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The Power of One

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The queen has been kidnapped. Her warriors come to her rescue but discover a secret about themselves.

Fantasy / Action
Jenna Roth
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The Power of One

Let me tell you a story of a land that no man or woman knows exists. It was called Imperialum, a land where magic was born. It was an enchanted place that no human could enter. The only creatures that lived in this place were elves, dragons, wizards, and beasts of legends. The ruler of this land, Empress Ayame, loved every mythical creature as if each one was her own child. She protected the Power of Entity from one who would use it against Imperialum. This being was known as Countess Sovernity. She was a dark elf that is controlled by the forces of evil. Sovernity took many attempts to get the Power of Entity, but six young female elf warriors helped Ayame protect the power. The called themselves the Warriors of Gaea because they had the power of the elements to help them. Kiara had the element Fire. Her weapon was known as the Flaming Sword. Serleeena had the element Water. She had the Trident of Poseidon. Serenity was known to have the element of Wind. She uses a Bow and Arrows to aid her in battle. The elf with the element Earth was called Liandra. She uses a weapon called the War Hammer. Rianna used the element Life. A Golden Staff was her weapon. The last elf to have an element was Seclude. She has the element Death. Her weapon was the Scythe of Hades. They may protect the Power of Entity, but could they protect the Empress? Everyone in the land asked the same question when they all heard Sovernity kidnapped Empress Ayame.

"How could this have happened?" asked one of Ayame's counselors.

"We didn't know Sovrnity would do this." said Kiara harshly.

"Sovernity must have known that we would be on guard if she exposed herself." Rianna suggested.

"But why would she kidnap Ayame?" Liandra asked.

"Yeah why didn't she go after the power?" another counselor asked.

"I suggest we go to Sovernity's castle and rescue the Empress." Serleena said.

"I also agree. We shall go to the Land of Death and Solitude." Seclude suggested.

They all nodded their heads and left the land riding their horses. In the palace one of the counselors went into Ayame's quarters and walked up to a mirror. An image started to appear and Sovernity was revealed.

"Countess, they have left and are heading for the castle." he told her.

"Good, tell your men to be ready." Sovernity replied.

"Yes Countess."

The counselor vanished and the Countess left her throne and walked to a huge sphere that held Ayame prisoner. Her wrists and ankles chained her up.

"They're coming Empress." Sovernity told her.

"They will not fall for your plan Sovernity." she said.

"They will if they want to save you." the Countess told the imprisoned Empress.

Sovernity put her hand into the sphere and grabbed Ayame's face.

"My dearest sister, your kingdom will soon be mine." Sovernity said.

Ayame was very angry and spit on Sovernity's face.

"You little brat," she growled, "How dare you!"


The young warriors were resting by a river and letting their horses take a drink of the clear water.

"We shouldn't rest for long." Liandra said.

"I say we should," Serleena said, "We don't want our horses die of dehydration."

Liandra replied, "I think we shouldn't waste time Serleena."

"Would you rather walk than ride your steed?" Serleena asked.

The two glared at each other for awhile. The other elves just lay on the grass ignoring the two of them bickering.

"You think they will ever stop?" Seclude asked.

"Not until they both die of dehydration." Kiara chuckled.

"Come on you two, stop it right now or I'll create a tornado to calm you down." Serenity threatened.

The two glaring knowing Serenity would create a hurricane with one arrow and make them fly to a village if she wanted to. Liandra got up and went for her horse. She grabbed the bridle and petted the horse on the nose.

"Why would Sovernity want the Power of Entity?" Liandra thought, "What's so great about it?"

Suddenly the ground started to shake. Everyone else got up and was trying to keep their balance.

"What's going on?" yelled Rianna.

"I think it's an earthquake." yelled Liandra.

"Did you hit the ground with your hammer?" asked Seclude.

"Oh yeah, I just felt like I should shake things up a bit." Liandra said sarcastically.

The earthquake finally stopped. Everyone remained still until they were sure it wouldn't start up again. When they thought it was gone they started to move inch by inch. Then the ground started to rip open. The warriors got their weapons ready just in case something bad was going to pop out of the enormous hole. Figures jumped out and landed on the opposite side of them. The hole closed up and the dust cleared. There in front of the warriors were six men who were dressed in black and had the same weapons as the elves did.

