The angel of my nightmare

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The story of a protector suddenly finding himself the victim. You never dream alone. What happens when the protected, Jordan, finds himself in the middle of a nightmare of his own when he is torn from the spirit world and pushed into a modern era? Alice, it's the young girl he was sent to protect, but then he finds out that she is likely to become a tormentor. He does not want that because he has a certain level of attraction. Even though she shares the attraction, she has to decide whether to trust a man she has just met over the person she has grown up with.

Fantasy / Romance
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I pushed my way through the void of swirling colours until a scene began to take shape. It looked to be a town centre with various shops lining the outside of the square. It housed a small patch of grass with a fountain In the middle. It was quite an idyllic scene, and so I took a moment to just drink in the atmosphere of the people chatting.

Nobody was standing out as the dreamer that I was there to rescue. So there was a certain amount of freedom to explore the setting. I drifted around the square looking into the various shops at all the different treats showing through the windows. A doorway beside me opened as a woman exited the building with a bag on wheels. They skipped across the cobbled stones running around the square making a clacking noise. The noise was not the thing that grabbed my attention, however, but it was the smells of the freshly baked bread that seemed to engulf me when the door opened. For a moment, I was completely still just letting my senses roam the area.

The dream was incredibly detailed, and I realised that a very powerful Dream Walker was involved in this situation. Mind you, I never actually doubted my ability to be able to break the dream apart with a beat of my wings. I know all of the risks of being defeated, and it was a risk I was willing to take. I mean, a person’s life was at stake. Well, not literally a life but future decisions or ideas could be ruined by a successful dream attack.

That is when she appeared.

I heard the magical sound of a girl laughing. It was the most amazing and musical laugh that I had ever listened to, and so I instantly turned around to look at the person. The girl who emerged from what appeared to be a coffee shop and walked towards a bench that looked towards the Fountain. The mess of dirty blonde hair hanging around her face and brushing the back of her neck as she walked with the most grace I had ever seen. Belatedly, I realised she had the surrounding by a golden aura which indicated to me that she was the one I was there to rescue. I briefly wondered what this pretty teenager could have done to anger a Dream Walker enough to generate an attack. Uncharacteristically, I found myself wanting to run and instantly wrap pale skinned individual in a protective embrace so her escape would be inevitable.

That was when I had to give myself a mental shake. It was never my place to question these things, and so I just squared my shoulders and went towards the dreamer. As my feet did not touch the ground, so there were no footsteps for her to hear but she somehow sensed my approach and turned around. Once our eyes met, they locked which was not anything unusual, although the feeling that we had met before definitely was abnormal. Usually, only the dreamer would be able to see me and so the look of disbelief that she wore was familiar to me. At the same time, I wanted to do something to convey my sympathy for her position, but I knew that there was nothing I was able to do.

So, as if I was undeterred, I drifted towards her and drew to a with the palms of my empty hands pointing upwards reassuringly. “I’m not here to cause you any harm. I’m here because you are in danger.” It was at this point that I noticed I towered above her.

“Are you my Guardian Angel?”

The smile on my face was inevitable because this was the question I got asked all of the time. Well, I suppose if somebody appeared in front of you with wings you were probably going to assume the same thing. I shook my head, making long black hair wave side to side. “No, I’m just somebody that is telling you we need to escape. Right now, you are dreaming, and I’m your way out.”

She cocked her head. “What’s your name? I’m Alice. Look, I’m having a hard time believing this because what you mean by telling me that I’m in danger?”

“Hello Alice, my name is Jordan.” I held out my hands once again and indicated for her to put her hands in mine. “I’m so sorry about all of this, but, I’m going to have to ask you to trust me.”

Her chocolate brown eyes bored into mine. She did not hear the gasp that escaped my lips when I saw my reflection in her eyes. That was unusual, to say the least, because that meant I was somehow visible to others within the dream. I stared at the olive skin and the blue eyes looking back at me with an element of shock. Alice brought me back to the present when her voice penetrated my thoughts. “I don’t know why, but I do.”

As soon as her fingers touched mine, we were both jolted backwards by some electric shock. I felt my brows knit together as I tried to work in the meaning behind the feeling as her fingers had not been especially warm when they touched my skin.

“Alice is in danger,” a booming male voice rang out as if it came from the very sky. “You all know what to do.”

As the people around me started to move, I realised the trap. Everyone suddenly had that golden aura which marked them as a dreamer. I was not in one person’s dream, but a community. Admittedly, I never really believed they existed until that second because there had never been any proof. Yes, there were tales, but then there were tales about everything. I tended to believe in only anything I saw.

I saw this, and they all saw me. Everybody moved quickly, pinning me to the floor by my white wings. Without my wings, there was no hope of escape. Nothing made sense anymore.

A Dream Guardian couldn’t become trapped in a dream. Could they?

In a panic, I turned to look towards the girl who had introduced herself as Alice. She was simply standing there looking like a little girl lost. As everything started to fade around me, I heard her screaming my name. I never regretted any of my actions until that moment. I wished I had listened to my internal wishes and run straight for the girl to get us both out.


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