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Chapter 7

Ella groaned as she began to wake up she had a splitting headache that didn’t seem to want to stop. She took a shaky breath, as she slowly opened her eyes and looked around. She wasn’t in the forest anymore. Roy must have moved her while she was out. She shifted slowly to sit up immediately regretting it, as a wave of horrible nausea hit her hard. She felt lightheaded and her muscles all felt heavy and as if they are on fire.

She slowly pushed up into a sitting position and leaned back against the wall she felt behind her. Her eyes had started to adjust to the low light of the room. Her eyes focused in on her surroundings. She was weakly chained to the back wall. The walls and ground where cement; and there was iron bars making a window to her right and an old prison cell style door. It wasn’t hard to guess she was in a dungeon or something like that. The space on the other side of the iron bars seemed empty so least she knew she was alone for right now.

Assured of where she was she began to look herself over. She saw some scrapes and cuts she frowned wondering if he latterly drug her through the forest rather than carrying her. She wasn’t that heavy even as dead weight. It shouldn’t have been all that hard to lift her unless his wolf is

Weaker then she first predicted. She took a deep breath and she felt no pain other. than the burning in her muscles. Which she assumed came from being stiff so long. The headache was likely from the blow she took to the head. With a sigh she now worried about her wolf she reached out in her mind and gently poked at her wolf.

“Aadya are you okay?”

Yea I’m okay, or rather I’m ’bout as well off as you are.

“I’m sorry I didn’t hear you when you tried to tell me Luca was our mate.”

It’s okay I knew you would realize in time.

“I did and I’m so sorry for abusing our bond and not looking out for you like I’m supposed to.”

It’s okay, what’s important right now is making sure Roy doesn’t mark us. We need our mate to claim us before Roy can do that.

“I know I promise I won’t let anything happen to you Aadya. I’ll make sure we get our mate. ”

Feeling relieve at her wolf’s safety Ella had begun to try and figure a way out of the hole she had been tossed in when she heard the scrapping of metal. Looking up in time to see Roy walking down some stairs and coming over to the iron bars. Underground clever of Roy it would make our scent harder to find. She silently prayed that her mate would see through this trick and find her anyways.

“Oh goodie I must be lucky you’re finally awake. “He sneered viciously at Ella making her cringe at the sound of his voice.

“You won’t succeed Roy! My family has allies they will find out what’s happened to me!” she promised venomously.

“I hope they do princess because I hope they come here and take Luca down for you. By the time they realize it was really me I’ll be an alpha and without proof they wouldn’t dare challenge me and risk war.”

“They won’t fall for it Roy. I hope like hell that when your brother kills you he makes it hurt specially for me.”

Ella’s focus began to blur she was getting a vision and the two scenes where overlapping. She saw her mate finding the bunker. She then saw him turn human and burst in just before Roy went for my neck. I was unconscious again somehow. I then saw my mates flawless strategy but I knew he would need more help than he has in the vision to succeed I had to keep myself awake for him to help him.

When her focus returned it was just in time to see a look of victory come over Roy’s face and his fist ball. She rolled her body her movements limited by the chains. She was missed by centimeters but now there was a fist shaped crack in the wall and I knew from looking Roy had several broken fingers. If the sickening crunch sound means anything. As she envisioned a male figure appeared in the open cell door. Thankfully Roy hadn’t caught his scent yet. Unfortionally though Aadya had and once again she felt Aadya fighting her for control.

“Not yet Aadya, we can have a grand first meeting later. Right now he needs my help please calm down.”

Humph fine but hurry I have been waiting to meet our mate so long.

She mentally rolled her eyes at Aadya’s eagerness. Gasped as Roy suddenly enraged by our blocking him charged forward towards us. She jumped back at same time as kicking her leg out her foot catching his shin. As he keeled over in pains he crawled back some. She got shivers down her spine as she heard a primal possessive growl come from the figure in the door way.
Even more so her own wolf felt pulled to submission for the first time ever. As her mate spoke in his alpha tone. Unique voice alpha wolves have as a way to demand submission from their pack. Typically Alpha’s don’t feel the need to submit when another alpha uses their voice. However Luna’s will feel it from their mate.

“Roy heal now!” his voice was laced with a growl as he stepped into the room and elegantly each step filled with restrained rage and power.” What in the hell do you think you’re doing! Kidnapping an alpha female! ... Better yet the hell are you doing kidnapping and attacking MY MATE!”

Roy looked down right delirious hearing this. “Oh lord that’s precious. No wonder her wolf freaked from me using your scent as bait.” This made Ella blush as she felt Luca’s eyes land on her.

“Doesn’t matter what you do Luca, It’s already took its toll. Soon her family will know it was our pack who took her. They will look to you for answers. What will you tell them brother. That you’re little beta brother kidnapped her without orders. Then you found out she’s your mate so you have no intent to return her to her family? I imagine that will go well with the future in laws. Especially since I don’t intend for her to be alive long enough to confirm the claim.”

With that Ella caught a sickening chill in her bones of dread. Then he moved suddenly tossing a knife in her direction. For Ella it was like the entire world slowed down for a millisecond. She tilted her head just seconds before death would have been certain. The knife slices through some of her hair and catches her clothes to further pin her against the wall.

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