Dreams that Mask the Shadows

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Chapter Two: A Night Of Future Telling


“You don’t believe her?” My best friend, Rhiannon asked once we exited the tent of Madame Jewel. “Because, honestly, I think I would. All of those fake jewels and eerie moaning that some call music…Seems legit.” The sarcasm practically dripped from her mouth.

I laughed. “Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. We’ll just have to see what happens two days from now, won’t we? Fortune-tellers are rarely known for their accuracy, you know?”

Rhiannon rolled her eyes and ran a hand through her dark red hair. In the dimming light, it looked almost black. She smirked at me. “So you really think that on Monday, you’ll see a man with the bluest eyes, like the pale blue of the stars, with light blonde curls, and a tall, warrior-like build? This dude sounds like some sort of avenging angel.”

I smiled, looking around at the other tents as we passed. The carnival came every summer starting directly at the end of May and leaving at the start of September. Parents and kids alike loved when the carnival came. It brought months of summer fun and games. No one complained, except for the neighbors who might not like the bright lights, huge Ferris wheel, and rides that were set up practically in their backyard.

I tried to think of other things as we walked and Rhiannon chatted on about the new guy that she was fascinated with that was working the summer at the Ring Toss booth with her brother.

Senior year was officially over. Most of the senior class at Jefferson High School had walked across the stage to accept their diplomas not less than a week ago and Grad Night had happened the night before.

Summer would officially begin tomorrow and this next school year, I was planning to start classes at the community college nearby. Over the break, I would continue with my job at the public library. I wanted to go into English and planned to finish most of my general education requirements at the community college which would save my family lots of money in the long run. And money was something we didn’t have tons of.

Rhiannon broke into my thoughts, “I mean, where in the world would you see a man of such gorgeous description? Most likely not at the library, but you never know. You also don’t start work at the library until Thursday, which is a strange day to start if you ask me. You better keep an eye out Monday, okay? And text me as soon as you see any likely candidates.”

“Okay, I will. If I do meet him, I’ll even have this man call you himself to confirm that he is, in fact, real,” I joked.

“You better.” Rhiannon grinned. “You know me so well.”

“Come on, let’s go say hi to your brother at the Ring Toss, I’m sure he can set you up with his fellow carnival employee, and then we can go get a frozen yogurt or something,” I said, moving swiftly through the crowd. Just as we turned to go past a few booths with gigantic stuffed animals and cartoon characters, I saw a man standing in the shadows, blending in perfectly with the crowd. Except one tiny detail.

He had eyes like silver.

I stopped. And stared. And stood there in the middle of the pathway like a complete moron, vaguely hearing Rhiannon calling my name and tugging at my arm.

The man’s lips parted and he mouthed something. I couldn’t make it out at first and I squinted my eyes, focusing all of my attention on this man. Suddenly, I heard it and I gasped, my hearing zooming back to me with a pop. That was the only way I could describe it.

“Kylie!” Rhiannon’s voice finally burst through my weird trance and I jolted again, eyes widening as the man disappeared behind the next passing group of carnival-goers.

“Huh?” I stammered, my heart pounding in my ears.

“What the hell? Are you alright?”

“Yeah. Yes. I am. I thought I saw something.” I shook my head and walked forward with Rhiannon beside me. “Sorry, I zoned out. That was weird.” I made my voice as steady as possible and Rhiannon gave me a strange look but dropped the subject.

And I was grateful.

How was I supposed to tell my best friend that I saw a man with silver eyes whisper the words: Be careful. They are coming for you, from several feet away.

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