"Who are you?" asked Serenity.

"We are the Dark Knights of Gaea." said the man who had a sword.

"You mean Knights of Sovernity." Rianna said.

""What do you want?" Liandra asked.

"We would like to escort you to the Countess's palace for cake and tea." said the knight with the scythe.

"We've already ate." Kiara said.

"Well how about we just take you there then?" asked the knight with the war hammer.

"We have horses to ride." Seclude said.

"Not anymore." the first knight said.

He took his sword out of his sheath. The blade went on fire. With his sword he swung it and all the horses were burn to a crisp. All the girls gasped and had very angry looks on their faces.

"You monster!" yelled Liandra.

She lifted her hammer and swung it at the fire knight. The knight with the war hammer blocked her attack.


"You and I are equal in strength and skill," he said. "So you can't beat me."

"I can try." she said.

She jumped back and slammed her hammer to the ground creating a massive earthquake. The other Warriors and Knights jumped out of the way so they wouldn't get hit by any loose chunks of earth flying around. The knight lifted his hammer and also slammed it on the ground to counterattack.

"No way." Liandra said in shock.

"Told you so." he said with a smirk.

"I'm coming Liandra!" yelled Serenity.

She ran towards her when the Dark Knight with the same weapon as herself jumped in front of her.

"Sorry, no helping." he said.

"Fine, if you don't move, I'll make you move." she yelled.

She pulled out an arrow and strung it on her bow. She pulled the string back and released the arrow and created a tornado. The knight did the same. He took out an arrow and shot at the tornado. Serenity's tornado vanished without a trace.

"Damn you!" she mumbled.

"I guess we have to fight our way out of this." Kiara said.

They all got in front of their counterparts. They all just stood there waiting for the other to strike first. The tension was building. No one was moving. Then a rock fell over and they all went for each other's throat.


"Well, well, well," the Countess said, "They've begun to fight my knight."

"They'll beat them." Ayame said.

"I think not little sister, these are different types of knights." Sovernity said giggling at her younger sister.

"What do you mean?"

"They are known as the Dark Knights of Gaea," she explained. "They have the exact powers as your precious elves have."

"So what, they'll find a way to beat your copies." Ayame said with hope in her voice.

"Oh you think?" Sovernity asked.

"Everyone has a weakness," she began, "And they'll find their weakness."


We have to keep going!" yelled Serleena.

"They're to strong!" yelled Rianna, "How are we going to beat them?"

The warriors and knights matched blow for blow. There was no way of defeating such a formidable foe. Serleena attacked her counterpart with a blast from her trident. He deflected the attack and it went right for the Dark Knight of Earth. The blast hit his arm and screamed in pain.

"I don't believe it," thought Seclude, "They're only stronger when fighting a same foe."

She charged at the knight with the Life element and struck is staff.

"What!" he exclaimed.

"Kiara, attack the knight with the wind element!" Seclude yelled.

"What is she talking about?" Kiara thought to herself.

"Attack the opposite element!" she yelled, "They won't be able to fight them!"

"Hey if it works." Serenity said.

Serenity went after the Knight of Earth and others did the same. Rianna fought the opposite element Death. He attacked with his scythe. She blocked his attack with her staff.

"Hey she was right!" she yelled.

Liandra fought against the Water knight. H created an orb and shot it at her. Liandra lifted up her War Hammer and hit the orb far into the distance.

"That's impossible." the water knight said in a shaky voice.

"Nothing is impossible of you put your mind to it." Liandra said with confidence.

All the other knights were having problems beating their female counterparts. The girls were beating the pants off these guys. Every attack of theirs was perfect in every way. All the knights go tin a straight line and were ready for an all out attack.

"Ready men?" asked the Earth knight.

"Yes." they all replied.

They powered up to their maximum power. The element warriors were ready. They got their weapons ready for the attack.

"Hope you like this one!" all the knights yelled.

They released their attacks. All of the attacks began to fuse with one another. They created a huge orb and it was heading right for the girls.

"Stand you ground!" yelled Liandra.

"Steady!" yelled Kiara.

They all closed their eyes and were ready to brace the impact of the orb. The orb was about to hit them when out of no where the warriors started to glow.

"Now!" yelled Rianna.

