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Chapter 6~ Luca's Perspective

The day had started fairly slow for Luca. That is saying a lot since alpha’s typically never can catch a break. He woke up and felt as if something major was going on today that he should be excited for. Instead he shook it off, getting dressed he headed down the stairs of his pack house. He hadn’t claimed his mate yet so he saw no reason to not live at the pack house. There was a beautiful cottage house on the top of the hill overlooking all of his land.

However he swore he wouldn’t even look inside the completed house until he was carrying his soulmate through the threshold. This naturally confused most wolves but Luca spent months with humans when traveling to find said mate and falling just short before becoming alpha. So he had an appreciation for the human custom of welcoming a bride home. He walked into the kitchen and was immediately welcomed by a young pup. It was a child no older than six he was at the counter eagerly awaiting the food to finish cooking.

“Uncle Luca! Lookie mommy’s making pancakes!”

Luca chuckled as he walked by and ruffled the kid’s hair going to the fridge. he pulled out one of many jugs of milk reaching around the woman standing at the stove. he grabbed a cup and poured himself some.
“hope she plans on feeding the entire house then.” Chuckling he chuckles the woman and she scowls at him.

“these filthy mutts can feed themselves but ill feed you Luca.”

he gives her a huge grin and pours a glass for the kid then walks over sitting down with the kid. He holds the glass out and the kid immediately grabs it and begins to drain the milk when he stops he has a mustache of milk. His mother turned and gently wiped it from his lip as she placed a pancake on his plate and begins to cut it up for him.

“Thank your Kristal your so sweet to me.”
she rolled her eyes and nods slowly.

“of course alpha.” He feigned a look of being wounded.

After breakfast Luca excused himself from the group happily as Kristal’s mate had arrived to take her hunting. Luca walked to his office and checked his voicemails to see if there was any urgent business he needed to attend to. The only message he found was from his younger brother.

“Hey bro I’m assuming you forgot but the Alpha of the Bluecrest pack is doing a coming of age for his eldest son. Don’t worry I got it “All” under control most packs will be here today. So, business should be light for you today. Take the day off and relax.”

Something about the way his brother stressed the word all bothered him. He frowned slightly but shook off the uneasy feeling. Deciding to take his brothers advice he took the day fairly easily. But by noon he had run out of things to do all together. He went outside to the training grounds deciding if he has no other duties he can help his delta train the other members of the pack.

After successfully take down several members then explaining what the wolf did wrong. His wolf started to get anxious and felt like he was pacing around in his head.

Alec you seem troubled what’s wrong?


Alec....we don’t have a mate yet you know this.

“Our mate is in danger Luca! I know we haven’t seen her. But I feel her ... she’s scared.”
Feel? You mean like?

“Yes I feel her like we feel our pack. You will to when you see her. Her wolf is hurting we need to save her!”

where Alec... How... If we have never seen her how do we save her?

“Turn please let me look for her I have to find her she needs us.”

His heart felt anxious he had hoped to find his mate for a while. But after gaining his title no female lycan would be caught dead alone with him. Now however the idea that he does have a mate. One who could be in danger if not dying scared him. If he was close enough to sense her he had to be close enough to save her too. He shifted fast into his wolf and retreated back giving Alec control of his body. He watched through Alec’s eyes as he raced through the trees searching for her scent anywhere and everywhere.

He got more anxious as it seemed to be that he wasn’t leaving his pack lines. That anxiety became rage at the thought that someone of his own pack was daring to hurt his mate. He knew strict punishment was coming to whoever hurt his Luna. Alec was no helping his own anxiety and anger just made his worse. Suddenly he and Alec both stumbled over a feeling. It was her, her scent was intoxicating but he couldn’t seem to enjoy it. His wolf was right. He could sense her now, he felt her anger, betrayal and to him worse of all her fear.

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