesy flashbacks today. I saw what happened and when Roy’s friends knocked you out, I figured what better time to give you more information about what’s happening.”

“Oh, thank god Jax! Everything is so dark. I just don’t understand what’s going on.”

" I think your wolf figured it out already. With everything going on you failed to listen to her. Alpha Luca is your mate. Roy wants to steal their pack from him. If he can’t do that he’s going to see to it Alpha Luca dies. Or at least your pack dies trying to kill Luca for him.”
“Why does he want me and my powers.”

“He’s hoping that your powers will give him upper hand in battle against his brother.”

“But my powers are mine he can’t use them.”

“No but if he forcefully claims you as his mate. Not only will it block your bond to luca until luca claims you himself. But he will gain your reflexes he won’t see things like you do. But he will be faster, more alert, and in a battle between alpha wolves. Those things are all it takes to tip the scale.”

“No! Jax you have to help me he can’t severe my bond to Luca. My wolf will die without her mate. If she knows Luca’s wolf is hers now she won’t last long being far from him!”

“I know Ella, but Roy made a mistake. He doesn’t know that since you’re linked to your soul mate even before meeting. He has your instincts already and the gift of empathy. The person he feels better than anyone else in the world? You! He will know somethings wrong he won’t know why till he sees you. But he will find you and save you. Just be careful of Roy don’t let him do anything to break your bonds.”

“I’ll do everything I can Jax I promise. I hope your right. I hope he can find me. Before my wolf begins to fade.”
" I know, it will be okay Ella. I promise, I’m going to help you as much as I can from here.”

Jax came over and wrapped his arms around Ella. She buried her head in his neck and took a shaky breath. She loved seeing him in dreams because unlike when she crosses the veil when awake she can feel him. When she was little she could remember throwing fits because she couldn’t play with her big brother who always checked on her. But then her mind went beyond the veil when asleep. He elders said her want to see him again was strong enough she used her sight without meaning to. Ever since whenever she was scared or lonely or sad she just went to sleep and he would come see her. He would play games with her, or sometimes like now he would just hold her and comfort her. Part of her felt selfish because her parents would never know Jax as well as she does. Much less hold him or be held by him like she does. Another part of her never wanted to share him. She already shared her twin who’s supposed to be her forever friend right. It didn’t seem fair to have to share Jax too.

After a several minutes Jax slipped away from her.
“You need to rest now okay. You have one hell of a fight up ahead of you and you need to be strong for it. Using our powers like this for too long won’t be of much help.”

“I wish you could stay I’m so alone here it would be easier if I had you’re backup.”

" I know but you need to stay alive. Your wolf won’t last long without her mate now that she has his scent. If Roy destroys your bond it might sever your bond but no hers. She will always know Roy’s not her mate and she will become depressed and slowly die without her mate.”

“I know your right. Ill rest I will fight Roy until Alpha Luca saves me.”

“Good sis”

With that she felt his presence leave her mind. As his figure faded and her foggy memory scene fell away. She slipped to a deeper more restful slumber.

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