The light left their bodies and destroyed the orb. The light then went after the knights. They all had panic on their faces. They tried to run but it was effortless. The light consumed their bodies. When the light vanished the knight were gone.

"What just happened?" Seclude asked.

"I don't know, Serleena said, "It was amazing."

"I've never experience something like that before." Liandra mumbled.

"What ever happened, it has been done," said Kiara, "Lets just get going."

They all looked once more at the battle site and left without saying a word.


Sovernity was very upset about the ending of the battle. Ayame was laughing hysterically.

"That has to be the most funniest thing I've have ever seen happen to you." Ayame said.

Sovernity walked to the sphere and slapped her on the cheek.

"Do what you want to me, but that won't help you now." Ayame said still laughing a bit.

She was calming down a bit and just stared at her sister. Sovernity was staring at the mirror and smiled.

"So they don't know at all," she thought, "That can be used to my advantage."

She turned around and walked to a window and put her hand out. A black bird flew and landed on her arm.

"Come forth Raven." she said, "I have a special job for you."

The bird flew in the air and transformed into a young woman wearing nothing but a black dress and had black wings behind her.

"Yes Countess." she replied.

"I want you to catch the elves and bring them here." she said, "Will that be hard for you?"

"Not at all Countess." she answered.

She transformed into the black bird and flew off


The elves were walking through a swamp known as the Bog of Retched Stinks and Odors. A place where you thought you knew the smelliest thing in the world. Well you would be wrong. The stench there was unbearable. The girls had to cover their noses with part of their shirts.

"How far until we can see the peek of the castle?" Liandra asked.

"Not far," said Serenity, "I think the smell is clearing up."

"Why don't you take a big whiff and check for us." Rianna suggested.

Serenity glared at the elf and turned her head away. They finally reached the end of the bog and ran as fast as they could out of it.

"I can breathe again!" Serleena yelled.

"Don't get to excited Serleena," Kiara said, "We better not stop. We're almost to the castle."

They kept running not noticing the young woman sitting on a branch swinging her leg back and forth.

"That's them."

She jumped into the air and started to flap her wings vigorously. Then a mist started to form and came around the girls in an instance.

"What is this?" Seclude asked.

"It looks like a mist of some sort." Serenity said.

They started to cough badly. Kiara was looking around and couldn't see nothing but darkness all around them. One by one they started to fall into a deep sleep. The mist cleared up and Raven landed on the ground with grace.

"That wasn't hard at all." she thought. "To think they have been giving the Countess trouble."

She put her hand in the air and hundreds to a thousand of black birds came upon her and the fallen warriors. She commanded them to pick them up and take them back to Sovernity's castle. Many chose a body and took each of the frail bodies to the air and vanished into the distance.


One by one they all woke up lying on the ground in front of a throne. They all got up and looked around wondering where they were.

"Ah good you're awake." said a well-known elf.

They all turned around and saw Sovernity standing by a window.

"Where's Ayame?" Rianna asked.

"She's right over there." she said pointing across the room.

They all looked to their sides and saw Ayame still chained in the sphere.

"Ayame, are you all right?" asked Liandra.

"You shouldn't have come." she whispered.

"What do you mean?" Serleena asked.

"She didn't want me to get the Power of Entity." Sovernity interrupted.

"What do you mean?" Serenity asked, "The power is back at the palace."

"Not quite." she said, "You see, the power is right here in this room."

They looked at her like she finally lost it. What was she talking about?

"You don't know?" Sovernity asked, "Well then I'll tell you."

"Tell us what?" Liandra asked.

"You six, are the Power of Entity." she announced.

They just stood there not moving a muscle. She must have gone off the deep end this time for good.

"You must be joking." Kiara finally said.

"I'm not." Sovernity said with joy in her voice, "You see, the Power of Entity is the power of a being. You six can form into tone being known as Entity, the most powerful warrior in the entire universe. A creature created to either destroy the universe or save it from destruction."

"This is not true," said Seclude, "This is not true."

"Why didn't you tell us Empress?" Rianna asked, "Why didn't you tell us that we could become a being with immense power?"

"Because you told me not to until the time was right." Ayame said.

"Huh?" they all said.

"You six were once known as Evolution." she started to explain, "You were the being that created this planet that we live on. One day you decided what would it be like to be mortal. So you came to me and asked me to make you mortal. Sovernity some how found out that you were becoming mortal so she attacked the palace. My guards were keeping her busy. I transformed you not into one mortal, but six creatures. By the time Sovernity came I commanded six dragons to take you all to a safe place until I could help you."

The six just stood there not saying a word. They couldn't believe it. They were one life form that wanted to experience life and death as a mortal.

"So, since you know your true self I am going to get what I deserve." Sovernity said.

She stretched her arm out and six orbs formed and went straight for the ladies. They shot right through them. They let out a weak scream before hitting the ground. They were lying motionless with the orbs floating above them.

"No!" yelled Ayame.

"Well that was fun." Sovernity said walking towards the orbs.

The orbs started to spark wildly. Sovernity hesitated but kept progressing towards the light show the orbs were showing.

"Stop! You can't control them like that!" Ayame yelled.

She was trying to get free. She kept yanking on the chains to loosen them.

"Don't bother sister," she started to say, "By the time you get free, I will control the most powerful being in the universe."

Suddenly the orbs started to created more sparks. Sovernity stopped in her tracks and was backing away slowly. Then the orbs started to expand.

"What's going on?" Sovernity asked.

"They couldn't do that." Ayame thought, "Or could they?"

The orbs got bigger and bigger until they exploded. Sparkles were flying everywhere. When they cleared up the spirits of the Warriors of Gaea were floating.

"What happened?" asked Ayame.

"We knew that we couldn't be control by one with a impure heart and mind." Seclude voice echoed.

"We then figured out that we could leave our prisons by controlling the orbs." said Serenity.

"Sovernity, if you want us, you'll have to fight us all at once." Liandra told her.

"Well that's fine with me, " she yelled, "But I won't stop until I get what I deserve!"

Sovernity created fireballs in her hands and was ready to launch them when the spirits started to glow brighter and brighter. Sovernity covered her eyes and Ayame closed her eyes and turned her head away. When the light vanished there was one person standing in front of them.

"Is that?" Sovernity began to say."It is!" yelled Ayame, "Its Evolution!"

"It feels good to be back in one piece again." Evolution said as her voice echoed.

She looked at her hands and felt her face. Then she looked at Sovernity and glared at her.

"Sovernity, last time we met you were trying to capture me and use me for your own purposes," Evolution said, "Now it's time to meet your destruction."

She materialized Rianna's Golden Staff. It began to glow. Sovernity stuck her hand out and blasted the fireball she created before. Evolution didn't nudged one inch. She stuck out the top of the staff and the fireballs dissolved into thin air. Sovernity started to shake. Evolution got stronger. But how? She was separated for years. There was no way she could get that strong.

"Now my turn, and the final move." Evolution whispered.

The staff started to glow once again and a huge orb was formed. Evolution swung her staff and the orb was going straight for Sovernity. She started to run but it was no use. The orb consumed her body. She was screaming out of fear and pain. When the screaming was done, the orb vanished and Sovernity also vanished without a trace. Evolution's staff vanished as well and she started to glow. Ayame watched in amazement. When the light vanished Evolution was back to being Kiara, Serleena, Serenity, Liandra, Rianna, and Seclude.

"You're back." Ayame finally said.

The girls walked to the orb and released Ayame from her imprisonment. Ayame rubbed her wrists and just looked at her warriors.

"So how was it?" Ayame asked.

"It felt right." Kiara said.

"Yeah, like it was normal for us." said Rianna.

"So now are you ladies going to keep using that technique?" Ayame asked putting her hands on Seclude and Liandra's shoulders.

"Only as a last resource." Serenity answered.

They all walked out of the castle and back to Imperialum. They were getting closer to their home when Ayame stopped walking.

"What's the matter Ayame?" Serleena asked.

"I was just wondering, what happened to Sovernity?"

"Well, she in another dimension." Liandra told her.

"Huh?" a confused Ayame asked.

"Were keeping there," Serleeena said, "You see, she not her usual self at this point. So we sent her there to regain her strength and then she will be return as a elf like all of us."

Ayame gave them a smile and they began walking to Imperialum. From that point on the didn't tell anyone about Evolution. When people would ask about the Power of Entity, they said it just vanished. They still think back on the adventure they enjoyed a lot.

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